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 Pill stuck in throat?
I had my wisdom tooth taken out a few days ago and need to take penicillin. I just swallowed one maybe an hour ago and it's still stuck in my throat. I've been drinking lots of water and it&...

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 Does a massage therapist hold a patent's hand during the session?

 what causes piles?

 swimmers ear?
i got swimmers ear((im pretty sure)(or a bug crawled in their)) about 5 days ago and it been really bothering me and hurting, anyone know how to get rid of it????????? or anything i can do?...

 My legs constantly ache, what is wrong with me?
I have constant leg ache, and have had for about 8 months. My legs feel so heavy, and I have trouble standing for too long.

Does anyone else suffer from this? What is it? Thanks....

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My back and my leg hurts. I get random muscle cramps in my leg, like, I wake up screaming, like, I make a face and fall onto my desk in silence. I also get real bad ones near the bottom of my ribs. I ...

 Serious pain in the back of my head...?
Last night i had the most skull cracking headache in the back, that it drove me to tears. I felt nauseas, and really weak. During this pain, my mom noticed i had arrhythmia, she couldnt measure my ...

 sometimes i hear strange sounds with my left ear?
what does that mean?
it only happens in my left ear
and i hear it all the time, these strange sounds
i also hear less with that ear...i am fine with my right ear
what is it?...

 buying hydrocodone?
want to buy perscription ...

 How to ask a Doctor for Methadones?

 What is the cause and the cure for a stiff neck?
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 What is wrong with me medically. Strange pain and, tingling, and spams/twitching?
It all began with my legs hurting all over up and down, then the skin on my legs became so sensitive that it burned to touch them. My potassium suddenly dropped critically low in 3 1/2 weeks. Am ...

 pain in lower left side of back and full feeling but still hungry.?
My husband has had a terrible stomach ache the last 2 days - his lower back on the left side is VERY painful and he said that he feels hungry but his stomach is very full feeling.
Any ideas? He ...

 I have bad knots under my right shoulder.?
What can I do to to prevent them? Everytime I go for a massage, it comes back within hours....

 Have a question about my knee's???
Okay about every hour or so I have to twist my knees until I hear or feel a popping noise. I have to do this to relieve the pressure on my knees and if I don't do this, then my knee's get ...

 What questions should I ask my doctor about a bulging disk?
I have been diagnosed by my family doctor as having two bulging disks. I have a lot of pain with them. I am going to a back sugeon tomorrow. I would really like to have some questions ready. I ...

 My appendix?
Please help every so often i get these mild cramping pains in my right hip. I’m not sure whether it’s my appendix because it isn't very painful I just clench my fist for a moment then it ...

 Whenever I smoke my head hurts?
Why is that?
Additional Details
I don't smoke often, only once in a year when I go back home because I study abroad. I smoke with my ...

On med refills can you get it before the 30 day mark?
I have recurring medications that I get refills on. 2 of them are not covered by insurance and are expensive so I like to get them filled when I get paid.
My question is, I know that at least with my meds that are covered by insurance the pharmacy won't refill them before 30 days (-7 days). But if I'm not using insurance and paying cash, are they allowed to fill them before the "deadline" (assuming the prescriptions are for 30 day amounts)? So if I try to get them filled like 10 days too soon, will they allow this since it's cash and the 30 day waiting period to refill is dictated by insurance? Or can they just not do this? Thanks.
Additional Details
Thanks, if you have time...
The med in question is a schedule IV, so controlled I think, but not like oxycontin or that controlled. When I try to refill on the automated phone it says I can't yet - it's (8 days before 30 days). With my insured meds this is normal and I was wondering if it was trying to go through insurance. I just hate talking to anyone on the phone there ;)
I wasn't sure if the restriction was for insured meds or if it's some state/federal mandated thing or something?

They do, sometimes. It depends on the medication. If it is controlled they usually wait until you have 3 days. Like oxycontin etc...Vicodin & the like... you can get 10 days ahead if paying with cash in Texas....And the others, like advair, nexxium, singulair, etc....there shouldn't trouble with it. In my experiance.

U.S. Federal law states that Schedule III - Schedule V drugs are allowed to be refilled up to 5 times in 6 months on a single prescription order, if the prescriber so desires. Schedule II drugs can not be refilled and require a new prescription each time. However, the pharmacist has a legal obligation to question and even deny an early refill and at minimum should contact the prescriber to discuss an early refill request. If your prescriber (usually your doctor) allows the pharmacist to dispense an early refill, they can refill the prescription, but as you know you most likely would have to pay out-of-pocket since your insurance won't pay for an early request.

The above is based on Federal law - some states may be more restrictive on refills. Most state's pharmacy laws (that I am aware of), coincide with Federal law.

Be well.

Rick the Pharmacist

If it is considered a controlled substance then there are strict guidelines on when you can get them refilled. Could you work out something with the pharmacy and pay in advance and then come back at a later date to pick the prescription up?The guidelines are not set by the insurance company. It is federally mandated mainly because people abuse controlled substances. For instance, Vicodin, Valium, Xanax, morphine, paxil, concerta, Ritilan, etc. Just to name a few.

On any controlled medication, the pharmacy I work in will call the physician to ok the early refill, regardless of the reason for it being filled early. If he/she says no, they we will not refill the script. If it is just 'flat out' too soon (just got it filled a few days or even a week or two ago), we will deny the refill without calling the doctor.
If it is on a non-controlled (maintenance), then we will do a refill when it is requested as long as the customer is willing to pay for it.

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