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Should I ask Doctor to change my pain meds?
Doctor has me on morphine 15mg twice daily for bad bursitis and teeth pain (about to get all extracted). I know that morphine is one of the strongest out there, but it doesnt seem to work. If I asked to change to vicidon or percocet, would this help? I just think my body tolorates current meds too well.

hate to say this but 15mg of morphine is like water my dear.
I take Hydrocodone 10/500 and Lortab 10/500 APAP and it works. it "wont" damage your live IF you go by with what the DR say, if not and you Incress the dose "yourself" well if you take 4 or 5 at same time your asking for it.

see? I have REALLY bad nerve damage and the pain is sooooooo bad so thats why i take it.

I just love codine heh :D

The problem with vicodin and percocet is that they both use a buffer(acetaminophen) to help with nausea. The problem with this buffer is that it is damaging to your liver with overuse. If the morphine isn't managing your pain keep in mind that it is 10x stronger than vicodin. Fentanyl is 100x stronger than morphine. Try to ask your doctor to help you better manage your pain. My Pain-Management doctor has me on 300mg of morphine daily.

15 mg of Morphine is a baby dose and so that is why it is not working. And Morphine is one of the cleanest and best pain medications available so don't go switching to something like Percocet that has something other than pain medication in it. Ask your doctor to up the dosage since that dose does not work at relieving your pain. I had to do this too when my doctor prescribed exactly the same dose for me. For some reason, doctors give pain medications at the right dose to men but very often under medicate women's pain issues.

I can tell you I'm the pope on here but that doen't mean anything. Your doctor is the only one you should listen to. This is a good place to ask about boyfriends and concerts and travel but not your health. Would you ask your doctor to fix your TV? Why trust stangers with your health?

It would be totally appropriate for you to contact your doctor about either an increase in morphine or getting a different pain med. Please don't increase the morphine without talking to the doctor first. Pain from infected teeth can be hard to eliminate but I'm sure your doctor will be willing to try to help.

yes. you should always talk to your doctor if your pain is not being managed as well as it should be. your doctor is the only one who can appropriately determine whether tolerance is coming into play and whether you need a regiment designed for opioid-tolerant patients (not uncommon for chronic pain patients), or maybe you just need a different combination of medications (ie medication for acute pain leading up to your oral surgery). ultimately your physician is the best, and only, resource for this question (be honest and comprehensive when you talk with him or her).

Sorry but 15 mg of morphine is not a baby dose. I have a spine injury and it just one of many pain meds I take everyday. Vicoden and percocets are not going to give you the same pain relief as the morphine. Anybody that says it will doesn't know what they're talking about. I've been in a pain management program for several years and have taken most medication available today. I take hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine sulphate every singe day for chronic pain. Your doctor, not just anyone with a computer and access to Yahoo, knows best. Here is a link to the best drug info on the web. It's the site your doctor goes to if looking for info on the web.

Go with your doctor and the link above. People always say they are doing this or doing that but most of them know only what they've heard. Some people say they take dosages that are fatal. They wouldn't be typing if they really took that much.
I had a broken neck, 2 fusion operation, a bone graft, lower back damage and I take morphine along with a few other pain meds and I only take 30 mg. a day

If you are on MSContin then your dose is a little small-this means you are only getting 5mg every 4 hrs delivered into your body I suggest that you ask for,and only if this is temporary-15mg roxicodone(oxycodone-same as percocet,but with no Tylenol) you can take these three times a day-or as needed-just be sure to follow your doc's instructions!!!!! This will very well help you

You need to tell your Dr that the medication he has prescribed does not work for your type of pain. The better thing about the morphine is that it is a longer lasting pain relief, the extended relief tabs that you are on slowly go into your system to keep the pain at a tolerable level. The vicodin or percocet are quick acting meaning they hit a level failrly quickly and then drop off leaving you with the need to reach for more and more of it and giving you a roller coaster pain relief ride rather than a steady dose of medication that the extended release ones do. You could ask your Dr if he was comfortable with maybe trying the 30 mg. morphine tabs before you go to a quick acting opioid. It really is much better for you in the long run and know that no medication will ever take ALL of the pain away - it is just there to make the pain tolerable. Good luck with your pain level and do talk frankly with your Dr about it. He and you should be able to find a happy medium that you are both comfortable with.

Morphine is one of the strongest pain medications prescribed today. Vicoden and percocet are not as strong as morphine, therefore, you need to ask your doctor to increase the doseage of your morphine.

Just an FYI for you; I currently take almost 360 mg. of morphine a day for severe back pain that began almost 7 years ago. Now every month I see a pain management specialist who monitors my dose to make sure it is enough for the pain relief I need. Unfortunately most doctors believe that patients don't need very much pain medication for several reasons. One is that doctors think that if they prescribe too much morphine, then the patient becomes addicted. That's so untrue because if pain medication is prescribed correctly, then you do not become emotionally addicted. In fact, you don't even get high, you just get the relief you despately need.

The other reason doctors don't prescribe too much pain medication is because they themselves are not up-to-date on the medications and are scared to prescribe. Basically the doctors are refusing to wake up and help those who so desparetaly need them.

So, the bottom line is that you need to get a higher dose, not switch medications, or else find a specialist in pain management. These people are incredibly understanding and very, very helpful. So, please take action ASAP and either get a higher dose or change doctors. Remember, you are in charge of your body, never let them think they are in charge. They are not God, even though some think they are, and don't ever second guess yourself. You know your body better than anyone else.

Good luck to you and I hope you get some relief very soon!

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