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 PLEASE HELP! idk what is wrong with me?
i suffer with a sever case of asthma.. aswell as my left side of my lung doesnt function properly. for the past two weeks n soo.. evrytime i move around esp left side.. my chest always feels closed.. ...

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 why can't i chew my own arm off?

 What was wrong with my toes.?
Last night in bed, i moved my toes (like wiggling them) and my foot started to hurt so I looked down and my toes were bent forward so i had to move them back it was like they were locked in place. I ...

 there's a bad pain in my left side near my kidneys. how do i know what it is?

 been out in the snow my toes are freezing now there going black and got pins and needles in them?
what does thisd ...

 When something hurts really bad how many Advil will you take at once?
Or whatever you take for pain, aspirin?...

 My name is tony and i have had a headache for 2 weeks now, and I'm getting worried. What do i do. PLS HELP!!!

 how do you get rid of a headache without any medication?

 plz this urgent can someone help me out?
my moms husband is having problems: he has back pain, his leg has swelled up really bad, stomach is hurting non-stop. he cant sleep well so he is up half of the nite. what does this meen? does he ...

 does getting a cavity filled hurt?
i have to get my first cavity filled in a few weeks, and im afraid it will hurt. tey use like a needle to numb u, does it hurt?...

 i am 13 and during football practice my leg started hurting it was right below my knee what is wrong with it?
it hurts right on the topper part of my ...

 Can you help me with my migraines?
I've had fever for the past two days including today, I've had the worst migraine headaches in my life, 10x's sensitive to light and sound, These headaches are so intense that I get ...

 Any 3 things did hurt u the most?

 really really bad head aches! please help!?
have been having really bad head aches for a few months now and my mom took me to see my doctor last month. they are ont he left side of my head to the front and i have neckaches lattly with them. i ...

 How can I get rid of this horrible stiff neck?
I woke up this morning and stretched then I heard my neck bone crack and strech at the same time imidietly I felt the unbearable pain. I can't move at all and if I do I will cry cuz of the pain. ...

 Iv'e got cramp, I think it's called Yahoooers a=s whats the best thing to rub into it?

 What's more painful...?
Giving birth or getting kicked in the nuts?

I only ask, 'cos no one is ever going to be able to experience both!
Additional Details
spoofred.. Thank you for your comments....

 I threw up randomly last night?
I was sleeping and I kept feeling nauseated. I got up to the toilet and well...three woofs and it was done i felt better. but it was weird becausee i feel fine now besides some pain on the sides of ...

What is the best way to kill yourself without much pain?
How? I am 11 years old and I hate myself so much. All the kids at school say I look like a freak and my crush rejected me. I don't mind pain but I want to be humane, and I don't know how intense it would actually be... Please...PLEASE TELL ME HOW. T~T

bang bang

not that hard if u fight then kick the living **** out of them if they dont shut up then do it again dont cry about it show them u can fight hit them in the nose then the mouth or in the chest they will start shutting up thats what i had to do

Matt Nichols
Look here! I am 15 years old and i am going to give you some advice. First off try and make friends with the people be friendly and see if they respond. Now if this does not work then you go to plan B. Many people are going to discourage this but its true whether you like it or not. If you try to open up to them and they still discriminate you, knock them out some people need a little shaking up to get the point. I was in junior high and i had a few guys that found me fun to annoy. Eventually me and my friend ended up getting suspended for 2 days for breaking there nose's but those two never messed with us again! you need to show people what you mean even if it takes more than neccisary.

STOP STOP STOP STOP. Where are your parents???????????/

Jax's Mommy
I want to let you in on a little secret: when I was younger nothing was more important than being cool and having people like me, etc. Since I graduated, I have not seen anyone from high school. I look back and laugh, what a waste of time and effort to have even cared about what those idiots think! You are 11, no 11 year old looks like a freak, and give looks some time anyhow, you will blossom and that crush of yours will wish he hadn't rejected you!

Just wait, take this from someone who knows. There is nothing worth killing yourself over. Instead of focusing all your energy on that, why don't you focus it on something positive?

The best way to get back at them is not to end your life, but to prove them wrong.

Good luck!

pplease dont kill yourself

i feel like hanging myself all the time but i just wouldnt do it

just speak to someone who cares for you and they will help you through this

L. B
Stick it out! There is so much life has to offer you. Take a step back from what the idiots say at school and look at the big picture. School is not everything. The best part is yet to come. Trust me. Just concentrate on doing well in school and try to find something that you enjoy doing so you're not focusing so much on the negative.

Lady Grinning Soul
Being 11 is hard.. I cannot help you on how to hurt yourself. The other kids may pick on you and make you feel sad. Your crush may not be interested right now. Hon, things change. Honestly. The girl you like now will mean less and less as time goes by.She may even change her mind. You are just starting life, you can't cop out now. As hard as it may be, there are people who have it much harder and still go on and triumph. Look at sick people, handicapped people. etc. You are blessed in so many ways. You have a home, food and school. Right there you are ahead of half of the kids in the world. You need to not care about what others say. Get thick skin. Hold your head up high. If you act like the underdog, the other kids will know and pick on you. You need to have a little courage and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Now, why would we tell you that? Honey, no one wants your blood on their hands.

Please don't kill yourself.
Think of all the people who care for you, and what that will do to them.
You're only 11, there are so many things more that are worse that I've gone through, but I made it, so I know you can.

I have times too when I hate myself and the same thing happened to me.
But I got over it, and I'm glad I did.

when I was 10 and 11, i went through the same thing.
I was bullied so bad and everyone called me a freak.
I even was so stressed, I broke out in horrible rashes.
I felt Just Like you.

but now i am in junior high, and everything has changed. Im popular and everyone likes me.

So I know it may be hard for you now, but just please wait it out.
I know how you feel.
Dont kill yourself. It will get better, I promise.

Aydens Mommy
Please don't kill yourself. That is the easy way out, life is worth living. It may not seem like it now, but you are so young are this too will pass. I know you are hurting but think about your parents, that would kill them. I bet your a fantastic person, screw everyone else. Please do not hurt yourself. I know you don't know me but I am here if you need someone to talk to. If you need a friend I can be it. You are special and your life is precious even if you can't see that right now. My email is whizzlechizzle@gmail.com. Please write me!

Ninja Jenny
No one is going to come on here and tell you how to kill yourself hunny! Its a bad idea! I promise that life will get better and you will end up being happy! I was 11 once too, its not easy, I was a nerdy, awkward young girl who was constantly picked on and made fun of. My crush never knew I was alive, and when he finally noticed me it was to make fun of how fat I was. My father, who was my best friend passed away and I felt so alone....It seems bad right now, but killing yourself is not worth it. I went through all that when I was younger but grew out of it all, by highschool I had grown into my features and had a select group of friends who made me feel great about myself. I continued on to do well in life and feel as though I have become someone my father would be proud of. I have a wonderful son whom reminds me of my father everday, and a great husband who loves me no matter what. If it turned out so fantastic for me, I just know it will for you. You have so much to look forward to in life and killing yourself is not the answer.

You are a very well spoken for someone at the age of 11. Most people come on here typing things like "I dunno wat 2 do" You seem like a very intelligent person and the people who make fun of you and reject you are not worth your time. They will probably grow up to be the ones that fail, and you could go on to be so much more!

Don't hate yourself, you are worth something to people... whether it feels like it or not.

I hope you read this, and feel differently about your decisions. It may feel like no one loves you right now because you are different... but one day someone will come along and love you because you are different.... unconditional love from your child and your spouse.... now that's worth continuing life for.

Good luck hunny! If you want you can add me to your contacts and we will have a talk if need be. Until then.. I will provide a number you can call when you are feeling like this....

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