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 leg in severe pain? what to do?
I have been working out for about 1 month now, when on the treadmill my right calf stiffens up and stings with pain, i stretch out for about ten mins and after 3-5 minutes of running on treadmill it ...

 I keep getting shooting pains! Help?
Im a 15 year old girl, for the last 6 hours , i keep getting shooting pains in like my chest and it kinda feels like the pains are going from my chest to my left breast. The pains come and go every ...

 please help?
This is quite a gross question but i have huge spot on my neck and i am in sooo much pain ive tried everything hot baths,creams its giving me pain down my right arm and my whole neck is stiff does ...

 ive taken 11 panadols , still have a headache HELP!?
ok , so i went body boarding today at around ,, 4:00pm , and i went under and my head smacked on the sand. and iva had a headache since , ive taken 11 panadols since its happened and i still have the ...

 OUCH!!! i really feel like i need to crack it but it wont! What should I do?
Ok, so today I played a soccer game and during the soccer game a really big girl stepped on my toe. A few seconds later I had to kick the ball with my toe. Now it hurts REALLY bad. I feel like I need ...

 How can I alleviate the pain of a "crink" in the neck?
I woke up this morning with a pain in my neck (haha literally) and now when I turn my neck in a certain direction it especially hurts. Are there any ways to get rid of this pain? Thanks!...

 should i tell my recuiter i have hemorrhoids or should i not say anything?
im joining the military but i have hemorrhoids and didnt tell my recuiter but i take my phyical this week ..what should i do , just tell my recuiter? and will i need a medical form for having them? <...

 Hurt fooot :(?
What are some excercises you can do when you have a hurt ankle ?

Some of my ideas are : weights, and stretches that don't involve feet ...

 Is there any way to prevent small pupils while on painkillers?
I take percocet for back pain, but I hate having small pupils that make me look like I'm a strung out junkie! Is there any way to prevent this?...

 my 9 year old sister has....?
chest pain and stomach pain what could it be? shes only 9 is it serious you think?...

 sharp chest pain?
I have been having a sharp pain in my chest. It started yesterday about 6:30 and I woke up this morning and it still hurts. It is in my left brest. It fills like there is something poking my lung ...

I am suppose to write a crucial exam thats going to set platform for higher studies. but i am suffering from headache in the rear part of my head.. tested by the doctors and proved positive for long ...

 do pulled teeth along with braces hurt?
I have to get braces in a few days and i want to know if it hurts along with getting 4 teeth pulled will it hurt

please comment....

 Is mortrin the same as IB Profin?
My husband just had PRK surgery on his eyes, and he is in a pretty good ammount of pain. I called the doctor and his nurse said to use a half a tablet of Vicodin and 800 MG of Motrin. After I hung ...

 Head-ache? What could I do?
Yesterday, I had a softball game and when one of the players threw to me, it was too high, and I jumped to knock it down. The ball ended up hitting my forehead, and it has been VERY sore all day. W...

 what time do u normally wake up?

 They say bananas help with heartburn. Why is it when I eat a plain ole banana I get heartburn?
I have read many articles lately on the benefits of bananas. One is they are heartburn relievers. Problem is for me, when I eat one I am doubled over in pain with heartburn....

 Suffer with either or both Headaches / Migraines ?
1) Do you have Chronic Headaches _ Migraines ?
2) If so - has a Doctor diagnosed why you have them?
3) Been cured or gotten help with controlling them from happening so frequently ?

 My neck is killing me!!! What can I do?!!!?
I woke up in the middle of the night and it hurt really badly. I guess I slept the wrong way??? I dunno. Anyways, I can barely move my neck and it's like a pulled muscle, I think. In my language,...

 im a 44 yom and i have severe hip pain and leg pain feels like its the bone?
i got pain in my hips and in my legs (both) it gets so severe that i cant walk and and it herts so bad i cry and im no stranger to pain i do"nt know what to do iv went to the doc and they ...

Is it normal to get a stomach ache after taking a laxative?
I took a laxative this morning around 11:30, it's 1:30 now and I have a really bad stomach ache. I don't think i'll throw up, but it just hurts pretty bad. Is this normal? should I stop taking this product? and what should I do to relieve my pain?


It could be many things causing the pain Gas, Bloating, Intestinal cramps,Laxatives do cause some stomach upset often but the main thing is that if you are taking Laxatives and you do not have a bowel movement then that could point to more dangerous problem than simple constipation. It could be bowel obstruction or many other things. If pain persists without a bowel movement or if pain persists after a bowel movement see a doctor ASAP. Also check your temperature every 4 hours or so. If something really wrong is going on chances are you will spike a fever. Good Luck and God Bless

laxitives evacuate your bowels so it is still working on you by making your stomach upset. just wait it out.

Yes it can cause your stomach to cramp and burn. After you have a bowel movement, the pain should go away.

Douglas B
The pain shall pass about the same time something else shall come to pass. Please fill in the blanks for me. They usually do have some kind of reaction like that, it's their way fo acting. Does it say to drink extra water or no water or no instructions on that? If no caution about drinking water, I would up my intake for a while.

.Don't take any more drink more water when taking laxatives use Metamucil instead of laxitives

Hi !
Sometimes is normal. All of that, depend the reason about you use it. Don't worry, the stomach ache is logical, because the effect of the laxative is cleaning little by little the whole area until you feel that you need a toilet. About the time, don't worry either , because depend your antibodies and metabolism that time sometimes. HOPE YOU CAN FEEL BETTER LATER !

Abdominal pain and a swollen abdomen suggest a possible bowel obstruction. If you need to use laxatives, we prefer a bulk laxative such as Metamucil. Milk of magnesia is satisfactory, but it and stronger traditional laxatives should not be used over a long period.
For an acute problem, an enema may help. Fleet's enemas are handy and disposable. If such remedies are needed more than occasionally, ask your doctor about the problem on your next routine visit. Yes, this is normal for the stomach to ache after taking a laxative, this may take more time to work. And depends on your system to absorbed the cleansing. I hope this helps you. And good luck.

It's probably that the laxative will be kicking in soon. You could take some laxatives over the counter that are more gentle on the stomach. You may feel better after you have had a bowel movement. I hope this helps.

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