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 Headache Remedy?
I have really bad headache. Not sure if its migraine. I feel pressure at both sides. Not sure why either. Can this be slept away?
Additional Details
It comes and ...

 Has anyone taken Tramadol.?
I was prescribed these yesterday for arthritis. After one 50mg capsule I was spaced out all day and could not sleep all night. The pain went but the feeling was horrible. Was it just me?...

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 Plantar fasciitis- what's YOUR experience of it and how do you deal with it?
Have you or a member of your family got plantar fasciitis? It's really painful and I'm trying gentle exercises but sometimes I really have to take painkillers.
Is it good or bad to ...

 do you think it could be a Appendicitis?
all day my stomach kept on flip flopping I didn't puke yet. And when i burp or go to the bathroom I feel better what could it ...

 OW! Please help im in pain!!!!!!!!!!!?
i have fluid in my ear that make me want to rip off my head!! I took a shower and went to bed with wet hair after a bad cold i had! I woke up with sharp pain in my ear! Please, does anyone know how ...

 My toes constantly crack - is it normal?
Every time I walk, my toes seem to crack. It's only the big toes and it doesn't hurt or anything but I just wanted to know if this is normal. If not, what should I do?...

 Excruciating pain from braces?
My braces are killing me. It feels like someone superglued my teeth on my jaw and is trying to pull it out. It hurts so much I want to die. No joking. I seriously want to get shot or something right ...

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 Can loud music hurt my ears?
if i listen to my ipod with the loudness about halfway can i possibly be hurting my ...

 stomach ache?
i have had this really bad pain in the right lower bit of my stomach for over a month now. i have been to the doctors 3 times they have checked my urine and said it was an infection and gave me ...

 I have this horrible ear ache! What do I do?
It doesn't throb,and i have cleaned out my ears so it isn't wax! HOw can i help it? I took medicine 40 minutes ago and it isn't helping! I can't hear through this ear either! I ...

It's really bad! It's between the lower left jaw! I drank tylenol, but it didn't work! also when I brush my teeth on the upper right it hurts so bad!

note: I don'...

 Does anyone know how to get rid of migraine's?
I'm onl 13 and i get migraine's really often. They're really bad too, they put me in tears a lot of the time, does anyone know how to reduce them or make them go away?
Please help ...

 i have this pain in the left side of my chest and goes to my back and i burp alot?
I had this pain for the past moth and half when to the doctors they told me is not my hart they ahd dia an ekg and it came out find they told me it was some kind of hart burn thye gave me some pills ...

 any advise for migraine relief without tablets/medication?

 throbbing, continuous headache that won't go away, help?
Okay, so for the past week or so I've been experiencing a throbbing sensation on the right side of my temple that comes and goes continuously, all day. It lasts for about 3 or 4 seconds each ...

 What can i do to cure a cricked neck?
This morning i turned my head slightly too quickly and i cricked my neck. Since then i've tried massaging it and putting heat on it but it still hasn't gone away and is starting to get ...

 My 3 yr old woke me up with this AM with a really bad tummy ache and then has been throwing up bile.?
Some of it has been brownish, but them most was a green/yellowish color. I felt her tummy and it is just cramping up. She is miserable. Any idea what can be causing it? She is not running a fever....

 I've had a stomach ache along with fatigue and feeling weak for a whole week now..whats wrong with me?! =(
I ate at a seafood restaurant last sunday on the same day that the news informed people it wasnt a good idea to eat seafood because of something bad. But the effects should have worn off by now if it ...

My chest hurts for 3 days now everytime I inhale, which doctor should I see?
Its been 3 days now since this left chest pain started. Everytime I laugh, sneeze, yawn, burp or anything to do with inhaling its hurting so bad. Should I go to a heart doctor or lungs doctor?

Amy B
Go to a pulmonologist.

I think you should start with a general practice/ your regular family physician and go from there. It may be nothing but, chest pain is not something to ignore especially if it's been present for 3 days. If it hurts when you take a deep breath it could be a cracked rib or a blood clot in your lung, those tend to be extremly painful and progress fast. Either way, go to the doctor. They will evaluate you and send you to the proper specialist. Or go to the E.R.

The Un-Cola
See an internist.

My first instinct is a rib injury. Go see your doctor on monday.

Sounds like a broken or cracked rib. I feel for you. I've had a cracked rig and it is not fun when it hurts every single time you breath.

Go see your regular doctor, (s)he'll refer you to the right person.

Good luck :)

I'd go to a regular GP first. They can refer you if they can't figure it out.

One thing I know for sure is you need to see a doctor any doctor, and do it soon. I would go to my primary care physician.

Neither....I suggest your regular physician or an internal medicine physician.

My strong suspicion is that perhaps you have something called Costrochondritis - inflammation of the cartilage between the ribs.

That pain has caused patients and their physicians to think they were having heart attacks. It often times is over looked and misdiagnosed.

It can be quite painful when you do anything to expand or move your rib cage.

Try anti-inflammatory medication on a routine basis for a while and ice packs to the area. See if that helps you.

By no means should you consider this answer a medical diagnosis. I have had this condition before and have been familiar with patients that have had it.......just something I think you may have.

See your doc. Chances are you can get good relief quickly.

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