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 what is the best way to get rid of head pain other then meds?

 What's wrong with me!?!?
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Well yesterday I had a dry cough for most of the day and today when I woke up it was dry. I could feel the mucus when i coughed and I had a runny nose as well. Also I've been feeling a bit ...

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When I turn me head to the right to the point that I can see behind me, I feel pain somewhere in the back of my lower neck.

It was already there about 5 hours ago.
Additional D...

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This morning around 4 a.m., I woke up ...

 Lamictal Back Pain?
Has anyone had this problem? I am freakin MISERABLE! The drug is excellent and I DO NOT want off of it. Tell me this pain will go away.
Additional Details
Gosh, how could I pick a best ...

 could it be my kidney that's making me hurt?
For the past two days I have been hurting in my right side.It was lower towards my abdominal area on the right side but now its my side and my back that's hurting me. Every time my son pounces ...

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I have been having headaches for the past 3 days I have taken Advil and Motrin nothing has helped. Between my eyes are killing. please help I don't want to rely on pain relievers so any other ...

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 Stomach hurts after I eat?
For the past 3 days my stomach has been hurting alot after i eat and it's getting very annoying. I don't feel like i'm going to throw up its more of the cramps. Does anyone know why ...

If you had a brain tumor how much would your head hurt?
I'm worried I have got or am going to get a brain tumor.. I have a faint pain in my head and just wondered if it was a brain tumor if it would be more than that??

I think you ought to go to your doctor just to reassure you that it's very unlikely to be a tumour. There are many things that can cause a pain such as yours, most are not sinister. I'd go along the lines of thinking could the pain be due to a migraine, which cause many bizarre symptoms. Fainting, spots before the eyes, double vision, dizziness, all different types of pain, acute aversion to light, vomiting (the list goes on) More women than men suffer from it but it can be well controlled with painkillers and resting in a darkroom. Please don't worry yourself, many tumours don't actually hurt as the first sign is usually neurological

your brain wouldnt necessarily hurt. but their would be symptoms such as

constant headaches

tumors do NOT always necessitate pain;; there are other symptoms;; & rather than feed into your hypochondria...if ya think, then get a diagnosis, he'll probably just tell you a "headache"; breathe, relax your neck & shoulders, do chin tucks, drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest, in other words, do all the stuff your mom tells you to do to keep yourself "healthy"...

I am sorry, I tried to send you a link about my experiences being diagnosed with a brain tumor mimic, but yahoo answers for some reason thinks it is spam. Please have an eye doctor take a look at your eyes or visit your family physician for a complete checkup. Headaches are rarely indicative of a brain tumor, but a swollen optic disc is very worrisome and often indicates this problem.

I am sorry that I could not give you more detailed information, but I hope this helps.

Well I know one thing, this question makes my brain hurt.

If you think you have a brain tumor go to the doctor as in yesterday, don't piss about on yahoo answers.

Last year my friend went to her doctor she was suffering shortness
of breath.He sent her to the hospital where they diagnosed a brain tumor she died 3 months later.

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