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 help me w/ first ob/gyn exam?
Do ppl cry at their FirsT ob/gyn exam?? Does it hurt if your a virgin ( i'm a virgin and scared to go, to be quite honest)??? Do u feel like u have to pee or something??? Is it really ...

 i am five foot nothing ?
and i weigh 13 stone do you think i may be a little overweight
please be honest i love my self as i am so wont be offended lol
Additional Details
i am happy and comfortable and fit ...

 pain in belly and sore ribs?
sharp pain in one spot and ribs are ...

 Sharp, stabbing pain on left side?
Under my rib cage, lower left abdomen, started this morning, and it comes and goes. I have had regular bowels and all that jazz. Hurts pretty bad when I breathe in and out deeply. But when it ...

 I have a major earache i cant get rid of it?
my parents just tell me to take ear drops , swimmers ear and some pills. nothing works im 12 and it hurts really ...

 what would make my back quit getting sore?
i work in a auto rebuild shop and at the end of the day my back kills me just wanting to know of anything besides taking ...

 Have had numbness in my hands and feet for two weeks. Doctors can't help.?
After an MRI and several office visits, plus bloodtests, the doctors still can't explain why my hands and feet are completely numb.  In the past few days, some feeling has come back.  I play ...

 hip pain to leg?
I've been having a lot of pain in my right hip and its been shooting down to me leg at the same time. Its like a dull pain and ive had it for several weeks. My doctor will not do anything for me ...

 This is extremely weird. What's going on?
I have EXTREME pain on the left side of my back.
This is very weird, actually. I can't laugh without feeling horrid pain. Nor can I take deep breaths, hiccup, and sleep on my side.
If I...

 Get answers from millions of real people.?
plese can u help im so veryy worried about my head ache,,its on the top off my head and on the left side ..it feels like ive been hit there ..i goes off aq bit but not completly..ive been to the dr ...

 all my joints in my body crack and their starting to hurt?
i went to a doctor though and he said its no big deal but it feels like one do you think i may have lax joints or ...

 My eyes hurt to move?
i've been crying for days.(long story :) ha)
well,my eyes are painful, when i move them lol

any suggestions as to why?


 Lateral Retinacular Release? After a cartilage cleaning. My doctor says it will help with the pain. Anyone?
Has anyone had this surgery and maybe give some feedback? I am really confused. Should I have this procedure? Will it really help? Any contra-indications?...

 I have burning in leg from the top to the knee
I was told this is from my back the burning comes when I walk or stan for very long does this sound like it is coming from my back?...

 Please help :( My grampas not well :-(?
My grampas 74.He has a dodgy heart,and the past few weeks has been complaining that hes getting pains in it.Now..the past few days,hes saying that he's feeling out of breath.He has the cold just ...

 severe abdominal pains?
every once in a while (about 2-3 times a month) i have severe pain in my lower abdomen, like where my ovaries are, that usually lasts about ten minutes, but today it was really bad. It feels like a ...

 Will it really hurt when I get a..?
I am 15, but for my 16th birthday I am getting my belly button pierced. Will it hurt?? I am scared of needles, and I am just wondering if it will hurt?

Is there any way possible for them ...

 I have a dry socket and I just got it packed, but the pain isn't being relieved, why?
I developed a dry socket and have had excruciating pain with it. I called up my Oral Surgeon and he packed it with whatever the substance is. It's been about an hour and twenty minutes and it ...

 Do you think I might have appendicitis?
Here are my symptoms...
-I have a a pain in the middle of my right side, it feels like its creeping down though..
-Feels like I have to throw up.
-I'm not hungry.
-I have ...

 Combining Muscle Relaxors and Pain Meds: Could there be harmful side effects ?
I threw my back out, and am in a lot of pain - my doctor is going to prescribe a muscle relaxer like Flexiril - would it be harmful for me to take Vicodin simultaneously ?...

What causes gut-rot - a type of stomach ache?
What I call gut-rot feels a lot like hunger but isn't. It feels a lot like when you're really hungry and your stomach is about to let out a tremendous growl. But it doesn't. And the feeling persists.

What is that? What causes it? What can I do to get rid of it?

I've had it many times but have never tracked it down to a particular cause. Sometimes pepto helps, sometimes not. Sometimes eating helps, sometimes not.


The Cat: Just got a PUPPY!
Oh bummer. Ulcer. I think I've had the feeling before. Maybe just too much acid in the tummy. Just so's it's not a kidney stone. Those thinks take you OUT. You know what I'm sayin' ...

Maybe an "air bubble" in your stomach that is causing you pain.... if it happens after you wake up or after you eat, you maybe swollowing air causing you stomach discomfort

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