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 Car Accident, 6 months ago - ongoing back pain since then...who do i see about my back?
I was in a head-on collision 6 months ago - was told the night of the accident that i had at least 2 fractured ribs, and was in Major pain for months! That has since then healed up for the most part....

 how can i get rid of my horrid cramps?
Im 14 and have had my period since i was 12. ever since i got it the first day of every cycle i get the WORST crams ever. I've tried the midol it works but only for and hour or so and same with ...

 What is this lump near the throat and jaw?
The lump is located inside, slightly to the right of the middle of the bottom jaw. It is also in between the middle and where the curve of the throat start. It ache when I press it hard, but other ...

 Why can't I rotate my eyes?
Hi, I've noticed that if I stand in-front of a mirror and tilt my head (either left or right) slowly, so that my ear moves towards my shoulder, my eyes track the movement and rotate up to 45 ...

 What will make me sleep? ITS AFFECTING MY SCHOOLWORK!?
I've been having trouble sleeping since about 4 years now and im 18 at the moment...i've tried everything from excercising to hot baths etc etc but NOTHING seems to work
Recently for ...

 Should I tell my doctor I illegaly took a painkiller and ask him for stronger ones?
I posted a question a while ago about asking my doctor for pills about back pains...next time I went in he prescribed me a trial of Tramadol, which in the end did absolutely nothing. It takes forever ...

 PLEASE!!!!! My friend is in severe pain.....?
My friend is in pain ...he says it is on the left side of him, right under the lung area ...he says when he presses it it hurts even more. It especially hurts when he is laying down, he explained. H...

 is something wrong with my head?
it feels like there's alot of pressure on my head,exspecially in the back of my neck.and in the front it hurts real bad.
Additional Details
it feels like theres more pressure when i ...

 Heartburn relief/cure?
I have heartburn non-stop for the last two days. Antacid hasn't helped. Does anyone know of any cures to relieve it? T...

 i get headache in the middle of my sleep?
Once in a while i get headache in the middle of my sleep.
i don't drink alchohol, take any drugs. i have 20/20 vision.

its always back of my head where i get the headache. and my ...

 I am having pain under my left rib cage, what should I do?
It just started and it feels sort of bruised but sharp at some points. It hurts to breath in to, it is triggering pains in my my throat/chest. I don't have medical insurance and have alot of med ...

I get a headache everyday.I get them at school usually . I don't know why. Sometimes they hurt so bad they make me sick. Can anyone help?...

 Can a disability parking cert be issued after hip-replacement surgery.?
My wife has undergone surgery for hip-replacement and is expected to be restricted in movement for a period of 2/3 months.Can she apply for a disability parking certificate?...

 What is the difference between oxycodone and vicodin??
My girlfriend unfortunately abuses them and she says they are the same thing but I have heard real bad stuff about oxycodones. If anyone can tell me the difference or any extra information that ...

 Owww. How can i deal with this painful hangnail?
I was biting my nails..so I'm biting the nail on the side of my thumb when all of a sudden, it splits down hard and now a nail is hanging there..but I cant bite it off or touch it at all cause ...

 Is it unsafe to crack your shoulder and knuckles?
I crack my shoulders and knuckles ALOT. Constantly, and everyday. I can't stop it. It's a bad habit I have. I have been doing it for a long time now, atleast a few months, probably more. Is ...

 Can somebody help me?
Well I was starting to develop a weird pain around my left side of my throat. Every time I try to drink water, juice, or soda, I can feel the pain. It also happens whenever I yawn and whenever I even ...

 M&M's or Tic Tacs?

 whats the strongest tablets you can buy im in lot of pain?
ive got very very bad toothache and i can get an appointment for my dentist for 3 weeks my crown has broke off and whats left is raw and black and open but the dentist is full im taking nurofen plus ...

 Does cracking your knuckles cause arthritis?
Some say it does, but others say it doesn't cause arthritis....

salty s
I have been having a pain on my upper stomach but below my breasts and I sometimes feel chest pain. What is it?
I have been having a pain on my upper stomach but below my breasts and I sometimes feel chest pain and shoulder pain. I even sometimes feel my heart pound heavier. I still feel hungry even though I ate. It began when I woke up one morning with a small painful lump in my right armpit but its gone away. What do you think it is? I'm young and I eat healthy and exercise.

Im With Yusa Here ]im young too But Il Try Asking My Uncle Hes A surgeon

Go and check it out with your GP and do not delay

Douglas B
That sounds like you may have pinched a muscle. They do hurt a lot, not so much other times but that lump is what would have been caused by it. Lift your arm and put the thumb of that hand between two ribs and trace them around back as far as you can and then to your front. If no pain, charge the ribs and repeat the process until you find it. It will be very sore and the ribs will be closer together there. Get as close as you can to the pain and push your thumb into the ribs between the two again very hard and hold. Now give a little push in toward the ribs, kind of scrunching the skin there. Relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don't tense up any part of your body. In about 30 seconds you should feel it release and when it does, lean forward towards the other leg as far as you can. Then release the pressure but hold your head there for one minute.

It might be either breast cancer or a growth spirt.

Tamera C
Well it could just be acid reflux or maybe your gallbladder. Ive had both and had some of the symptoms...I dont know about the armpit though! I know your gallbladder is lower but when I had my problems it was high in my chest...just go to the doctor...you dont want to try and diagnose yourself. You will drive yourself crazy!

I don't know about the lump, I would have that checked out. But the other symptoms are the same symptoms I had when they found out I had a hiatel hernia. I was very young and healthy but I still had one. It now causes severe heartburn. Do you get heartburn? I would just go get checked out to make sure it's nothing serious.

You need to go see a doctor. It could be your gall bladder, reflux or something else. You really should see a doctor chest pain is nothing to chance. GO to the DOCTOR!

Well it sounds like a hiatel hernia, Dont be scared. It happens to me, I have my Chiropractic push it down out of my chest. It works good for about 6mths or more. It can give you the same systoms of a heartattck.As for lump under arm. could of been a swollen lympnode.
Find a Good Chiropractic, He could help you figure it out. Good luck.

cancer? :/

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