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Left side of face feels tingly, eye feels weird?
Left side of face feels tingly, eye feels weird?
I weigh 175 lbs (yes I could lose some weight) 28 yr old Female. Just with in the past hour, the whole left side of my face started feeling funny. First it was right above my cheek bone, started to hurt. Then just kinda a mild pain maybe, tingly feeling, above teeth, cheek, temple, and my eye feels like it needs to water but isn't. My eye has the feeling like I kinda need to sneeze but haven't. No other symptoms, so I don't really think its something serious. Maybe sinus or a nerve? Any ideas? I think I'm starting to worry here, which is what I do when I'm feeling something and I can't explain it. lol Thanks!

From very mild things to the more major ones, these are all diagnoses that fit your symptoms that you have described.
I would be more inclined to believe that it is a cold about to happen, sinus infection, tear duct condition,
or the start of possible migraines maybe?
It may be a compressed nerve also, or a combination of a couple of things.
If there is any swelling/edema in the sinus cavity it would cause pressure on nerves that run through all the areas you said you were feeling "funny".
If no other symptom's appear and it continues, definitely go see your primary care doctor, if it turns out to be sinus related, then a ENT doctor could best treat and take care of a on-going or chronic condition.
There are many medications to take to help with the symptoms, OTC, but check with your pharmacists or MD first. Have you tried a benadryl. On your next exam/physical you may want to ask them to check your blood sugar and blood pressure to be sure they are not any under lying causes, good idea to have routine labs and all those things at least annually, and you mentioned your weight, it can contribute to diabetes or hypertension, plus if it were hereditary in your family? It is mine. Also- TMJ-also has symptoms similar to what you described, that would be one you would want to see and be treated by a physician, it is a very painful condition, but you did say the pain was mild, not severe?
Maybe try being around steam, a hot shower, or some Vick's vapor rub, or a Humidifier to help, if your sinus cavity is too dry,
especially if you are not able to get teary eyed. :o)

HERE is a list of things it could be-but more than likely is is just a sinus thing....
Peripheral nerve trauma --- Peripheral nerve compression
Brachial plexus injury----Cold or Flu
Cerebrovascular accident (injury to the head?)---
Glaucoma-Headache------Herpetic keratitis
Mouth ulcers ----- cheek pain---
Peripheral artery disease---
Peripheral nerve compression------Peripheral nerve trauma---
Peripheral Neuropathy-----Trigeminal neuralgia- cheek pain ----
Bell's Palsy------Closed-angle glaucoma---
Cluster headache-----Cranial neuralgia----
Dentatorubral pallidoluysian disorder---
Eagle's syndrome----Esthesioneuroblastoma----
Diabetes-----Peripheral Neuropathy---
Trauma (any trauma to the face?)??-----
Heat burn??----
THESE conditions have similar things in common with your description, by any means are NOT a dx for you! Go with the sinus thing, and some steam or decongestant, along with possibly a humidifier. Good Luck, and you also mention maybe a tooth ache? Any pain along the gums, or does it feel better if you apply pressure on the area? See your MD, this is NOT medical advice, just answering your question. God Bless and Happy New Year! Hope you feel better soon.

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