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 Why do we get 'Pins and Needles'?

Additional Details
i'm talking about the Pins and Needles you get when you use your arm as a pillow or sit on you legs for ages....

 my stomach has been full for 3 days, it it just super full and hurts when I press it.?
Okay so here is the thing my stomach is real real full and it hurts when i press it. I did eat like crazy im talking I ate like i have never ate before and my stomach has been full for 3 days. lol ...

 Is it harmful to crack your knees?

 Does anyone know what are the TMJ causes?
Some doctor told my brother he is suffering from TMJ Disorder. What are the causes for TMJ? Are there any known treatments for TMJ?...

 When will the pain in my leg stop ?
The days before this most recent memorial day my lower back really started to ache and pain. I could barely move/walk, and bending down was out of the question. I started going to a chiropractor who ...

 Severe backache, ive no muscle rub, its gone midnight, kids asleep so cant get to shop, what would ease it?
Iv taken pain killers but it just aint shifting! :(...

 I have a sharp pain, please, I'm not sure wat it is?!?!?
About an hour ago this sharp pain just appeared in my left side a lil above my abdomen. Shortly after I am now experiancing shortness of breath, I'm not sure if this is serious. I do have a ...

 pain,bleeding, and murmer in ear. please help!?
Hi, my friend has had some pretty bad infections in her ear for a wail now. The last time she went to the doctors they told her that she had blood all in her ear, but had no explanation for how it ...

 Is there is any remedy for migraine?If anyone came out of this horrible pain?
please help me. I have been suffering from migraine for nearly 10 years.Is there is any medicine in this modern world..horrible pain..even I thought of suicide..please help.

thank ...

 Horrible neck pains!! :-(?
I was in class today and obviously we have a giggle now and then and when I laughed today I almost cryed I thought I'd overdone it laughing or something at first and seriously done my neck it or ...

 Why I've been having this feeling like the neck muscles/back of head heavy?
I've been having this feeling like the neck muscles/back of head is really heavy. It causes me to feel tired, because it causes my head to feel heavy almost like it's too heavy for my neck, ...

 i think there is something going on with my knee?
every once in a while my knee gives out on me it don't really hurt I just have to catch myself before I hit something. does anyone know what this may be?
(( i have no swelling and its ...

 In pain management, which is better the SacroWedgy or the Dorn Method?
Many have claimed that the SacroWedgy is good for back pain management, especially for sciatica, while others also have claimed that the Dorn Method is good for back pain. Now, has anybody tried the ...

 Why did my headache go away during exercise?
I've noticed the last couple of times I got a headache that when I exercised, it went away. I did moderate aerobics and voila! The headache was over before the workout ended. Why is that? Maybe ...

 Sharp pains to head and passing out, what's wrong?
Starting two days ago, my mate has been experiencing 'pains to his head' that make him feel angry and then he'll black out.

Does anyone know what's happening?

 I get headaches almost everyday, what could the reasons be?
It usually hurts a little in my forehead at the sides, above the eyes. I ignore those ones. Sometimes they stop hurting but most times, they hurt harder, then I have some medicine. It does get better ...

 please help meeeeeeeee theres something in my cast!?
ok so i have a cast on my leg
and theres something in it

i have no idea what but its bugging the sh.it out of me

it seriously like really hurts and my mom and i tried ...

 hips feel like they are spreading apart?
How long do you normally start to feel this before labor actually begins? it feels like my hips are actually spreading apart from each other. it hurts in my lower back and if i take my hands and push ...

 Why does my shoulder blade hurt?
My shoulderblade hurts, why is that?...

 I just took 4-6 tylenol arthritis(650mg) and and Advil PM. Am i ok?
Im 15. Weigh about 140. I just took maybe 4-6 tylenol and an advil pm. i wasnt thinking AT ALL. will i be ok?...

My stomach hurts and im throwing up what to do for pain?

Casey Jane ☼
Pepto Bismol or TUMS. That always helps me! I am sorry you are not feeling well. Try lying down also on a cold floor.. that helps me too.

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