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I'm Really ... Really ... Angry!
My Feet Hurt So Bad ... How Can I Ease The Pain ...?
I'm a Fedex Express Courier and lately I've been driving 10 - 11 hour days. I finish the day at the station and they hurt so bad that I have to rest for about thirty minutes before driving 25 - 30 minutes on the way home.

Once I get home ... I can't move.

I do have bone spurs on my right and left heels (ouch!) and will have surgery in a few months. Not looking forward to that. (O_O)

Thanks and thumbs up to all who answer! Just give me time to get back and read the answers.
Additional Details
Thanks for your answers everyone! I will try them both.

Get super good and cushy insoles for your shoes. My MIL has bone spurs and she has a certian insole that she likes best, but I can't remember what brand or style.

Soak your feet in epsomne salt when you get home. A good epsome salt can help with a Lot of things.

My best advice would be to put them in a bucket/bathtub filled with ice water. Just fill it up with the coldest water you can find, and then add a bunch of ice to numb them and it'll make the pain go away.

вσв яσѕѕ
You can try soaking your feet as others have mentioned, you could also pick up one of those foot massaging tubs, i've heard they do wonders. I used to have the same problems when i was a bartender, i could barely walk at the end of each day and all i can say is you can never underestimate how a good pair of shoes can help. once i bought a new pair of shoes that were designed for someone who's on their feet all day the pain in my feet got so much better. you could also pick up some of those dr, shols shoe inserts, they help to.

My boyfriend had to have surgery for the same thing, but there are other things you can (and should) try first, like stretching, icing, orthodics, splints at night, etc. See the following link for more info:

If your doctor hasn't prescribed you an anti-inflammatory for pain, take Advil. Advil has anti-inflammatory properties to it unlike Tylenol or other over-the-counter pain killers. Or ask the pharmacist if there is something even better. When your feet hurt, you tend to tighten up other areas of your body to compensate, and pretty soon everything hurts. The Epsom salts in a tub will help, as well as icing your feet. If you have bone spurs, alternating ice and heat might be more beneficial, to get the circulation flowing. Usually you use just ice only immediately after an injury to reduce swelling, and then heat and ice to induce healing.

Do you have a foot massager at home? If not, a wife or kids can help...or if all else fails, do it yourself. With the heel problems, be sure to massage your calves as well AND stretch the entire foot and toes, doing as much stretching of the calf and achilles tendon that you can tolerate. For massage of the feet and legs, look for a cream for Diabetic foot care or at least one that has peppermint in it. Peppermint aids in circulation and relieves pain a bit. You can also make your own using peppermint essential oil. Just be sure not to touch your eyes after using peppermint.

Are your shoes putting pressure on the bone spurs? Your doctor should be able to help you with this, or find some shoes to get you through the next few months that either don't put pressure on the back, or that you can cut down if necessary.

Is your pain only due to the bone spurs? Or is it also "normal" pain from being on your feet all day? If your feet are swelling during the day, get some compression socks. You can usually buy these at your local pharmacy, or Google them if necessary. They are tight around your calf and ankle. Somehow, this doesn't restrict the blood flow to your feet but it keeps them from swelling. Keep your feet elevated as much as you can, maybe even while sleeping.

If you get blisters, double layered socks sold at running/sports stores work wonders. Instead of the shoe rubbing against your foot, the two layers rub against each other. Two socks do not work as well as the socks made specifically for this. Some runners also put Vaseline between their toes, if they have issues there.

Keeping your feet exfoliated makes them feel better (both to you, and to your wife!) Do it in the bath or shower. My boyfriend even now uses this pumice stone, which I think works better than the expensive stuff:

These exfoliating gloves are good for the tops of your feet, and in between toes (and your whole body.) When my feet hurt, I think they feel great. I also have a jacuzzi tub and stick my feet on the vents.

I hope you feel better soon. When your feet hurt, everything hurts! But at least now you have sympathy for women in heels, haha. I've had to have foot surgery myself. Not fun, but it really helped. I also wear orthodics in my sports shoes and they've made a huge difference.

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