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Aarons making out buddy!
If my sons stomache hurts, and he has sharp pains, i think it might be appendicitis?
He has sharp pains above his navel, and they moved to the left, feels nauseas, but hasn't vomited, and you appendix is on your right side. Should i go to the emergancy room?

ur mom
when i was around 12 the same thing wwould happen to me now and then, i couldnt get up, it hurt so bad, the pain would stop after a few minutes tho, just make sure hes ok untill it goes away, i didnt have to go to the doctor for anything. if he throws up, than i would take him to the doctor. it doesnt happen anymore

Blackbird ☮
yes, go to the emergency room. it sounds like appendicitis. according to this article (http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/appendicitis-symptoms), even though the most common place to feel appendicitis pain is in the lower right quadrant, symptoms can include pain in any part of the stomach. nausea is also considered a symptom whether or not vomiting has occured.
bottom line: emergency room now!! appendicitis is dangerous if not treated quickly. the procedure, an appendectomy is simple and common, but it does need to be done. it is possible that it is not appendicitis, but it sounds like he has the symptoms, and better safe than sorry.
good luck and hope your son feels better soon!

troubled nursing student
It doesn't sound like it's in the appendix area. If the pain continues and is extremely severe I would take him, Before you go check with him as to when he last moved his bowels. If he is constipated that will make his stomach hurt and also feel nauseated

Go to the ER, NOWWWWW!@!!!!!!

Yes you should. In most cases the appendix pain shifts sides.

He wouldn't need a temperature unless it has burst.

Yes please, go now !!!

I went to the doctors christmas 2000 and got told i had a tummy bug. 2 days later my ex called the doctor and they had me an ambulance take me. They operrated right away, it had already burst. 8 hours longer, i would have died i was told.

yes, you need to take him. I had the exact same symptoms when i had appendicits, I was very close to dying when i got to the hospital, the doctor told me a few more hours and i would have been a goner, went the hospital for these same symptoms. I didnt puke or anything but it sure felt like i was going to. if you dont take him and thats what it is, his appendix will burst and seriously poison him and possible kill him.

depends on how old he is. if he's a baby- 1 year you may worry about intussiception, which causes vomiting and maroon colored stool. your appendix is on the lower right side. pain usually starts around the navel and then moves down to the right. there's usually vomiting and possibly a fever. it could also be gas or constipation, both can be quite painful in some cases. it'd probably be okay to wait and call the doc tomorrow morning. check for a fever too.

Yes! Immediately. If he is that sick he needs to see the ER

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