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 My feet feel like ice blocks?
Does this mean I have poor circulation? What can I do to warm them up?...

 Does desire cause you pain?
Serious question-please keep clean all you jokers. Thank ...

 Any advice for a migraine?
I'm at work with a migraine, and I can't leave to take a nap....does anyone have any advice for relieving a migraine without a nap?...

 Will my friend get better from OD on tylenol?
i have a 16 year old female friend who OD'ed on 24 tylenol pills in whole 4 days ago (on a wednesday) and stills vomits now and then till this day (which is sunday). she tells me the first day ...

 Whats the best way to relieve neck/upper back pain that is giving you a tension headache?
If there is no one around to give you a massage? :(...

 What exactly is a headache?

 My eyes STILL hurt to move?
about 3 days ago, i was crying for a few days. - long story..

i've slept really well.
yet the following day , it's really painful to move them!

 What could it be?
My little brothers babysitter,(also the renter of our old house) decided to go on a trip to disney world.They were supposed to go with the neice(Hope) her brother, and sister-in-law.But the her neice ...

 Why do some injections hurt and others don't?
We are having an injections course at school. The injections we are getting are Chicken Pox, Hepatitis B and the new Cervical Cancer vaccine. You can hardly feel the Chicken Pox injection, the H...

 ARGH anything to help with my period pains? please answer!!?
i have really really bad period pains right now
and i need something to get rid of them
ive tried taking pain killers - not worked one bit.

what else is there?

 how to get rid of knee joint pain??? plz Doctors, help me out. I'm suffering.?
From my childhood, I'm having knee joint pains.
But not always.

Mother says, it's due to bcoz my paternal elder sister(my father's brother's daughter) had ...

 Oxycontin Help. Attn Doctors (if I have to then Attn anyone who can provide)...?
Hi All. I have been diagnosed and suffering with a severe pain condition for over a year now. In order to save time i will omit the painful details regarding misdiagnosis, doctors brushing me off as ...

 Pains in my head? Help!?
Any ideas why im gettin pains in my head, its not my forehead and its quite sharp pains & unexpected? Think its serious?
Additional Details
And its not a ...

 question about my wife.....?
her head hurts really bad,.... i feels like its behind the eyeballs, she had one seizure alredy, .Sometimes when she takes a deep breather, she has pains around where her collor and breastbone is.and ...

Tramadol Hydrochloride - Tramadol Pain relief.. I have been using Tramadol for many years now for pain management. Tramadol Ultram has been a godsend. I need a new Tramadol prescription. I have ...

 FIBROMIALGIA.....Does Anyone Suffer From This???
What are the symptoms, and what do to eleviate the pain??...

 i have been having heart pain and it is getting worse any clue what it is?
This has been going on for about seven years but lately is getting worse. along with the pain in my heart is tightening in my chest that sometimes makes it difficult to breath. my diet is not the ...

 what causes joints in the body to start sounding like they are popping with movement and being a little stiff?
suddenly one day my joints just starting making sounds like popping and snapping when I walked, or moved. I thought it was just temporarily, but I noticed that even when I turned my head, it snapped, ...

 How can I identify mysterious foot/leg pains?
Several days ago my foot began to hurt. Not my entire foot, just the top of it.

A day or two later it started becoming swollen.

Another day later the inside of my lower leg ...

 Methadone put me in ICU for 2 weeks and why do you think you need it?
I've been on it for 12 years. After a surgery went bad my doctor overdosed me accidentally on methadone.I was on a external pacemaker for 72 hors. It feels like your getting punched in the heart....

What is stronger, Percocet, Fentanyl patch, Dilaudid, or Norco?
My pain doctor is trying different methods of pain relief for my incredible bad back pains and ulcers that doesnt go away. First he tried Norco 10-325 but that did nothing. He went to Percocet 10-325 but it made me nausious, so he went with the Fentanyl patches 50 mcg/hr (whatever that means) but with the patch, I have this problem where I can't urinate. I have a full bladder but I stand there but nothing happens, I guess it's urinary retention. I told this to my dr and he gave me Dilaudid (Hydromorphone 4mg tablets). Out of all these, which is the best one to use and which is the strongest? so much stuff it's hard to tell what's the best these days.

peabody xyz
strongest is fentanyl patch.
which is best is determined by which one works best on u and how well
ur body tolerates it.

fentanyl is defiantly the strongest. especially the lollipop ones. but yea they're not very healthy, all that stuff is really addictive and should be moderated appropriately. best of luck to you!

I too have severe chronic pain in my back and I'm on Oxycontin. That's what works for me. I've tried Dilaudid. Perc's & Fentynal and they didn't work for me at all, I felt all of the pain still. After one of my surgeries I was put on Fentynal and they had to switch me to morphine to control the pain. The best advice I can give you is to keep trying different ones until you find what works for you. We're all different and everything doesn't work the same for everyone. You have my empathy since I know what you are going through!

P.S. If a prescription isn't controlling your pain take the rest of the pills back to your doctor (and get something new) and give them to him, he may tell you to keep them but this will begin a relationship of trust.

You couldn't urinate because you were so high from the fentanyl, you have to concentrate and try harder. That was the strongest! Dilaudid is also very strong, much stronger than Percocet. But these drugs are highly addicting and lifelone addiction, physical and mental dependence can easily happen. It's dangerous to take them for long. Just here in the news about Corey Haim died at 38 from drug addiction/overdose? That's exactly how he started taking pain pills and has been hooked ever since until his death. These powerful narcotic drugs can make lifelong addicts out of some people. I was hooked for 10 years myself age 15-25! very hard to quit took in hospital treatment, counseling, and recovery program! I took all the drugs you mentioned except fentanyl, but I took other versions.

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