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 How do you minimize/prevent ear pain when flying?
The last two times i flied (4 journeys in total - there and back) i experienced a horrible pain when descending. It lasts for about the last 20 minutes of the flight, taking a few hours to wear off ...

 does this broken leg look real?
i am trying to make my friends think that i broke my leg using this edited photo of my legs: http://s394.photobucket.com/albums/pp23/queencrazy13/?action=view&current=realpain.jpg


 Is it serious if I take a double dose of paracetamol?
I accidentally took a double dose of extra strength paracetamol, and was just wondering if it is serious. I really doubt it, but would like confirmation of this. Also, is it safe to sleep after doing ...

 how do i stop the pain from doing squats for the first time?

 I wake up every morning with low back pain?
I have ruptured disk and its catching up with me at old age. I try sleeping on my side but I wake up on my back. any suggestions on buying something to help me wake up without ...

 Do you get neck pain ? What do you do to ease it ?

 What is wrong with my back?
About twenty minutes after I woke up on my way to work I started having excruciating back pain. It's been about two hours since then and it hasn't went away. I've taken a prescription ...

 When you choke a smurf, what color does it change to?
Most things turn blue, but a smurf is already that color.

Mabey its like rusting bronze, it turns green....

 Does anyone here have a child with severe leg pain from growing?
My daughters pain in her leg is so severe that the doctor decided to take a x-ray to make sure she doesn't have bone cancer or rheumatoid arthritis. While I am waiting to hear from the doctors, ...

 can you die if u take like 10 ibuprofens at once?
...or will it just give u a headache or something?
jw, my friend is always takin them
can u die from one overdose on pain relievers?...

 How do painkiller know where to go to stop pain?

 in soo much pain!! please help me!!?
okay so a part of the left side of my body hurts really bad, it's the opposite side of where the appendix is. It really hurts i don't really know how to explain the pain, sometimes it feels ...

 Sharp pain like a needle in back of neck only when I move my head a certain way. What could this be?
This has been going on for about a month or so now. It only seems to happen when I'm up moving around. I had a car accident about ten years ago, I have alot of fluid on my eardrums, headaches ...

 Have you ever broke you leg or arm?

 My back is killing me, help?
is there any good meds for my back. I was taking vicodin, but doc wont write it for me anymore. This morning I am in so much pain that I cant sit still. I have tens unit on and also wear lidocaine ...

 cant climb the stairs?
i have been suffering with my back for the past three weeks,and i cant hardly walk or climb the stairs to my home,thier is no lift as it is only two sets of stairs to the first and only floor,can i ...

 my tailbone really hurts.?
My tailbone hurts so much i can't walk. i haven't hit it on anything or fell, its just randomly.. help?!...

 Omg...this is crazy..help please?
Im trying to stop cracking my knuckles but it wont work!! can somebody tell me how i can stop!? please!?
Additional Details
no i want tos stop!! it makes my fingers all big ...

 What is the best way to reduce sore throat and sore tonsills.?
It's a weekend, my family is sick with very sore throats and the one with tonsills is the worst. What is a good method of soothing the pain until getting to the doctors office?...

 Is there any danger to all these headaches?
Okay, so I'm 14 years old and since I've been like 9 or 10 I've always had headaches and I would sleep during the day and hardly sleep during the night. I asked for advice and everyone ...

Severe pain in left back, left side, and lower abdomen, blood in urine?
About a month ago I suddenly had severe pain in my lower abdomen which then spread to my left side and around to my lower left back. I had this pain off and on for about a 10 day period. The pain would last anywhere from a half hour to a few hours. And I'm talking unbearable pain, worst I've ever felt. But when the pain would stop, it would stop instantly and completely. I haven't had any pain for the last month. About a week ago I started seeing alot of blood in my urine. I had the urge to go frequently and usually only a little would come out, but I still felt the urge to go. Sometimes it was bright red in color, other times it looked like dark soda. Then 2 nights ago at midnight the pain came back and lasted about 5 hours during which time I had to urinate every 15 minutes or so, and at 5am the pain stopped and ever since I have had no blood in my urine. Please can anyone tell me what this could be. I have no insurance or job either so Im not sure what to do about seeing a doctor

my answer would be you have cancer on your bladder or kidney cancer or prostate cancer, GO TO THE DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY - trust me money doesn't matter when it comes to choosing death or life don't be scared but go to the doctor and try not to think about the bill it can always be paid off

dat redheaded d00d
did you eat beets?

Could be appendicitis or something, whatever, go to the ER or you're going to die.

What's Up?
Go see a doctor or you may die! This is serous. What do you value more your life or the fact that you can not afford a doctor? How old are you? Send me an email

OK I'm sorry you don't have insurance, but you cant just like wait and maybe the pain will go away. I think you have a very bad urine infection. OK this is a remedy i use when I'm sick with symptoms close to that, first don't laugh it will help, Boil parsley and drink the water of it you can drink it cold no problem, Then you got your cranberry juice, which is great. Have you ever heard of camomile tea that's good too.drink lots of liquids. But you know what if you can go to the pharmacy and ask them what medicine can i but of the counter for urine infection? they should have something. Good Luck. I have to be honest but it looks like you need antibiotics.

You might have passed a kidney stone, you still should go to the emergency room and explain. It could also be a kidney infection but it would have been accompanied with high fever. You might still have kidney stones and you will get more pain if you dont get this treated. Good luck.

PS go to the emergency room.

follow up with your doctor or go to the ER.

You can still be seen without insurance. You should go to the ER. I suspect a kidney infection or maybe an STD. The back pain & blood would indicate kidney issues that need to be addressed before it gets worse.
Good luck.

go to the er

It sounds like possible kidney stones. No matter what answers you get on here the fact is you have a serious medical condition that requires a definite answer from someone qualified to give you a diagnosis.
No insurance is not a reason to continue to go through what has been happening to you because all you are ever going to really have is your health.
Get yourself to a ER when you are having the pain and just as a suggestion don't tellthem this has been going on for over a month because then they are not going to take you as seriously as you need. I know as I worked in an ER for awhile and they will be saying "what made it an emergency tonight if it's been going on for over a month".
Use your own judgement by telling them you were concerned about having no insurance.

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