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I have back pain and sharp pains down my leg,what can this be???PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
Hi, Iam 39 years old.... I have had SHARP shooting pains down the inside of my leg and now my lower back hurts also. Im more worried about the pain in my back, Its a dull pain. It started about 1 week ago , its a dull pain. It hurts when I get out of the car, out of bed, ETC....

The pain in my leg has been on and off for longer. Does this sound like a pinched nerve maybe ? Or what do you think it could be? Could I have hurt my back from dancing around with my kids, lol..I was dancing around and twirling, and being silly a week or so ago but I don't know if this can cause that?

ALSO, The chair I sit to get on my computer does not have support on it and when I sat in ANIOTHER chair to get on the computer it has a hugher back and thats when I really felt the pain in my lower back..


Thanks so much!!

PLZ...log-off of Y-A and go see a doctor.

it could be all those things mentioned by the others or it ciuld be as simple as a charley horse. The pain on the inside of the thigh fascinates me Have you had any cramping in the calf recently? I would see a doctor about it.

sounds like sciatica see your doctor for diagnosis then a good physiotherapist for treatment

Improper sitting posture causes extra pressure upon back & tailbone. Ask your librarian for books on sitting posture; learn how. Ask also for book: "How to treat your own back".

If not improved in 10 days, time to see a good Orthopedic MD.

Please go & see either yr GP or a chiropractor, it really does sound like you have pinched the sciatic nerve (sciatica). It can be treated with regular chiropractic visits & managed well. I know the pain can be dreadful but please do not leave it untreated as you will continue to feel terribly unwell. Take care.

go and see gp about it, it could be sciatica or a trapped nerve going from your neck to feet. just take paracetamol for time being.
do not mix any meds. they could clash.

I had this from chopping wood (a repetitive motion). It was a sharp constant pain through my lower back down one buttock and shooting pains down that leg sometimes to about halfway down the back of the thigh muscle. A chiropractor eventually told me it was sciatica caused from one hip being higher than the other hip due to osteopenia (soft bones...a precursor to osteoporosis). You might want to have a bone scan done for weak bones. Esp. if you are older. Make sure you get enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet or in supplements. As for the sciatica, I went to the ER and they gave me some Ibuprofen 600 mg and some muscle relaxers...which did NOTHING for the pain. Eventually I made them reduce my bill, since they also made me wait about 6 hours or so to be seen and did nothing to help me. So I went home and laid in bed for 2 weeks with an ice pack under my lower back. Heat might be better for some people. It went away with time, but not near fast enough for me. If you have two bathroom scales, stand with one foot on each scale and have someone read them to see if they read equal within about 5 LBs. Mine was 7LBS more on the left foot than the right, meaning I put more of my weight on the left foot and that my right hip is higher than my left hip. This screws up the spinal balance and can pinch the sciatic nerve, which runs from your hips on each side through the buttock muscle and down to each leg. If you are doing some repetitive motion that puts a swing to one direction, then that could make the muscles stronger on one side of the body. Also sitting crooked in a chair or in the car repeatedly could do it over time.

Wow, Raven said a lot of really good information.

However, there are a few other things you need to know.

1) First, Nerve pain is a Burning pain. Any nerve pain issue will be burning. The fact that it is sharp could mean that you have a something else going on. If it is a burning pain then it is definitely a nerve issue.
2) The dull ache in your back ( and the sharp pain down your leg) could be due to a misalignment of your spine. Most of the time these symptoms are due to a misalignment. The L3?L4 nerve root can be affected by this and cause these sort of symptoms.
3) You could also have degeneration in your spine. Since you are 39, it could be this.

Prior to seeing a neurosurgeon or othopedist, I would recommend that you see a chiropractor. First, a large number of patients with these type of symptoms are helped without needing surgery. Secondly, it is a lot less expensive than seeing a surgeon. In addition, the chiropractor can diagnose your condition and if they deem it necessary then they will refer you to the appropriate specialist.

I hope this information was helpful.

I wish you the best

If the pain is going down the back of your legs, it's a nerve at the L4/5/S1 disks being compressed, either by a disk herniation or pinched nerve. If the nerve path goes down the side of the back (starting just below the middle),, down to the waist, across the waist in the back, across the hip and top of the thigh, and ends at the inner knee, it's a disk problem at the L3/4 disk.

The sharp shooting pains you're feeling are a combination of the nerve being compressed, along with muscle spasms. Both aggravate each other, which is why it gets worse over time if not treated. The nerve paths are easily traceable to a particular disk nerve. The sciatic nerve path is easily traceable; it feels like a steel shank in your lower back, offset a few inches either side of the spine depending on which nerve it is, the going down the back of the legs and ankles to the feet. If painful enough, you can literally trace the nerve path with your finger, and from there determine which nerve is being compressed.

As to how it happened, yes, messing around with your kids or even sitting wrong for extended periods, or a combination of the two, can aggravate an already weakened disk to the point where it presses on a nerve. If you've ever been in any auto accidents in the past but didn't have any apparent injuries, or just minor ones, disk problems can show up years later. I've sneezed and herniated a disk, and even bent over to pick up a pen from the floor and kept on going when my back went out.

Sharp pain means a nerve problem - dull pain is generally tissue or muscle pain. Since you mentioned the pain shooting down the inside of the leg, that's a dead giveaway symptom for nerve compression at the L3/L4 disk. The key is where the pain stops - at the knee, on the inside of the leg.

You really need to get to a Neurosurgeon and get some pics taken.
One thing to always remember - though you're screaming right now for the strongest painkillers available, DO NOT ask for them when you see a doctor - they'll automatically become suspicious and think you're just looking for drugs, unless you've known your doctor for a long time. This is especially the case in a hospital, as they get people all the time looking for painkillers that don't need them. Think you're too old for it to happen? Happened to me when I was 36, and it almost cost me my left arm because of the idiot doctor I saw.

Pictures will tell the tale, as will a Pain Diary if you start keeping one. Fill it out and start keeping track of your pain every 4 hours, or even hourly if it changes enough. You can get one here:

PD's are used by those of us who are in formal Pain Mgt. programs (or starting anyway) to track pain. Pain is not easily faked, and doctors need some type of evidence that the pain is real before they'll prescribe any decent painkiller. MRI/CT's are visual evidence, but they don't show pain. A PD is an accepted form of documentation and evidence of real pain by doctors. It also shows your dead serious about your pain, and not just making it up. A Pain Diary cannot be easily faked either - as I said, real pain is difficult to fake.

Until you're formally diagnosed (and the current problem isn't the only thing to deal with - you need to find out the underlying cause) there are some things you can do, and some OTC meds you can take that will help you along,.

First and foremost is to stay off of your feet. Sitting, standing, lying on your stomach or back is out - each puts stress on the lumbar spine and aggravates the problem. The spasms will continue to tighten up the area and further irritate the nerve, causing more spasms, if you don't start reducing the inflammation immediately. You can't do that if you're keeping pressure on the lower spine.

The best position is lying in a fetal position. with a large pillow or cushion between your knees. This relieves the pressure off the hips and spine. The cushion needs to be thick enough to separate your legs enough to where they are parallel with each other. Anything less isn't enough.

If you must lie on your back, you can also use another position - get yourself a pillow and blanket, and head for your living room. Clear out the area in front of your couch, then lie down on your back in front of it, with the back of your legs against the front of the couch, and your legs lying on the couch itself. Imagine yourself in a sitting position, only on your back with the front of the couch as your seat. Roll your hips forward - this will ease pressure on the lower spine. It is very comfortable once you get used to it.Keep the small of your back flat to the floor.

Any doctor you go to should give you several things:

a. Instructions for getting the pressure off the spine like I already told you.
b. A setup for an MRI or CT . If you don't have any known spinal problems, such as hereditary spinal problems like I do, then that's why you

Douglas B
It sounds like you pinched a nerve or muscle and it is in a spasm mode right now giving you this problem. To release muslces in your back bend over and put your hands on the small of your back on the muscles going up your spine. Press on the muscles with both hands and hold for about a minute. While doing this you also need to relax like right after a deep beath and make sure your body isn't tense, either of these will not let it work. If you still have more trouble after that contact me and I'll try to work out the rest for you.

Sounds a little like my problem....
I had a lower back problems for 14 years and learned about neutral spine positioning from Dr. Bookspan's website.

I thought I was sitting up straight but it seems I was over arching the lower back. There should only be a small curve in your lower back and you rotate your hip to fix it.

I have included an abs article that will help with lower back. I have also included her bio. For what it’s worth I like her book How To Fix Your Own Pain

Fee free to email me if you need help with this.

it could be sciatic. go see your doctor

The first gal could be right, that was part of what I was going to say. You need to see a doctor, ASAP! So the doc can run some ex-rays and possibly an MRI. You might have a slipped disk that is compressing the nerve. It is possible too it might be from the hip, if you put that out of place, can mimic Sciatica.

Yes it could of happened with twirling and dancing with the kids.

Anyhow it sounds like Sciatica or some other nerve being pinched. Also a bone spur on the spine pains more when you go to sit down and then when you go to stand.

Also a chance you might have arthritis or degenerative disk disease that is making your spine unstable.

Anyhow you need to see a doctor and he may send you to either an Orthopedic specialist or a Neurosurgeon.

I have had back problems for years,. starting in my 20's and been in a few accidents. I am now in my early 50's and just had back surgery back in March of this year. Doing much better!


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