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I am in pain....

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 my back hurts.....wat is it???
...funny thg sometimes it is at the tail end...sometimes it is at the centre...sometimes it is at the shoulder...sometimes it is at the neck...
Additional Details
isssh korang nie...i ...

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I can feel other things, and heat isn't a problem for me....

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 Chest Pains?
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 does anyone know if darvocet is as good as vicodin?
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 Serious Pain?
All of a sudden my hip and knee both hurt really bad when pressure is applied to them (walking running) and it is really bothering me. I dont wanna tell my parents because A) what if they dont ...

 Why are my fingers numb and tingly?
My fingertips, usually not including my thumb, sometimes get numb. It will come randomly and last for a good 10 minutes or so. It's happened a few times now, and I have no idea why,...

 Is it possible to break a bone in your foot without realizing it?
Feels like the joint at the base of my big toe is cracked, but I did NOTHING to hurt it!...

What causes the vein on your neck to hurt, my right side of my neck hurts, is that normal?
I think its call the transjugular vein on my right side that hurts. Please help.

Dylan's Amma
Lots of reasons here! The first, which just happened to me, is that I wear a long shoulder strap purse, crosswise. The weight of the purse actually pulled the muscles in my neck! Second, check with your chiropractor/massage therapist. Could really just be a pinched nerve/strained muscle. Lastly, depending on your age and diet, it may be a warning sign to a partially blocked artery. Scary, but catch it in time, it's curable! Thank God my Dad had his checked...95% blockage. He's just fine! :) Good luck and good health!

Mother and wife
Is there a chance that you turned your head wrong.
I went to look at something and turned my head too fast, for about a day or two after that the side of my neck hurt like what you are describing.
The weird thing was though, that it only hurt when I touched it.

Amber S
You probably just slept wrong, it happen to me before and I to thought something was wrong with me but I realized that I probably just slept wrong..

You may want to go to the hospital. I suppose it could be a clot, and that would be bad.

Did it just happen when you woke up this morning? It could possibly be your neck muscles. You get sore sometimes when you sleep awkwardly. If you're unsure, check with your doctor

Describe your symptoms better, if at all possible.

My best guess would be it is actually a muscle in the neck. Try turning your head left to right. If turning your head hurts, its most likely the sternocleidomastoid muscle.

The transverse jugular vein goes across, its not really on one side.

Check with your doctor.

It could be anything...I have never heard of a sore vein though? Its usually glands, ears or referd pain from teeth etc... Whatever it is though you should get it checked out cause it isnt normal.

Good Luck...hope neck is better soon

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