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 Is crushing up and putting oxycodone into an open wound the same as shooting up?
My friend recently did this.. it was an open wound that bled if you squeezed it. He crushed up a pill and rubbed it into the wound.. Is it like shooting up?, He said he felt the pill almost instantly?...

 Is morphine allowed as a pain relief by Hare Krishnas?
I am curious, as a dear friend passed away from cancer two years ago, and I fear that she may not have had/wanted adequate pain relief due to her religious beliefs.
Additional Details

 Has anybody ever been so?
Have any of you had something that bothered you for a few years and were too scared to go to dr. I don't mean excrutiating pain just like you feel in a spot like a pressure or something, and you ...

 i haven't eaten properly for almost a week now,is something wrong with me?

Additional Details
it isnt that im finding it hard to eat properly..its just that i choose not to...ive not been eating proper meals...ive been eatig junk like crisps or sweets or ...

 Will I get arthritis if I continually crack my knuckles and neck?
I'm 19 and it's a habit of mine....

 I take 80mg propranolol and 4000mg pentasa day.I get inflamed joints and muscle pains.What pain killer can?
I take the above medication daily and suffer joint pains and muscle pains.I started to take paracetamol but it doesn't work.Is there any other pain killer thaat i can use that wont interfere ...

 Migraines after exercising, why?
I tend to get migraines from many different things such as lack of sleep, and PMS. But now that ive picked up exercising (running on treadmill for 30 minutes), I get migraines later on almost every ...

 What is the best pain med for a shoulder ache?
I was climbing a rope yesterday and i swung around and twisted my shoulder. It hurts really bad. What should i take out of these? Advil, Tylenol, Aspirin, Naproxen, or Oxycodone?...

 Skechers Shape ups and plantar fasciitis?
Hello, I am on a weight loss plan (60 lbs. so far!). I currently have a bad case of plantar fasciitis in my left foot, but using heel inserts is helping. I would like to purchase a pair of those S...

 Tingling in left arm and chest pain?
I have had a very emotional week this week, and a terrible start to the weekend. Tonight I just started to tear up (not bawling or anything like that), and I felt a pain in my chest and tingling in ...

 Ive been experiencing some problems.I need anyone to help out?
Im you're typical teenager.a couple minutes ago i went to the BATHROOM.and when i went to the bathroom it hurts it didnt hurt while i was peeing it hard after i was done peeing and it hurt alot ...

 What are the symptoms of migraine ?
ok so i woke up today with a really bad headache and i felt really really sick as if im about to puke, i think its called nausea or something. i started puking and didnt go to school today since i ...

 Why does my heart hurt if i take a deep breath?
it was hurting, like little pains then it stopped and i reliased its when i take deep breathes now! why is this?

oh and i dont smoke or take drugs or anything like that so it wouldnt be ...

 What would happen if, when I woke up, I jumped out of bed and immediately ran for 2 hours?
Would I break my joints?...

 What should I do to soothe my burning rectum?
The toilet paper in my residence is very low quality and abrasive. I've been eating a lot of bran because I'm afraid of getting colon cancer. But my multiple bowel movements per day has ...

 What exactly are pins & needles?
Why do we get them?
What causes them?
How do we prevent them?
Also what actually is the scientific name for them and the explanation?

Thanks people of yahoo :)...

 I have been having chest pain please help.=[?
I had chest pain for 3 days now and went to the doctor and they said to take medicine every 6 hours and it doesn't help. It happened every time i take a deep breath or cough or hold my breath ...

 Did I tear my acl or not?
So I recently fell and sort of twisted my knee while bouldering and I heard like 3 pops and immense pain ensued I couldn't even think it was just so painful, but then the pain seized. So I iced ...

 Dislocated knee from past...now knee pain, please help!?
Ok so i dislocated my knee in taekwondo about 4-5 years ago. So i stoped that sport after that incident. But maybe 2 years after that i slipped and it didnt compltly come out again as it did the ...

 what ways can i wake up early besides getting to sleep earlier and an alarm clock, neither will wake me up?

What is the best way to lay down to help lower back pain?
I'm an arborist and i do a lot of work with my back (climbing tree's, hauling wood/brush) and i have been told that if i lay on my back on a harder surface other than my bed like the floor that it would probably help to get rid of some of the pain that is constantly there, so i was just wondering if this was a good idea or not.

Make sure to elevate your feet and ice your back when lying.
I am in constant pain so I know!
The floor can lead to other problems. So if you try the bed, use a pillow between your knees and also if lying on the couch, lay on your side and try to notice if your guarding your back by holding yourself tight and if you are, just drop the tension and relax!
Heat and ice alternate when you can.


Really depends on the person. I find when I start getting a kink in my back I need to sit down for about 10 or 15 mins every couple hours. Also if you lay beside a couch and put your legs up on the couch like you are sitting on the couch, but your back is on the floor and completely relax.

There is a thing called a True Back its a plastic thing you lay on it, it costs about $60 I would take a chance on that thing.

Rose K
I'm not sure about the best way and certain things work for certain people and not for others, but I will tell you what I do to help alleviate my lower back pain. My lower back pain is severe due to two herniated lumbar discs, degenerative disc disease and a compressed nerve.

I lay on the couch because it is more firm that my bed. I lay on one of my sides with a pillow between my knees. I make sure that my pillow only elevates my head a little bit and I place a flat pillow under my ankles. This seems to put my body in a really straight line and keeps my spine in alignment. This seems to help a bit most of the time.

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