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 I've have pain in my anus after going number 2 for awhile, and recently it started bleeding. What can I do?
For a few months I've had a bit of pain in my anus, right at the hole, after going number 2, and it was uncomfortable but I could live with it. But recently there has been blood in my stool and ...

 Major migraine headache please help!!!urgent...thakns?
ok im 14 i have a migraine headache its really quiet and their is no noise but ever since i got home from schoo my head has been hurting really bad and i feel a little sick (i only sneezed a few ...

 i went to bed and woke up with blood everywhere?
so i went to bed and my arm was burning. i woke up the next morning and my bed was covered in blood because my skin on my arm had all fallen off? why would this happen?????...

 I have random pain!!! HELP ME... IDK WTF IT IS!!!?
i have these pains on my chest ( im a guy) and there not like nipple or breast pains.. its like someone stabing me in the chest ,,, sometimes it on where my heart is, in that area, or sometimes on my ...

 i have serious back pain?
its my lower left side. it hurts whenever i move. if i move the wrong way it almost breaks me down into tears. my boyfriend massaged it for me but that didnt help. it doesnt hurt if you push one it. ...

 I'm having a weird sharp pain near my belly button on the right side, it happened the other day too.?

Additional Details
i didnt do any heavey lifting or exercise i didnt eat anythinggreasy i eat lots of salad for the most part i eat ...

 Why does my chest hurt whenever I eat or after I eat?
I have math right after lunch and my chest hurt i had a snack it hurt i had dinner it hurt now im having bread and it feels like someone is squishing it. I am gonna go to the doctor if it gets ...

 Is lower back pain impossible to cure?
I have developed terrible back pain. Everyday I go to bed, I have to apply pain relief gels, before I can sleep.
I have tried Yoga & stretching exercises. I don't think they are working. ...

 Im getting my ears pinned back?
how much will it hurt im 13.
How long will i b of school ?
how long will i be swollen for?...

 Nose pericing care and pain wise?
I want to get a nose percing when Im 14 but Im not sure the care and if its hard. Would it be hard to take care of, and does it hurt?...

 Are there any known health risks with weekly acts of sodomy?
Sometimes it hurts.
Additional Details
Also, I'm not on the receiving end of this, but if I ever consider that, I'll keep those tips in mind....

 Is It Normal For 12yrs To Have Migranes Mostly Everyday?
Well this person I know has really bad migranes and they are pretty young, in the past they had some kind of surgery on their brain when they were 6 months old; i don't know if this has to do ...

 I'm 16 and sometimes but not all the time i get this very sharp piercing pain in my chest.Why?
When it occurs it hurts more when i take deep breaths. But then after a few seconds it goes away and i'm fine....

 is this stupid?
ok...well i had chest pain real bad rite? so i went to the hospital to like see a doctor so he can give me medicine or something...so i stayed their waiting for 6 hrs.....and the doctor told us to ...

 what did you think when you first woke up?

 Worried about having a tooth pulled!!?
I am having a tooth pulled on Friday and I am a bit worried about it. I am not really worried about the procedure itself but the PAIN afterwards!

See... I am a chronic pain patient and ...

 What is a migraine and what does it do to your body?

 Give me a home remedy for head ache ?

 chiropractor a good idea?
I am concerned about the adjustments, I don't want anyone to "mess up" my back......

 is my arm broken???
i fell off he trampoline and my arm hit the metal really hard it hurts whenever i move my wrist it is swolllen really really badly it is all red and i can move my fingers a bit is it broken?!?!?!?!?!?...

Severe chest pain and no energy,, whats wrong with her?
she said she would go to a doctor but we have to wait and she has severe chest pains and was throwing up and has like no energy at all. she doesnt even have energy to sit up.
she is my grandma and is only 52. whats wrong with her? what pills should she take?

please please help
its been going on for a very long time now.

sherri s
This could definitely be a heart attack. Have her take an aspirin and call 911. It is better to be safe than sorry. Women have different symptoms of heart attack then men, it sounds serious and she should get medical attention.

Rover Fan
Take her to the emergency room. If it is life threatening, by law, they can not turn her away. Laws may have changed but thats the way it used to be. My husband had a injury that wasn't life threatening but because he had a bone sticking out, they had to do surgery on him even though he didn't have insurance at the time. I hope she feels better.

911 now!!!!

Call 911 immediately! Take her to an emergency room if you cannot wait for or afford an ambulance. At the very least call an emergency nursing line so that they can ask the right questions and determine the level of urgency. She can try taking an aspirin but without knowing her medical history and other medications it is difficult to give advice. Seek help immediately

marshmellow dance
have her take vitamins. a lot of them. theres also a famous vitamin brand out there called modifilan. trust me on this PLEASE. its amazing. every one who tried it gets cured magnificently. my aunt had cancer and was so week, she couldnt get out of bed. after drinking these pills, she plays soccer with my son now, and the cancer is gone. shes 76, but makes a great soccer coach. unlike any pills that eat away on the liver, this is absolutely harmless. it 100 percent natural, made out of pure vitamins found deep down in the ocean. please try it before you go on to any harmful pills, this vitamin works for everybody. people have been on prescribed medications all their life, but until they tried this, there was no enhance in their health.
you can go online, and find information on it there. i dont think they have it in the us, but its very popular in europe. but i get it shipped here regularly. please try it. what ever it is thats wrong with your granny, will be gone. and even at her old age, she will be feeling extremely well.

(it also has a huge effect on the outer physical appearance. you can say bye bye to wrinkles, aging spots, and dark under eye circles.)

She needs to go to the nearest Emergency room NOW and have them evaluate her for possible heart issues. Thats very dangerous and cant wait . Shame on her doctor for not telling her that.

sounds like pneumonia.....how long has it been going on..what are the symptoms....productive cough, or just pain?

Call 911!!!!
You will hate yourself later if this is a heart attack and you did nothing.

She needs to see a doctor.
You should click on this link.

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