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 How would you describe the pain - the jam of a Pop Tart that's too hot is stuck to the roof of your mouth?
stop laughing

I'm in agony ...

 My vitamins give me a stomache ache and sometimes indigestion. What can I do to stop this from happening?
I am near 80 yrs old, and need my vitamins. When I take them, now after almost a year, I feel like I have acid on my stomach. I am wondering if there is anything I can do?...

 banged head...am i ok?
ok so earlier on, i went down this slide at some indoor play area with my baby cousin, when i reached the ball pit at the bottom, the back of my head/neck smashed onto the edge of the slide, i felt ...

 Severe back pain at 15 years old?
I'm 15, not over weight, and exercise regularly.
I've been having severe back pains mostly in my lower back.
I've tried different pain relievers, iceing it, massages and a ...

i am afraid of needles,not doctors,not hospitals,just needles,my doctor isn't sensitive about it,she even gets pissed! i broke down in tears last time and i dont want to have that happen again!...

 I get stomach aches alot, I really need help!!!?
It started about one year ago the friday after thanksgiving i started feeling really sick after i ate a slice of chocolate cake. 5 minutes after i ate it i felt like i was going to vomit. I was awake ...

 PLEASE HELP. i cant hear out of one of my ears?
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 Can to many asprin hurt you?
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im just wondering becuz im getting something pierced and i just need some answeers:D...

 i have severe back pain is there any way to help other than taking pills?

 i have a really bad headache?
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 how do you relieve sciatica nerve pain?
pain above butt area and lower back. oain in hip. hard to walk or sit or sleep or move.g857...

 Is there such thing as "Growing Pains"?
Every now and then I get this ache in my calve muscles and some people say its growing pains, meaning you are getting taller. But I also hear growing pains, don't exsist. So what the point here ...

 Will this pain go away with the antibiotics?
I have bronchitis and a sinus infection and I was put on steroids but they didn't work so I'm now on amoxicillin. I have this on and off chest pain right above my left rib. My question is ...

 Can anyone help explain my neck pain?
When I tilt my head to the right, it actually feels like there is something jabbing me in the side of the neck. My range of montion has gone down considerably from this. It started after I cracked ...

 Dull pain between arm and chest?
Firstly im 18, 5'8", 73kg

This doesn't happen often, but i'm not sure why it does. I get a dull pain between my chest and my left arm or just near my underarm. (Near ...

 I have had an ear ache for like 3 years.........?
Okay, I know this sounds crazy. I've gone to the Dr. they have given me antibiotics. But for the last 3 years my ears will hurt for 2-3 days go away and come back a couple weeks later. Can ...

 Why does my back hurt more when I lie down at night?
Sometimes it'll hurt all day, but mostly when I go to bed. Any reasons why? (and it hurts so much that most nights I need some Rub a 535 and an extra strong advil or tylenol 3). I'll ...

 i am constantly getting severe headaches with vision impairment, could these be migraines?

 a question about percocet?
I'm a 17 year old girl, whose about 150lbs and I have 512 percocet pills. (it has 512 on one side and then on the back it has a line in the middle)
how many pills should i take and how will ...

Shyana L
I have bad lower stomach pains, what is it?
Hey, I have been having these stomach pains in my lower stomach for about two weeks now. some days not so bad and other days are killing me. I'd take some medicine and it wouldn't help. I had this problem before a couple months ago and I went to the docotr and got an ultra sound thinking maybe it was my kidney (I only have one) and they also checked my uterus and all that junk and found nothing wrong. but obvioulsy there is.
anybody have any idea what could be going on? This pain is constant and I can't handle it anymore.

please and thanks for the help.
Additional Details
Also, I get major pains after I eat, drink and sometimes with my emotions. like when I'm excited and nervous.

there just could be something wrong with your kidneys, or something

Sounds like an ulcer. I'm surprised they didn't check you for that when you went in the last time.

Ulcers can occur in your intestines (lower stomach area) and are exacerbated by spicy and acidic foods, as well as by stress.

Fortunately they can be treated by diet and medicine. Go see your doctor.

i had a sickness called mesenteric minphatinitis. i am not sure if that is how it is spelled. it happens VERY often but is little known of. it is often misdiagnosed as appendicitis. it happened to me. i went to the hospital, they said appendicitis. got ready for surgery. put me through the catscan and had no idea what it was. they sent me to a gynecologist who told me that i had enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes. if you have enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes (mesenteric minphatinitis) you could feel excruciating pain and sypmtoms EXACTLY like appendicitis. keep seeking medical attention and view the website below so you can tell your doctor that you have a suggestion. Not that its definately this... it culd b a million other things to, just thought id share my experience, to maybe spare you from having the same one.


Douglas B
'Are you having headaches or pains in your neck or shoulders? That is improtant if you are, for then this is all wrong and contact me for the right ones.
I have laid on my back and pressed my fingers into my stomach until it hurts too much and then I stop and hold it right there. After 30 seconds they subside and I press in further until the pain is too much and stop and hold again. I did this until I could push all the way back. Just remember to relax while doing it.

inocenntssss :D

yor pregnant yay

There are so many ailments. It could be colitis, diverticulitis--endometriosis.
An internist needs to do a thorough work up--with lots of questions.
I would keep a diary and each day jot down what you ate--the time;
when the pain starts, if it is sharp, dull, any nausea/vomiting/diarrhea?
How long it lasted, etc.
Maybe gall bladder problems? gall stones?
There are definite signs and symptoms for appendicitis, gall stones, kidney stones, etc.

best wishes.

Hoenn Champ
appendicitis..no i dnt really know you should go to the doc though

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