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 why am i always nauseous?
ok, so i get nauseous a lot. SOMETIMES i know its cuz i ate something bad, but recently it just pops up. also, i'm terrified to throw up, so i use pepto bismol like all the time. im 13, havent ...

 having surgery in 4 hours scared?
Ok It is routine gall bladder removal but I am still scared since i have never had surgery even though I know i will be asleep. Does any one have any good ideas to not be scared or ease my mind i ...

 I hurt my back, I'm getting it checked out tomarrow so please don't tell me to get it checked out. I will.
Until then, just so I can make it throughout the night, should I use an ice pack or heating pad on it? Because I don't own a heating pad, and I'm not going to go buy one. So, will it be ...

 Chronic headache that won't go away?
For the past two or three months I've been having very painful headaches (usually in middle of the head or on top of my eyebrow line), and nothing I do can get rid of them. I've tried ...

 if your chest is hurting, what does it mean and what should i do?
1minute ...

 I am suffering through painful verucca. Is burning only the last resort?

 If my sons stomache hurts, and he has sharp pains, i think it might be appendicitis?
He has sharp pains above his navel, and they moved to the left, feels nauseas, but hasn't vomited, and you appendix is on your right side. Should i go to the emergancy room?...

 Headache everyday for four months?
My mum has had this headache on the left side only, for a long four months.
In the recent weeks on the left side of her body, her leg and arm started
aching, where they became extremely ...

 what are good resson a 12 year should have a cell phone?

 Numbness in the right side of face..?
My aunt is experiencing numbness in the rightside of her face. She said it almost feels heavy.

What could be causing this?...

 What causes leg cramps while pregnant?
Im nearly 36 weeks pregnant and last night got a really bad cramp in my right calf which woke me when sleeping.
A few weeks ago i got cramps on my right foot while i was walking around during ...

 if you took 50 of ibuprofen or advil which one would hurt you more? advil or ibuprofen? ?

 Pain management help!!!!?
I have severe osteoarthritis in my hips and knees. I am not allowed to use and NSAIDs such as advil - no anit-imflamitories. This leaves me with Narcotics, which I hate taking, because I am afraid ...

 do i really have knee problems?
i run alot but recently both of my knees will start hurting. ive gone to the doctor and he says nothing is wrong. but i keep feeling sharp pains on the outside and bottom of my kneecaps and i wonder ...

 I'm getting braces in 10 days...help?
I'm getting my spacers tomorrow..I REALLY want my braces because I hate my teeth with a burning passion haha. I've heard they hurt REALLY bad for the first week or so, so is there any ...

 An addict that doesn't have a problem?
If you are using Rx (opiates) for a chronic, very painful condition do you think it is possible to be addicted to the drugs that are helping you, but not have a problem with them? No drug seeking ...

 Pain in my joints - any ideas?
I hav pain in a few of my joints - hips, knees, shoulders and hands - particularly when i'm in bed - its making me restless and feel that i need to be constantly moving around to ease the pain ...

 when drinking alcohol and taking acetaminophen, what bad reaction could happen?

 What is wrong with my wrist?
Yesterday, i was jumping on my trampoline, and i went to jump off, and i got to close to the edge and fell off. ( im not very coordinated). I landed backwards on my wrist! im going to the ...

 Does a spinal tap hurt?

Sharp pain like a needle in back of neck only when I move my head a certain way. What could this be?
This has been going on for about a month or so now. It only seems to happen when I'm up moving around. I had a car accident about ten years ago, I have alot of fluid on my eardrums, headaches from no where and a hard time remembering things. All have seem to begun recently.

Troll Trollio
Sounds like Aids to me man, best get that checked out.

Tom Bed
go to hospital and have a detailed check

Chiropractic and Massage therapy will help you immensely. I like NUCCA chiropractic yet am not totally sold, there belief is if the 1st two cervical vertebrae are in alignment everything else will fall into place, Many of us have mid back issues that are not complete with NUCCA. Yet with your issue I wouldn't oppose it. You definitely need to deal with it alternatively, massage, chiro, yoga, ti chi, even acupuncture may help with the fluids.
massagetherapy.org has a listing of nationally certified therapists.
Good luck

I also have issues with neck pain. I posted my question on wish123 and got an answer from an expert who solved my problems. Highly recommend the website.

Mum Mum
Have your neck checked for a pinched nerve !

Dr. Patrick V. Suglia
Sounds like what happened ten years ago has caused enough wear and tear on the nerves in your neck that other problems are now occurring as a result. You need to see a chiropractor that specializes in "upper cervical" care, or NUCCA. This type of chiropractic care is very specific for your type of problem.

Texas RN
It sounds like a pinched nerve. I would suggest you seek the assistance of a Chiropractor.

Hate to Pay
sounds like a case of " i hit hard times let me see if i car sue or increase damages on the wreck "

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