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 i took oxy contin. someone please help me?
im 15 and stupid. i did it to get high yesterday. yesterday i got high fora good hour..2 hours. then it turned on me. i got so naucious, dizzy, and my stomach was horrible. i threw up and i slept all ...

 How come I'm getting a stitch pain under my right ribcage when I'm on the treadmill?
I've started i guess it's called spring running where I'm walking briskly 5 min and then running 1 min and back to 5 etc.. My goal is to increase running and decrease walking ...

 I was wondering if anyone out there has had neck surgery on a bluging disc . I am suppose to go have surgery.?
Its in my C4 C5 disc and i have been to one doctor alreay and he said only thing to do is to have surgery , it would help to talk to people who has had this surgery done thanks ....

 When should I see a doctor about back pain?
I fell off a horse a few years ago and hurt my lower back good enough that I could barely walk for a few days. I never really went to the doctor about it because I was 15 and stupid, and my mom didn&...

 Stomache Pain and Burning!?
I have had pain in my stomach for about... a month or more. I dont get along well with my family, and I hate the doctors so I havent told anyone, figureing it will just go away soon. But it hasnt! I...

 How do you get rid of a Migairne Headache with out a perscription?

Additional Details

 what make glands in neck swell and ear hurt?

 What is wrong with my throat? HELP!!?
For about a week now it has been really hard to swallow saliva and it feels like something is stuck in my throat. My tonsils are swollen but there is no pain. What is going on? How do I make it go ...

 There is Pain in my arm?
For the past few weeks i have had a dull ache in my left forearm. Every once in a while it radiates all the way into my fingers, but mostly is just a dull ache. I havent injured it or anything of ...

 My husband has gout in the big toe anyone any ideas to ease the pain?
My husband has gout in the big toe he has been on doctors medication for about three weeks but it has not cured it, my husband has a good diet and does not drink ...

 someone please tell me what u think? im scared.?
this has been going on for probably alittle over a year now. i've been to doctor's and have had ekg's done and nothing show's up. they say nothing is wrong with my heart or ...

 Pierce (idk spelling) your cartledge????
I want to do it, but i hate pain. And would like to do it on my own....

 What is the safest way to knock someone outcold without hurting them?

 lower back pain .. and i dont no why?
i am 15, and i am suffering from really bad lower back pain and i dont no why. I regulary horse ride, and i no its nothing like pregnancy, so i really dont no what to do. I have tried going to the ...

 PLEASE! How to soothe a burnt tongue?
I burnt my tongue on EXTREMELY hot soup, it hurts sooo bad. HELP!...

 How can I get vicodin or Percoset prescribed to me?
I am 30, I was in two bad accidents when I was younger, messed up my back. I go to the chiropractor once in a while and even to get a massage to help my muscles and back. My Dr. gives my muscle ...

 i feel like crap :[ and im a?
i skateboard, i love it and ive been going very intense with it the last few days. ive been doing almost nothig but legdes and steps and me joints,bones, and muscles in my legs and lower body are KIL...

 fentanyl patches?
why are they making me feel ...

 what do the docters have to give you pain killers for I want percocets or oxys
How can I get painkillers I dont want them to tell me im fine and just give me advil or something how can I get hooked up?...

 Why cant i stop cracking and clicking my fingers do i have a problem?
I do it every morning when i get up or sometimes i just do it.Sometimes it feels as if i need to do it.What are the effects and how can i stop doing this?? PLEASE REPLY...

My ears hurt, my throat hurts, my head hurts, I don't feel good!!! I just want to whine!?

Have couple cups of hot tea with honey, lemon and a couple of shots of whiskey or brandy you will feel much better.

Oh you poor thing! Go ahead and let it out! Now go back to bed!

♥♥ lou lou ♥♥

Awwwwwwwwwwww! i am sorry you feel so rotten!!!

you are fully entitled to whine :(

Just take ;

hot drinks aplenty---

Honey and lemon ( for your throat)
+++ lozenges to sooth ''''''''''''

paracetamol for headache

warm scarf around ears

hot water-bottle and bed

I hope you will soon, feel a whole lot better

Have a Happy and healthy Christmas


its a girl! aka chan chan
Go to the doctor and get yourself checked out before you get worse.

Have at it, your allowed, I felt that way last week and i did the same thing. No harm done sometimes we just need to let someone know just how we feel. PS. Hope you feel better soon

Awww, I'm sorry! U go ahead n whine ur heart out. We'll sympathize...well most of us will :-)

Feel better soon!

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