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 Horrible Migraines?
Any advise...They have been so bad for 4 days now,,, all day constantly - I have to keep taking pain med. just to get through the day. The doc. can't see me until NEXT Wednesday.
I've ...

 What is the highest strength Ibuprofen gel that can be bought over the counter?

Additional Details
I'm in the UK :)...

 Right trapezius is constantly contracted?
I'm right handed and when i write, my right trap automatically contracts and go up. i dont even notice, but by the time i get home from school its really fatigued and it hurts. what can i do to ...

 Lortabs.. longest time taking them?
What is the longest time and amount of Lortab 10s that you know of someone taking? I have had recently a major back surgery and I have been on this drug along with other meds with it for 1 1/2 yrs ...

 Do pills work the same if they are crushed?
I have had trouble swallowing pills all my life. I think it's because somewhere in my mind I'm afraid of choking on it. I've tried so many times to do so, but can never swallow.

 okay i have a terrible toothache that is killing me! the pain is going to my ear too! what should i do?
okay i cant go to the dentist right now. and i do not have tea so that wont help! i have no idea what to do and im in serious pain. :( can someone please tell me different things that i could do to ...

 Really bad pain in my hip/bum area?
ok the other day i slipped on ice, i didnt fall but i fell up against a wall, hitting my right side and my boyfriend caught me but since then i have a really bad pain in my left hip/bum area. i have ...

 My legs hurt, what should I do?
OK, yesterday night was my prom, and I didn't take off my heels to dance. The following morning(today) my legs(thighs) are hurting so much when I try to sit down.

What can I do?...

 very annoying sore on top and tip of tongue?
pretty sure its from this new bad habit I got into of running tongue all along teeth repeatedly, its like rubbed raw but almost swollen and a mix of hurting but then numb... sorry if that makes no ...

 Migraines, nose bleeds, light headed!?
Im only 17. For the last year, I've been getting severe migraines followed by nosebleeds. They happen ramdomly; driving, school, work... Ive been to 3 different hospitals,a heart specialist and ...

 Why foot massaging is a relaxation?
Why is it relaxation?...

 muscle soreness............?
is all muscle soreness related to lactic acid? is it possible for muscles to just be sore from awkward sleeping surfaces?
a lot of my muscles ache even though i havent been working out, i also ...

 Can anxiety and mood swings be a side effect of tramadol?
My wife has been taking Tramadol for nearly a year now to manage chronic pain brought about by fibromyalgia. Since she has been taking it I have noticed mood swings related to her taking the ...

 lower back pain......?
the very lowest part of my back, like tailbone, hurts pretty bad.
its been like this for a few days. i thought it'd go away if i'd just sleep it off, or walk and swim. you know, ...

 Left foot toes go numb?
It randomly happens. Sometimes I'm laying down and my big toe goes numb with the others soon following. It goes away after a while, but i'm constantly getting pins and needles in my toes. I...

 I have a soft spot on the top back part of my skull....what caused it?
Ive noticed this dent or soft spot on the top back of my skull about 3 or 4 years ago...and it never bothered me before now....its very tender to the touch and when it does get touched I instantly ...

 Extreme upperback / lower neck pain?
Ok yesterday I was in the weightroom, to workout, I do this 2-3 times a week. So when i was benching i slightly lifted my upperback off the bench and I think i pulled something, im not sure, but the ...

 its hurts when i drink and my neck feels weird?
my dad thinks i burned the inside of my throat or something eating pizza
well anyway room temp or cold drinks it hurts when i drink them it feels like my left side of my neck is very sensitive ...

 When I hit my head, why does it feel good?

 how to inject vitam btwelve?

Geoff C
What is the street value of these prescription medications.?
OK, My question is this. What is the street value (per pill) for for each of these narcotic prescriptions?

Morphine Sulfate SR 30mg tabs
Hydrocodone 5/Acetaminophen 500 mg tabs

I am not asking becuase I want to sell them I just want to know if they are something valuable enough for people to risk stealing them. I am asking becuase I have these prescribed to me by the VA for the wounds I got in Iraq. The VA send the refills every month through the regual US postal service. My Mail person just sticks them in my mail box like they are a letter. It says in big letters VA PHARMACY and it doesnt even fit in my mail box so this big white bag is hanging out of my mail box. So I have narcotics sitting in my mail box when I am not home. I am worried they will get stolen. I have talked to the mail person and postmaster on several occasions with no luck.

1st if they are stolen, I am out of luck the VA wont replace them, 2nd if someone steals them and gets caught with them or dies of an
Additional Details
overdose I could possibly be liable for their having them. It would be my word against whoevers that I didnt give thme to them.

So if someone could tell me the street value I would appreciate it as I am writting a letter to the postmaster's superviser telling them what has been going on.

I would like to include what someone would get for them in the letter but I dont just want to make a number up

hip lady wants YA fixed
the best thing for you is to tell the VA not to ship you meds. let a pharmacy in your area deliver them to you. the VA can call in you meds to that pharmacist.

Emily & Zoey's Mom
hydrocodone 5mg pills aren't worth that much...you can get them cheap at the pharmacy if you have a prescription. But dealers know that some people are addicted to narcotic pain killers and so they jack up the price. Most people sell them on the street for about $2 or $3 a pill but they've been sold for $5 a pill too.

I dont know the street value but you should contact your local postmaster about the lazyness of your postman. These drug deliverys should be delivered directly to you NOT your mail box.

It is only a matter of time before you get ripped off especially if any of your neighbors happen to know you get pain pills in the mail.
Rent a secure locking mailbox either at the post office or at one of those private post offices that sells shipping services and rents PO boxes. Yes it will cost you about 10 bucks a month but paying this cost will be infinitely easier to deal with than having a month's worth of your medicine suddenly go missing on you. This cost is minimal compared to having to pay the emergency room or urgent care visit costs just to get hassled about trying to replace a month's supply of medicine.

If the Post Office is not helpful to your needs then call your veteran's representative at the local office of your US representative and tell them the PO is not being helpful. It would not hurt to ask anyways and maybe they'll give you a locking mail box at the local PO for free.

The value of the pills is whatever a drug crazed person is willing to do to get a hold of them. Locally a man filling an RX for vicodin was followed home from the pharmacy, attacked and severely beaten inside his own home - all for a single bottle of vicodin.

Sorry you got wounded. Thanks for your service.

Hydro is 5 bucks and cheaper, if it is a lorcet, vicoden etc.and the 30 mg morphine can be up to 15 dollars or 20. depending on where you live. make it so you have to sign for them, yes they are indeed worth stealing to someone that does not care about the consequences. Have a neighbor you trust take them or somewthing, as far as someone ode -ing it is their problem. Some people say a dollar a milligram, but this is not always true, example 40mg oxycontins always sold for around 20 bucks max, some people get them as low as 15 and 10. Idiots pay outlandish prices.

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