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 Does anyone know how to reduce back pain?

 I have a liver pain for three months now,specially during sports training?
iI think it started during some treatment for a common cold
.That is what I remember.It gets painfull during my sports training.I take some nutritional supliments.Wgat sould I do?...

 Pain in the lower abdominal left?
Pain is starting in the lower left side of the body, shooting up between the upper left arm between in the middle of the chest. The more the person breaths, the pain tends to shoot up making the ...

 kinoki detox foot pads?
has anyone used these pads before? if so have they seen result? were there any side affects? would like to know this before i purchase them. thanks......

 i snorted adderrall a while back and now it feel like im on it again?
but i havent done it in like 2 months its kindof freaking me ...

 what is orthopedic?

 Sharp Pain in my stomach, right below my belly button?
i have a sharp pain in my stomach and i can hardly move around. does anyone kno wat it culd be??...

 i have a sharp pain on the lower right side.is it my appendix that hurts? help me please!?

 Car insurance claim?
Me and my wife and 3 kids were travelling one day (off to see the mother in law we was following one of them new corsa's we went over a bridge and around a little corner and the corsa suddenly ...

 sore throat?? help please?
so its like an achy sore and i dont feel sick at all otherwise.. it starts to hurt worse later in the day/night and when i talk too much. its in the back of my throat and it kinda hurts to swallow (...

 My head hurts...?
I have had a headache like all day. I haven't been wearing my contacts all day since I think I have like an infection or something in my eye. That is probally half the reason my head hurts is ...

 OH MY GOD the PAIN!!!?
I laid down in bed and was petting my cats when all of a sudden out of nowhere I got this EXCRUTIATING pain in the joint of my jaw. It's this throbbing, intense pain that hurts like nothing I�...

 i have got some serious problems can anyone help me? read the details?
i am going out with this one girl and i love her to death. well she dumped her ex boyfriend for treating her like crap. and he tryed to o.d and ended up in the hospital. well her ex.boyfriend is ...

 Sore back...?
For the past 3 days I have had a pain in my back and I have no idea what it is from. I cannot think of anything I did that I could have pulled a musle. It is sore pretty much all the time but ...

 PMS or kidney stone?
when I'm moving, I'm fine but when I sit still, then it hurts. Actually, when I'm laying down it's fine too. The pain is on the right side and usually move back and forth ...

 Medical Question. I have a nagging pain in my shoulder.?
I get this often, usually when I lift something too heavy. However it generally goes away in a few days after using a heating pad. Yet, this time, after 6 days, the pain is still there. Many friends ...

 Reoccurring and Moving Abdominal Pains?
My girlfriend is 17 years old and has these moving pains around her stomach area.
She has to curl up into a ball until they're gone because of the pain.
They keep coming back though ...

 Wrists hurt........???
What does it mean when your wrists hurt? It's like a sharp pain that comes back every once in a while. And it's sore in the mean time. Do I have carpal tunnel syndrome? What can I do to ...

 How can I make restless legs get better?

Additional Details
it only happens at night, say if im sitting in a recliner....they start to get restless and i need to get up and go to bed
it seems like falling asleep is the ...

 What is the best way to manage Ankylosing Spondylitis?
Does following a special diet work? medications? specific kind of exercies?...

My hip goes out of place often. What is causng it to do this?
Hi. I am 25 years old and for the past 2 or 3 years my left hip has been going out of place. It goes out and then goes back by itself within a few minutes usually when I get up off the floor after sitting. It is very annoying and painful. What is causing this and is there anything I can do to fix it? I have been to the chiropractor and he didn't really say much about it. Also, I am a runner. I have 2 children ages 4 and 2.

Stop running away from your children.

Cherokee Billie
this is probably a muscle moving. If your hip was truly going out of place it would require a doctor to put it back in place. I think the floor is too much pressure on your hip muscles, along with the running . Do not sit on the floor. Make sure you sit in a comfortable chair or sofa. cut back slightly on your running and see if this helps.

A hot bath with 2c. of Epsom salts would relax the muscles And reduce the pain.

I suggest you try a different chiropractor. I've enclosed a link where you can find a chiropractor in your area.

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