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 Please Please help me with my pain and my doctor!!!!?
I've been having stomach pain in right upper abdomen area, especially after i eat, shooting sharp pain, and back pain also right upper area,, like directly behind where it hurts in the front, i ...

 A intense pain in the lower left side of my stomach??
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Using the toilet also is very painful....coughing , sneezing , and sometimes ...

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in september, i quite badly bumped my head against a concrete door frame, and got concussion that lasted 3 weeks.
now, for the past 6 weeks or more, i have been getting headaches that only ...

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What remedies are good for back sorness?...

 i have been in pain for so long, my legs and arms hurt so badly to the point the pain wakes me up.?
im always tired, depressed, no motivations, headaches, cant sleep because of the pain. very emotional, sensitive to sunlight, break out from any and all things. the pain make me feel like im ...

 I have a really bad ache in my back below my shoulder blade, any way to get rid of it?
No matter how much i crack my back it still hurts, its been a constant ache since this previous monday. Pain killers aren't helping. are there any stretches or something like that that i can try ...

 For those of you suffering with chronic fatigue and pain,what has helped you the most?
I have tried several different approaches and many different treatment plans/medications. Nothing has worked. I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus and Fibromyalgia in 1996. I am constantly in pain and ...

 how to get dissability check? i broke my neck?
i broke my neck a little over 2 years ago and since then i worked a few jobs but have always had to leave cause of neck and back problems. i am 21 years old. no doctors will prescribe me any kind of ...

 How do I get a fever of 102.5 down, tylenol is not working?
12 year old son got very sick, very ...

 Is it ok to take Nurofen, paracetamol and codeine at the same time?
I know that it's safe to take 2 Nurofen and 2 paracetamol at the same time, but is it ok to take 2 Nurofen and 2 of the yellow Migraleve tablets (paracetamol plus codeine)?
Additional D...

 Why do feet not hurt?
With all your weight on your feet, why don't your feet bruise or your bone come out?...

 How does cutting relieve pain, rather than add to it?
My friend cuts, and I always wondered that. We can't ask her about it, because she gets all pissy. Thank you for your time :)))...

 Is Talwin NX a narcotic?

 Dizzy when I stand up? whats happened?
for a while (about a month) when I stand up I feel dizzy and almost fall down
whats wrong ?
Additional Details
lol of course I'm not ...

 What is the difference between long and short acting drug?
Also if any could tell if the following drugs are long or short acting it would be greatly appreciated.

Darvocet A500

 Has anyone heard of "the nightshades diet" for chronic pain?
I am reading the, "Pain Free In 6 Weeks", by Sherry Rogers and am trying the nightshades diet. You have to eliminated all hydrogenated oils and all tomato and potato products, along with ...

 How can I tell if my friend is dependent on narcotics?
She gets really weird every now and then... she starts slurring her words, falling asleep while doing anything (example: she'll fall asleep as she's reading or changing the TV channel, or ...

Justin S
Is dizziness and vertigo a symptom of cervical myelopathy?
I have been having a horrible time with pain, numbness and when I stand up and walk for any length of time I get terrible headaches, dizziness, and veritgo. I also find that my legs get so weak that I can barely move them.
Additional Details
I should also mention that I have herniated cervical Discs at C3 C4 C5 that are impining upon the thecal sac.

could be an imbalance in your body caused by candidis albicons...thats like a yeast infection...it can get in teh bloodstream and cause that

It could also be something with your equalibrium.

What you have sounds a bit scary, I hope you go to see a doctor soon about it. Seems like it's something that needs to be treated immediately.

Good Luck!

I sure hope you plan on getting advice from a doctor.

very well could be. I was just diagnosed with cervical myelopathy and my symptoms are numbness,tingling,walk as if i am drunk and the dizziness was one of my first signs.I have surgery Feb. 26 for this severe herniated disk on the c4 and c5.

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