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I have a really bad pain in my spine, I have scoliosis?
I have scoliosis roughly 35 degree curve in my upper back and I don't know if it's related but sometimes when I sit up it feels like my spine is about to pop but then it's hurts like it's pinching a nerve or something, r those related ? What could it be? And Its possible that I might have grown a tiny bit recently and this started recently too. The pinching feels like it's in the middle of my spine
Additional Details
I am 14 and should be done growing

Bobby G
There is a treatment that should be able to get rid of your pain :
and might even get rid of your scoliosis :

It's called Theraflex - I had it on my scoliosis and my spine used to be hidden by my shoulder blade and now it is visible along the whole back

ok. you are 14. other ppl have said this already. but it's just like really crazy. you are definitely not done growing. you're just starting to grow (or in the process of).

i got that popping kind of in my shoulder blade. i used to crack it back into place. you should just pop it. and no the pinching is not supposed to be related to scoliosis. i had pinching in my neck. and had it checked out, but they said that it wasn't related. so yours PROBABLY isn't either. probably.

it could be a pinched nerve. but ultimately something you should ask your doctor about.

^btw. the person who commented on surgery is kind of over-exaggerating. i've heard of surgery being painful if you have it later (like 20s 30s). because you recover more slowly. but really. it's not that bad at all if you have it in before then;) .. and I never exercise.

At 14 you are not done growing, in fact at 14 you have a better chance to have it corrected somewhat by bracing. Scoliosis usually does not cause pain. But despite what doctors think, it certainly can cause some pain by strain on muscles that may either bunch together or stretch farther near the curve, and that can pinch on a nerve too.

Please have it checked out by a spine (orthopedic) doctor. You stop growing, girls, at about 17 years old. At 14 and your degree you may benefit more from bracing. The type is up to you and your doctor.

Also, certain exercises can help with the pain. As it did and still helps me, by strengthening and stretching muscles of your back, shoulders and other muscles for extra support (in place of brace) to reduce pain, and strengthen your stomach muscles so it does not put too much stress on your spine and it actually holds your spine straighter.


go to the chiropractor! I had terrible backpain and advil didnt work. I was very skeptical but started going to the chiropractor and it helped a tonnnn i now have no pain. They will know exactly how to fix it.

First of all, people can keep growing through their 20s. Also, the curvatures of scoliosis tend to progress the most during growth spurts, so if you think you might have grown or you might be growing now, AND there are new things going on with your back/spine, it would be a good idea to make sure you still have a 35 degree curve. If the curve goes beyond 40 or 45 degrees, then the weight of your body can naturally progress the curve beyond that amount, even after your spine is done growing.

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