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 I can't swallow tablets - help?
I'm 12, and I've never been able to swallow tablets before, mainly because I don't have the guts to do it, because I think I'll choke, or it'll taste rank. But I have a ...

 when i put my hand in the fan it hurts ?
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 What does this sound like? It hurts A LOT to move my neck and I have a sore throat?
This is the third day of this and I'm beginning to get pain in my lower back as well.
Additional Details
My symptoms are, in order of which they appeared:

1. Loss of V...

 Why can't this bulge go away?
Hello :D
I am 13 years old, and a kids "Holister" model. I am quite thin, but i have a little bulge at the bottom of my stomach. Its very...very stubborn and gets in the way of my work,...

 my girlfriend broke her foot..?
and shes in a temporary cast until the real cast gets put on in a few days. what can i do to help make her comfortable and feel better?
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i mean what can i do so her ...

 Does anyone know how to take this throat pain away?
Last night at about 4 my throat started to feel swollen and now when I swallow it hurts below my ears and in my throat and it feels swollen all the time. Does anyone know anything I could do to stop ...

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 Pain relife for gollstones?
My mum is in agony with gollstones. She is being sick and everything.
She just can't get the pain away!! Someone please tell me what to do?!?!
Whats the best relife?!?!
Please ...

 Let me know of a good pain releif?
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 Vein hurts behind brain?
I was playing basketball, and i feel my vein behind my brain get pulled and it stays tight. than it starts to loosen likethe vein were getting smaller or anything. this is the fourth time this ...

 My throat really hurts, what could it be?
I know, I know....you're going to tell me to go to a doctor. I'm just trying to get an idea of what I could have before I make it to the doctor's. I've had a sore throat for a ...

 My Tummy Hurts Soooo Bad )=?
my stomach hurts so made and i have diarrhea and i keep burping. HelP!!!!!...

 ok I just started a new job and am on my feet all day. and boy do they hurt. any advice guys PLEASE!!!?

 Whats the worst pain you've ever experienced?
First- Physical Second- Emotional. What do you think is worse?...

 how do i break my foot if i have a doctors appt. in 15 min!! HELP?
lol!! HELP?...

 Can anyone with actual experience tell me about the use of methadone or suboxone for opioid withdrawl?
I am addicted to painkillers. I've had a lonstanding script for 10 mg vicodin. I admit to abusing this medication. My abuse wasn't from a desire to get high but to find relief from ...

 what is more painful.... a tattoo or kidney stones?
im 16 and DEFINETILY getting a tattoo. please dont answer if your trying to change me mind. Well im nerous of how sore my tattoo will be, im getting jesus on the cross on my inner fore arm ( between ...

 what can i do or eat so my throat won't hurt?
it started hurting in the morning when i woke up.....
PLZ HELP i want to feel good when i go to school tomorrow

 My shoulder hurts when i throw a baseball what do you think may have happened?
When I move my shoulder in a circular motion i hear a popping noise. Whenever I throw i feel pain in my shoulder. Is this injury minor or serious? What can I do to treat this?...

 is there way to get rid of a headache quick and fast?

The whole right side of my body hurts! What could this be from?
I have been having really bad back pain and shoulder pain which has lead all the way up to the right side of my head. It feels like I have pressure behind my eye and down my neck. I have had a cat scan and showed no tumors or cancer. Has any one else experienced this from back pain. I am seeing an orthopedic dr now and hope to get this resolved.

this is quite normal for people in their 80's....Oh.. how old are ya?

I had this exact problem on my entire right side. I had pain in the back of my neck that caused the worst headaches. I would go to the ER thinking I was having a stroke or something. My back is in shambles. Comes to find out that I have permanent nerve damage on my right side of my body, their is nerve compression cause by scar tissue. The pain shoots up to my neck, my arm, and now to my toes. I went to see a neurologist who took test with these needles and confirmed it. I am now under chronic pain management because their is nothing that can really be done. I have also developed osteoarthritis in my spine, hip, and lower back. It has been hell. But I hope maybe that shed some light on your problem.

very possibly a stroke, go see a doctor

This is Chris

if you're suddenly getting dizzy or losing balance. and if you're eyesight gets blurry.
it could be an early sign of stroke.

Anna D
well u could have a bun in the oven!! Or u could just be getting old!!! Well how old are you!! If u r like 22 than u have a bun in the oven! But if u are like 55! than u could just be getting old! This will prob not help u! But who really cares! Just take a shower!! and just lay there and sleep till it goes away!!And if u start to get a big belly!! Than u have a bun the your big oven!!

wow. cant say anything there

Cid H
i think this applies to left side pain buit u should check ur cholesteral, go to another doctor soon.

Cat scan showed no cancer but how about a possible stroke? i've heard that that can be a possible symptom.

I would go see a Bowen Therapist. I am only 22 and have had that issue a few times now and like you CT Scans and a million blood tests later and it still shows nothing. Both my Chiro and Bowen Therapist are great. The Bowen Therapist is a little alternative but unreal and the only thing i have found that works for me so far. Also go see a good natural-path (my Bowen Therapist is a Natural-Path) and she did a hair analyst test (they send you back a full description of whats going on with all levels of everything in your body) on me and found that i was extremely high in copper. I know it sounds irrelevant to body pain but you will be surprised how the body works! I wouldn't think it would be cancer because it would show up in your blood work if so.

Mr. Crowley
That (or something similar) happened to me, I was freaked out also. I thought it might be a stroke or something.

Turns out I had just came out of taking a shower (with really hot water) and went outside, it was cold, so my whole right side's muscles were contracted, it hurt me even when I breathed.

I just took some muscle relaxers and I was fine (I didn't know what I had for about a week and a half).

I really hope you have what I had, and not something more dangerous.
Good luck.
Hope I helped.

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