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 how serious is a herniated cervical disc?

 On a scale of 1-10 how bad do these shots hurt?
I'm getting a sports physical and i have to get 2 shots.
(meningitis shot and tetanus shot)
Do any of you know if they combine them so I only get one poke in the arm??
please ...

 Pain in left side of chest?
I have a dull pain where my heart is and when I breathe deep, it is more painful. Why?...

 Which would be better for my back pain?
I have had a little bit of back pain for quite sometime but recently its been increasing more and more pain. But the pain is not hurting pain its more of a discomfort and pressurish pain. I was ...

 I took some Benylin Extra Strength that expired on JA 11. What is this going to do to me?
Will it just not be effective or will it severely affect me in some way?...

 HELP! I have really severe pain?
I'm 15 and have RSD/CRPS, my spinal cord stimulator is not working well as of right now which has caused my pain to become a lot worse than normal. I do not have any pain meds to take. S...

 my knees ache when i get cold or tired , im 19 . is it possible that i could have arthritis ?
i hurt them a lot when i was younger.
Additional Details
i exercise reguarly and i am not overweight. i hurt it a lot when i was younger and i think it never healed completly....

 How can I soothe these burns on my upper arms?
I used a cream to get rid of the hairs in my armpits last night and they felt and looked fine, but I woke up this morning my arms (where they had touched the cream on my armpits) are really raw and ...

 I'm having severe pain on my right side, near my lower back. The pain is very intense, like a throbbing pain.
The pain is preventing me from sleeping at night, and no matter which way I lay down, or sit throughout the day, the pain is always there. Right now its been going on for 3 days, it started with a ...

 I threw out my back at work and am in severe pain. I can barely walk. Does anyone know a good remedy? Massage?

 I have a Lump?
I have a lump near the top of my, forgive me, a-s crack. Its been there for a few days and it has been causing pain. Whenever i sit, lay on my back or bend over it will hurt. It feels like it could ...

 My son is having surgery to have his wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, anything I should do? get?
I'm worried.. He's getting anesthesia,
Additional Details
I just want a hug!!!! he's my baby!!! :(...

 I am able to take Percocet with no problem..Is it ok for me to take 30mg of Morphine(contin)?

 Please answer quickly it's getting worse!!!?
For the past two days I have ha the absolute worst stomach pains I'm a fifteen year old girl and have never had stomach problems or major health problems. The pain is almost like when you are so ...

 ive taken 2 Ibuprofen and a 400 parcetmal?
what should i do
whats going to happen to ...

 my daughter aged 9 woke up with a saw neck yesterday...?
this morning she is still complaining that her neck hurts - in the nape of the neck - Does anyone know if this can be serious? I won't be able to get a doctors appointment until about wednesday ...

 hit the back of my head in a fall..hard?
okay two nights ago i was walking tripped and fell off my porch, and hit the back right side of my head onto my car below

the force caused me to break two teeth at the bottom and chip one ...

 Does a magnetic bracelet actually work? if so how?
I consistently suffer from back pain and knee pain espically while walking a golf course and carrying my bag. Do these bracelts actually work cause i often see golfers wearing them when i play?...

 Why is this happening?
I'm 15 years old. Recently I've been having stomach cramps like every two days where I've had to rush to the toilet. I had the runs (not nice I know) and I'm wondering why I get ...

 How do I tell my mom that i ate my arm?
I got really hungry one night and ate my arm off. How do I tell my mom that it isn't really a mammoth bite?...

My eye, jaw and temple hurt in one side of my head. Why?
What is this? Kind of a moderate pain I guess, not the worst pain in my life.
Additional Details
Didn't get punched in the face.

I brush my teeth after every meal (serously, how can bad breath even relate to pain?).

I do grind my teeth. I don't have wisdom teeth though.

I should mention this pain has been on and off for the past week, maybe even a little longer, a couple days out of this time it was a migraine, but I don't know what it is now...maybe a very mild one? (Is there a such thing? lol)

ur salivary gland is dried out

water that is...

Santa Fe
Maybe a migraine. Sounds familiar.

Obama's Pimp Is Back!
Did you get hit there by something? Maybe an infection or even could be sinuses. I have bad sinuses and there are times I get pain in those spots too on one side. Other times it's both sides and my teeth literally hurt. In any case you should see a doc.

you got hit in the face probably

I'm In Like With you♥
I had the same pain issues

i went to the dentist and asked them about it

they said i had TMJ
[its where your jaw pops, the hinges of your jaw is enflamed or infected.]
it causes pain in those areas

if your jaw doesnt pop....
it could be wisdom teeth i guess?

i found out i dont hav wisdom teeth =D

It probably your breath trickering your senses. Brush your teeth quick!
j/p lol

When you were sleeping, do you think you were clenching your teeth together? Not grinding, just clenching. Sometimes when I sleep or even at work (and I never notice it), I clench my jaw and I usually get a sore jaw and temple. If this isn't a factor, I'm not sure what would cause it. Feel better!

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