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 My father in law keeps getting pain and swelling in his knees, what could it be?

 i have pain in the lower back radiating to front side. x-ray says circular radio radiopeque shadow seen in lt?

 what problems can you get with your cocsic
i have pain in my cocsic but i have not hurt it in any ...

 I was wondering even anyone has advice on getting off pain meds i take vicodin for back pain.?
i have been on pain meds for awhile and i know i need to get off i just want to know how saftley and where it won't effect my blood pressure....

 Disability question?
I have been battling chronic back and hip issues for the last five years. It has become unbearable to work more than a few hours a week. I was told I should seek some type of disability but I am not ...

 Started eating a twix and M&M's and my throat burns?
I started eating these two chocolate candies and then all of a sudden my the back of my throat starts to burn. Is it my tonsils burning?
I had to stop eating, I couldn't continue. This also ...

 are there any remedy's for gout in the foot for a friend ?
are there any cures for gout? at home or home made cures? or doctors cures?for a yahoo friend ....

 erg, why does everyone answer "go to the doctor" when you ask about an ailment?
Doesnt anyone here realize that the reason people are coming onto this site to ask the question is ,in the most part, because they cant afford to go to the doctor? 1/4th the population has no health ...

 I can't feel pain? What is wrong with me?
Last night I was at my friends and this one kid found a skateboard in his garage and was trying to skateboard. I took it and said "Alright watch this sweet jump" (Im not even good at ...

 what is arthritis?

 i have been taking 3 excederin a day for 4 years for headaches. are there any long term effects of this?

 what to do about a sore knee?

 I have Multiple Sclerosis and I have chronic severe pain,?
what I take for it is vicidan. I was wondering since I am going to the docs tomorrow. Is there anything else I can take that would manage my pain better that we can discuss?...

 What is Hydrocodone/APAP 10/325 Tabs?
Is Hydrocodone/APAP 10/325 Tabs generic for Vicoden?

Which is stronger, If you could put these in order, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks,

Hydrocodone /APAP 10/325 Tabs

 Headaches that get significantly worse when lying down?
I have lupus and fibromyalgia and have developed extremely horrific headaches that can be on one side of my head, on both sides of my head, all over my head, or on the back of my head. But with any ...

 Is it safe to pop your back and neck?

 I am having neck pain?
I just sprained my back, its hurts so bad to the point i am having trouble catching my breath, i can't move my head very well at all, has this happened to anyone, please help, i don't want ...

 what causes Arthritis and which medication can be solution?
I have legs pains whenever i squat. Very sharp pain that makes me sream at times. Having medicated to some extent, i need a permanent solution....

 How can you get rid of or at least lessen a continuous migraine??
I've already gone to the nuerologist and chiropractor (who made it worse). I'm waiting the results of my MRI, but in the meantime I need something to get rid of the pain so I can actually ...

 dealing with arthritis?
Does anyone have arthritis? if so could you please tell me what meds. you are on and do they work ?...

Mopsie P
My stomach is killing me!!!! It feels like it is going to explode!!1?
I am a girl--havent had my period yet--it feels like i have alot of cramps--i had alot of fried/greesy/bad junk! It feels like my appendix is ggunna explode!!!

Vitor R
You should go to the emergencies AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because your appendix might literally explode if that's the cause of your pain. We're talking about risk of death. Call a taxi or an ambulance and get to the hospital to do a check-up

If the pain worsens when pressure is applied to the concerning area, I would go to the hospital right away.

Take a laxative. If that doesn't help, then your appendix will probably rupture. 50:50 chance.

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