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 i went to see a pain management for the first time and he made me feel?
so uncomfortable, he asked me to put a gown on and i did, he opened up my gown in the back and started checking my back problems then he made me do things like exercise with my gown open i was so ...

 How do I give myself a neck adjustment? ?
I used to go to a chiropractor, but now with the economy being what it is, No can do. I need to hear the "crack crack crack" for my headaches to dissappear!
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 migraine advice?
Have migraine all day. Ive layed down on and off in dark room.. Taken tylenol( its the only thing doc will let me take with my blood pressure probs) any tips on easing the pain? any advice is ...

 What drug schedules can Nurse Practitioners prescribe?
My pain clinic has a new Nurse Practitioner. I saw her at my regular appointment yesterday because my doctor was out of town. She wrote my regular Oxycontin prescription (40 mgs) and upped my ...

 Some questions about painkiller abuse?
Where can people who are addicted to painkillers get help?
Also, what are the consequences of getting caught abusing painkillers?
Does addiction depend on the person?
Thanks in ...

 I have been getting muscle cramps in my calves during my soccer games lately what do i do?
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 I am so scared right now, please help! I have recently had a an MRIof my brain and neck. I was having?
electric shocks in my head and down my arm, I have bad disks in my neck and back also I stopped taking effexor and the dr said it could b ms or nerve pain ?? neurologist ordered mri, i just got the ...

 Knee problems help please?
When I squat my left knee cracks and my right knee hurts.With each squat my right knee hurts more and my left knee cracks louder.This happens ALWAYS.Even if I rest for a month.My left knee usualy ...

 How do you deal with neuropathy pain? It's not a pain in the butt, just the rest of my body...?
Is neurontin or SSNRI drugs (effexor) helpful? Do you do meditation? This question can apply to anyone who deals with constant unpredictable pain....

 Avascular Necrosis?
I've posted and posted about this over and over again...the has GOT to be someone out there who are dealing with this as well. I can not be alone so either please write in this forum or at my 2...

 What is the best cure for severe lowere back spasms besides muscle relaxers and pain pills?
This is the fourth time in 5 months that my husband has had a severe lowere back spasm that appears suddenly and lasts about 3-7 days. He is on pain pills, muscle relaxers and has tried different ...

 I can't function with or without my pain meds??? Any advice?
I was injured on the 28th of Sept. and I've been in a wheelchair and am supposed to be transitioning to crutches and using them when I feel up to it.I have 3 different kinds of pain killers ...

 Fentanyl patch?
My daughter (19) is having bad knee pain and is going to have an operation to correct her malaligned knee caps. She has been taking 10 mg. vicodin almost daily for pain, about 3-4 tablets a day. Most ...

 home remedies for tooth pain?

 Mattress related back pain?
Every morning, I wake up with a horribly aching back, and I know it's because of the cheap, hard as a brick mattress that came with my apartment. I don't have the money to buy a new ...

 after having a metal plate put in my neck to stop the pain and straighten my neck,why do I still hurt??
the doctors all said it would stop my pain,but it has been 2 years and it hasn't stopped yet. Why? I can not stand to take the pain pills,and why should I when they promised I would be pain ...

 Knee joints clicking?
If i run or walk quite quickly or for too long, my knee joint (my left leg) feels like there's trapped air and it feels really uncomforble! I noticed theres a patella bone sticking out, not much,...

 What determines how an individual perceives pain?
What determines how an individual perceives pain?
Im currently doing a study on determinants and how they affect an individuals perception of pain given that no two people have the same pain ...

 what pain killer is best for lower back pains?

 NervousPlease Help!?
I have a clarinet exam tomorrow and im so nervous becoause of my scaless i have to do, i just dont think i know them that well.

But my question is: What can i do to make myslef calmer

Methadone and klonopin?
My doc prescribed me methadone and klonopin recently for pain. I'm also on many other drugs for a neurological condition. I took my first methadone last night at 8:00 pm. It was 5 mgs. I felt fine. At midnight I took the Klonopin 1 mg and within 20 minutes started feeling nauseus. So I went to bed at 12:30. Didn't wake up until 11:00 this morning when I am normally up by 7:00. It is now 3:40 and I am still queasy....How long should this last??? I haven't taken a single pill since the klonipin because I have been so sick...do these medications react badly together?? I have a call in to my doctor...I am just curious to see if it's the methadone or the klonopin or the combination of the two. Thanks for your help.


4 hours apart seems too close. And if you ever loose insurance, and can;t get the meds you'll be worse. If you can get off the stuff do so, but if it's the only way you can deal with it, I feel ya! I'm a chronic back pain person and take a few pain killer's daily. The body charlie horses and the headaches are unreal. I could take more, and I have taken the best pain meds a doc can offer, but then your not aware of anything and sleep all the time,not to mention getting sick from it and sick from without it! I fight it every day , so try to deal with some pain and quit going for the NO PAIN AT ALL!!

suzanne f

I have never heard of klonopin being prescribed for pain. I have been on klonapin for many years, anxiety disorder. The
klonapin is no doubt makingyou sleepy,exsp. if you are taking itat midnight? Did your doctor prescribe it to be taken at midnight? That's unusual. Klonapin is a seditive in the same category, of : valium, xanax, etc. Klonapin has a longer
life which means you do not have to take it as often as you do the others I mentioned.

I don't know anything about methadone. What is it?

Have a great day!

linda m
They have my mother in law on methadone and trammadol along with ativan (benzodiazapine same class as klonipin). She is also on a muscle relaxer along with several other medications. She has no problems with them, but she has been on them for a long time and they did not start her on them at the same time. It is probably the combination of the two being started at the same time. You mignt need to get used to the methadone first since it's for pain which has to be pretty bad for them to prescribe methadone. Then after you adjust to it, try the klonipin.

If you are taking the methadone every twelve hours, you might be able to take the klonipin twelve hours later and see how that works for you. But usually when they prescribe methadone for pain it is every six to eight hours. In that case it might help to wait a few weeks before taking the klonipin.

Sorry for adding stuff. You could also try taking them eight hours apart to see if that helps.

It won't last long. I have a spine injury and have been dealing with pain issues for years. I've been on methadone and klonopin along with every other pain med around. Methadone use to be kind of a last drug to try for pain but there are far better pain medications with far less problems on the market today.
Methadone has been proven to not be very effective for pain considering all problems taking it causes. I think it is used to maintain heroin addicts and help people kick pain medications than it is used for pain management.

5mg. is an extremely low dose of methadone to deal with pain and 1mg. of klonapin is what someone with restless leg syndrome would take. Now that, the klonipin, should make you sleepy but not the 5mg. of methadone. When I was on methadone I took up to 90mg a day for about a year and a half..

I would strongly suggest you talk to your doctor and ask him for something besides methadone. Once you get on it you will have a bad time getting off it. The withdrawls are worse than heroin. I know, I've been through both.

It took me almost a year to lower my dose of methadone to the point that I didn't have any physical effects from not taking it. It took about another year before I could sleep an entire night without waking up 10 times.

I now am in a pain management program and I take hydrocodone, oxycodone, Nuerontin and Soma for pain and nerve damage and I am doing about as good as I ever will. I was disabled in a car accident with a drunk driver.

Here are a few links that will help you but I really think the smart thing to do would be to talk with your doctor about something besides methadone. You will just have to keep going up and up on the dose for it to work until you get to 120mg. a day. Your life will become hell at that point. It's far worse than any pain I've had from my cervical spine injury and operations.


here is a link to the best 4 back pain excercise sites


Here is a link to see if there may be a pain or drug dtudy in your area that may be able to help you. It's a program like that at UCSD that saved my life.


Good luck. Feel free to e-mail me if you want to know any more infor about how bad methadone can get.

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