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 Tense neck, uneven shoulders?
My left shoulder is higher than my right.
And my neck on the left side is always really tense, and it's gotten worse.
What should i do to make the pain go away?...

 muscle pain and cp relation?
I have mild cerebral palsy(CP). Does anyone know if that could be why the muscles in my legs and back hurt?
Additional Details

 what could be the cause of my leg and foot pain?
Last week, I was sleeping, and when I woke up, my legs and feet had the numb feeling where you need to shake them to get rid of it. It felt like that for hours, and then just turned into pain. Now, I ...

 Hip Pain after standing, walking for long periods of time?
I think there's something wrong with my left hip- I'm only 18 but after standing or walking around for long periods of time my hip starts aching really badly- at first its an achy feeling ...

 I just swallowed some push pins. Is this a medical emergency?
So I was chewing some push pins (dumb I know) and drinking a soda at the same time. Anyway I accidentally swallowed at least three push pins. They didn't hurt going down but I'm not sure if ...

 Question about my leg cast?
I broke my leg about two weeks ago and they put a cast on it blah blah blah it felt fine but it itched like crazy and i sprayed compressed air on the top of my foot and i gave myself frost bite so ...

 withdrawls from pain pills?
i am in full blown withdrawls from pain pills. i have been at this for 3 days. haow much longer do i have? i promised my wife i would be off the by her birthday. please help me, what all can i do for ...

 What's wrong with me?
My right buttock really hurts, so much so it's painful to walk.

I haven't fallen over or had any accidents or anything....

 does it hurt to get fingered?
ok so iv never been asked to get fingered before but i wanted to no if it hurts to get fingered if u never had a period and i want do it but im not sure and will it be enjoyable? or uncomfertable ...

 How to prevent side cramps during runs?
There anything I could eat or a stretch I could do cause I really cramp up bad when I ...

 My lower back hurts everytime I bend or just move in general. pinched nerve?
How to I fix it?...

 Lower abdominal pain?
I have been having lower abdominal pain/pelvic pain for about 2 months straight now. At first it wasn't constant so I thought it was because I ate a big meal or something. I can feel it all day ...

 can't seem to figure it out, and neither can the doctors...?
I am 18.
- wide spread aches. EVERYWHERE. I mean my back, knees, elbows, fingers, neck, shoulders, etc.
- horrible, frequent headaches in the front of my head. [sensitive to ...

 Non Stop migraine 17 female what's going on ? im scared!!!?
i can't sleep withthis headache okay it happened for about 2 months now like it all started second week of december and i was in my living dancing nodding my head back and forth and then next ...

 My shoulders and neck are sore from cheerleading?
how can i make them feel better by monday
Additional Details
(back of my neck towards my back)...

 Help me I'm in pain!?
Pains in my body hurting!?
So the 3 days ago I was lying on my bed reading a book when my lower back started to ache. I got up and sat cross legged and then I felt a sharp pain. My mum thinks I ...

 Is it safe to use a muscle relaxant when doing a massage?
My girlfriend likes to rub this lotion on my back that acts like a muscle relaxant before she massages me. She lets it sit for about ten minutes, and then gently massages my upper back around my ...

 i have pain in my neck and my back how can i get rid of this?
i got drunk last night and i fell down a lot and i slept funny i think
this is why im in pain
i would prefer not to take paracetemol cause i havent slept in like 30-odd hours and i want to ...

 What medications can I take to treat pain radiculopathy in both arms from cervical stenosis?
I'd like to have some suggestions when I see the neurosurgeon next week. I'm already on Percocet and Valium, but they really do not seem to affect the pain in the arms and hands....

 What causes knees to pop?
My left knee pops sometimes when I walk. I even get a dull pain/ache when I bend it at times. Sometimes It hurts enough that I won't bother bending it for a few minutes on end.


What is the best thing for a kink in the neck?
besides my chiropractor, he is closed now.
Additional Details
I seriously would not object to a massage!

i would try a really hot rag; don't turn your neck too much it could make it worse depending on the cause of the krick

aspca volunteer
hi lilbit, the only thing i can think of is heat ,if youve gota heating pad put it under your neck whenever your relaxing and keep it there for a while,dont put the heat up to high leave it at medium heat. i will come over and give you a nice neck massage okay? lol!

heating pad,Ibuprofein and time!

I like to apply heat -- I do it all the time in the therapy department where I work -- when somebody presents with muscle stiffness -- I usually apply heat -- because it helps to relax the muscles, increase blood flow, and promote healing.

A great (and super cheap) way to do this is to find a clean old sock, and fill it up with un-cooked rice (it doesn't really matter what kind) -- and then sew the sock shut.

You can toss it in the microwave - I usually start at 2 minutes, then add a minute until it's warm.

Be forewarned, though -- the rice may not seem hot at first, but it can warm up a bit on the skin.

This is also great for "icing" the area -- you can just toss it in the freezer for a while. I keep about four on hand at my house at any given time -- to take care of those . . . unpredictable aches and pains.

two in the pink, one in the stink works every time....

Let me massage it for you. I don't mind. ;P

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