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 Does getting a nose job hurt ?
Have any of you had a nose job? Does it hurt do you feel anything ? Does your nose look better then it did before??


 How do I get stronger meds w/o looking like Im an addict?
I have three ruptured discs and severe disc degeneration in L-4 to S-1. I have done months of therapy, esi's (epidural steriod injections), completely changed my lifestyle and yet I still have ...

 Everytime I chew, the left of my jaw clicks and I dont know if I should worry? What should I do?
Its the left of my jaw right beside my left ear. It clicks and cracks as I chew food. Thanks for your ...

 does your knees crack when you squat or is it just me?
i cant remember since when it started,i'm 20 now and i feel like i'm old or something .Can someone plz explain why they think it happens?...

 My daughter fell and now she has a headache?
I stumbled backwards and my daughter was standing behind me and I bumped into her and she fell and hit her face on the door frame. I feel absolutely horrible. She has a giant red mark on her left eye ...

 what causes A cramp in The leg ?
i understand that if you keep them in the same position but how does it happen or why


 Pain in abdomen - bottom right side?
is there anything i can do.?

the pain is like a stitch after doing pe !...

 My throat really hurts...? why ?
This started yesterday. It got worse..i have troible yawning,talking, and swallowing..
What should i take or do? I tried to gargle the warm water and salt but it didn't do anything :(

 Will sleeping on my side hurt my ribs?
If I sleep on my side or front a lot, will it compress my ribs, and will that give me adverse health effects?...

 Severe, Intense & Sudden Jaw Pain that won't go away...?
About 5 months ago my husband woke up in a panic in the middle of the night, saying if he opened his jaw it would break. He felt like it was locked and it popped if he opened it. He seemed almost ...

 What are the causes of sore ankles/shins on the front of my legs while running?
I say "on the front of my legs" because the tightness and soreness is occuring right above my ankles and only occurs on the front of my legs, not the back. I usually start to get these ...

 How can I attach my mobile phone to myself so that it won't fall off?
I have a Samsung D600, and I want to be able to record a video, from my perspective, hands-free. Basically just set it to record, and then mount it to myself.

The attachment needs to be ...

 is there any treatment for migraine??????????

 32 years old and in too much pain!!!?
I have very bad bone pain all over..sometimes it is so bad i am up all night . I have been to dr after dr and none of them will do anything for me , they say i am too young to be in this much pain, ...

 my daughter has pain in her right side,stomach, back, anyone have any suggestions? urine, blood test r clean.?
she 12yrs old. Thought it was kidney stones, but tests have come back negative. There is blood in her urine. she has not started her menstral cycle yet....

 Severe Urinary Tract Infection?? Still No relief :(?
I went to my ob this past tuesday due to what I thought was a UTI. NP confirmed UTI and prescribed Keflex. After day 3 Keflex STILL hadn't kicked in and pain was SO intense I asked for ...

 Fastest way to get rid of a headache?
no ...

 I found out I have TMJ today...?
What can I do about the pain?
Additional Details
TMJ is Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction.
Its in the jaw....

 Can taking five 500mg vicodin and drinking kill me?

 What are ways to get swelling in feet down?
Is there anything natural that can help? I am taking some medications that have caused ...

This pain in my chest wont go away?
I have pain on the left side of my body. its in my upper chest and a bit of my left arm.When I lay on my left, I have trouble breathing and also when I lay on my back. I went to the doctor and he said I might have acid stomach and gave me over the counter meds buut nothing has changed. I cant even sneeze b/c it wont come out. I did eat lots of junk for a week, but Ithis dont feel like heart burn.Someone has advice?
Additional Details
I already used Tums and Zantac 150 is what the doctor gave me

Do deep breathing exercises. Close one nostrel and breath in and hold it in your stomach and then slowly breath out. Do this with each nostrel about a couple of times. Your heart may be needing more oxygen. Take care. Do yoga exercise which is good. Buy a disc on yoga and play and follow the simple exercise at home. Take care of your health. If ever the pain is sever, take a half asprin that will thin the blood and help easy the congestion in the arteries, in case of heart problems. Please see the doctor and have an ECG. and blood pressure test.

you might have pnemonia...

It could be your spleen, ask for an ultrasound of your spleen and possibly of your pelvis. Gas and indigestion can be caused by an ovarian cyst.

It could be any number of things. If you've had and ECG, you can rule out a heart problem. If your doc didn't do one, please go to the ER. If you are still experiencing pain, it could be any number of lung conditions (which would be my guess since you're having trouble brathing). It might a pleuricy, an embolism, costochondritis, or a viral, bacterial or fungal infection. The repiratory isn't something you really want to mess around with, so I reccommend that you take a trip to urgent care or ER. With this sort of symptoms, it could something major (i.e. embolism), or it could be nothing (i.e. Costochondritis). Regardless, it's better to be safe than sorry, so please, go get it checked by a professional! Good luck!

Go for a second opinion, maybe the ER is a nice place to start.

i would go to the ER.or another doctor.asap

I didn't see your age, but you should definitely go to the Emergency Room or an Urgent Clinic. It could be your heart, lungs, or stomach with those symptoms.

Depending on how old you are and your weight it could be a heart issue, go to your GP and ask for one of those heart tests.

I get extreme heart burn and take omeprazole everyday for it, sometimes really bad heart burn feels like a heart attack.

Difficulty breathing is not good. If it gets worse go to A&E

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