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 I have been feeling ill all week, any ideas what it could be..?
It started out with a sore throat and an tickly cough, which then progressed and got worse. My chest is now hurting a lot and I'm sometimes finding it hard to breathe. I am aching all over ...

 Where is the best place to go for managing pain from osteoarthritis?
I'm living in the New Orleans area. So far I've been on 3 different, so called inflammation fighting/ pain relievers. If they are helping, I'm so thankful. As it is, on bad days I ...

 This horibble feeling in my throat... Help!?!?
Basically I have this feeling in the back of my throat that leads down into my chest when i swallow. It hurts constantly, and feels as if someone has thir hands arouns my neck, its like a constant ...

 I CAN'T stop CRACKING my WRISTS!? is this bad?
you know how your fingers or a joint will get stiff or feel unusual so you crack it? like your knuckels, right? that happens to my wrists and i've always cracked them about five times a day but ...

 Are they seasonal migraines, or is it stress?
Since the weather changes very often here in Atlanta, I've been getting these headaches which I guess I can call migraines..It seems like the more the weather flip flops the more it effects me. M...

 What causes pins and needles?
I have really bad pins and needles in my hand.. what causes them and what gets rid of them?...

 How should I treat knee pain?
At age 68 it appears I am developing early symptoms of arthritis. Right now it is only affecting my knees, mostly my left knee. The pain is not severe, nor is my mobility affected. Walking and ...

Has anybody heard of sea snails. I was told they had found that the sea snail venom has been found to have better effect than morphine and it has no side effects. Is it on the market yet, can doctors ...

 Your epidural to the spine experience?
If you have had one explain you experiance of having it
Additional Details
COuld you tell me if it worked or not or anything ...

 Do you think I have Arthritis?
I hope someone can help me... I have really achy bones and some parts (my fingers, toes, left ankle and my left hip) are really painful. I need to click these in order for the pain to be relieved but ...

 Is it normal for a needle to cause your whole arm to throb for days?
I know I sound like a child complaining over a little needle, but for some reason this one has caused my whole arm to throb for days and it really hurts to move it... as long as I keep it bent it'...

 How to releave a lower back pain/strain ?
I have a really sore lower back pain/strain it hurts when i rush and get up quick. It comes now and again the pain, so yeah is there a way to releave this pain ?

Thanks in adavaned,

 Problems with my legs/knee caps?
Basically I work in a store where I stock a little, dust, label etc. Most of the time I spend is crouching/sitting on my knee caps and feet. After about 15 minutes of the same position, it really ...

 What are some Major painkillers people would try to get?
i have a project and i want to know what are some of the major painkillers people would try to get? please name 2-5 not 10 or more.

I am not going to try to get these drugs so dont worry ...

 Can exercising during a heat wave cause a severe headache?

 gall bladder removal?
my dad (78) had his gall bladder removed 4 weeks ago, he was having terrible sickness all the time before hand. he has lost almost 2 stone since xmas. he then had a kidney infection and 2 lots of ...

 Why does my heel hurt?
My heel has been sore the past couple days, but today it's like whenever I step on it there is like a tiny, sharp pain. [like a little needle] What could be causing it?
Ever since winter I ...

 Zoloft & Ultram-Major side effects?
I am a diabetic who is currently undergoing a lot of medical treatment. To make a long story short, I have pain and nausea (which they can't find the source to. I am undergoing a lot of tests), ...

 Pain on lower left side under ribs (what can it be?)?
I have a pain, its just a pain that will come and go real quick. Its below my ribs on my lower left side of my stomach, about 3" below (right above my hips also). The pain will come on, and ...

 Sharp pain in the left side of my head!?
for about an year now i have been getting really bad sharp pains in the back of my head (on the left side) it will hurt so bad that i cant even move all i can do is hold my head until the pain stops.....

PLEASE HELP!! My legs ache so bad... what is going on?
Every few weeks, for about a day or so, my legs will ache and ache. It starts in my high thighs and goes down to my feet. It is a dull, constant ache. It hurts so bad and has gotten worse, that it hurts to walk and do stairs. It feels like I spent 12 hours walking uphill dragging a house behind me. Nothing really helps the pain. Sitting, standing, walking, sitting with my legs up... nothing. Sometimes when I sit, my feet will get ice cold but the rest of my legs will feel burning and warm. I can get a little relief, to take the edge off, by taking motrin. What could be causing this? I'm not overweight or very active. I haven't pulled any muscles and it's not like arthritis. I've had this for about 5 years now, but back in the day it was like 1 day a month. Now it's about every week or two for a few days.
Questions: What is this? Should I be worried? Should I see a doctor, or will he just think I am an idiot?
Additional Details
I am skeptical about RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome), b/c my hubsand has RLS and his symptoms are totally different. He has symptoms at night and has to constantly move/wiggle/twich his legs. He has to get up at night sometimes just to walk and/or stretch.
My symptoms are constant. I don't feel "restless," just constatnly in pain with this ache.

Sounds like you might have Restless legs syndrome. RLS is a disorder related to sensation and movement. People with restless legs syndrome have an unpleasant feeling or sensation in their legs. My mom has it . You should see your doctor and get help to manage your symptoms.

It is NOT RLS....I have it and it is exactly as you described. Your Dr can give your husband a very low dose of Valium and when he gets the RLS he just has to take it and in 30 min he will be totally relaxed. Valium is a muscle relaxer.
Your problem sound like a circulatory problem since it travels. I would see a Dr as soon as possible in case you have blood clots forming. They can kill you know??

Absolutely go see your doctor! Do not wait even though this has been going on for a few years.

You could have deep vein thrombosis in your legs. These are blood clots and if they break free they can travel to your lungs and cause a pulmonary embolism, which is a frequently fatal medical emergency.

Blood clots in the legs are entirely treatable and those who eventually experience a pulmonary embolism, heart attack, or stroke from them usually do so because they waited too long, often living with the clots for months.

theres a few things it might be1 potassium defiencency bananas will help
2 rhematism
3 fibromyalgia
see your physicain it sounds bad and need to see a doctor kleg pain could be signs of serious health problems such as clots, heart disease, osteroperosis... see a doctor .. they wont think you are a idiot. it sound slike pore leg circulation... my gramps had heart disease and his legs hurt too... see a doctor! poor leg circualtion could be a sign of heart issues!!1

by your question i know you should go see a doctor if it is as bad as you say. it might be a problem with your muscles or with the flow of your blood. i recommend seeing a doc.

When I was 23, I was as fit as I could be; I hit the gym 5 days a week; Active all the time. I loved it.

When I was 25, my legs started to ache. They ached so bad, I couldn't even describe it to my husband ~ certified fitness trainer. My workouts continued to be the same with mixing up cardio. It drove me insane.

When I was 26, after giving birth to my daughter, I went down on the floor to change a diaper and I couldn't get up. My backside hurt so bad. I went to the doctor with numerous tests.

Long story short, I have ANKLOSING SPONDYLITIS. It's hereditary, but this past generation isn't talking about it. My mother was diagnosed the same year and she's 30 years older than me.

It's an arthritis. I'm not saying that this is what you have, but I would definitely ask your doctor about it. There is a blood test for some arthritis. A lot of diagnosis are diagnosing "fibromyalgia" first and then as the symptoms progress and there is more evidence, then an arthritic or auto immune will be disclosed.

Heat ~ hot tub, steam room, sauna AND stretch out your hamstrings slowly trying to touch your toes. If you do this 3 days a week, then you can start with your shins one day, your ankles another week, and your feet another week and eventually you'll touch past your toes. Hot tub leg is great to help pull your chest down to your legs.

Also, lie on your back at home and bend one knee back to your face and hold 20 seconds, then do the other leg, and finally both together for 30 seconds.

In the same position, on the floor, you can pull both knees to your chest and gently rock side to side rolling on the backside. This helps stretch out your back and legs. I'm guessing the pain may stem from your sacrioilliac joint, coccyx (tailbone), or sacrum belt.

I would see a doctor who may prescribed a anti-inflammatory to see if it'll hit the pain. It could be Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or a stronger prescription like Celebrex. I've been on Celebrex since it was approved in Canada 2000 and no worries other then water retention.

I hope this information is helpful and informative and not scary. It's better to know than not know and it's easier to treat once you know what course of direction to take.

Good Luck.

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