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I have a raging ear ache cannot get an appointment with doc till next Tuesday?
Any ideas please...do you know of anything that may help I know not to put anything in the ear though.

Available F
a stiff drink.

Maybe it's spiders. Doctors just found two spiders living in 9 year old boy's ear.

Only put a small piece of cotton in your ear in order not to let the air come in and cause you more pain.

captain jack
do what other people have said then change your doctor, next week is too long to wait

Paracetamol may work for some pain relief. Also when I had bad ear trouble years ago I found sudofed helped, although that was more for congestion than pain relief. If the pain persists for more than a day or two or gets worse you should try and get an emergency dr.s appointment if you can. If it is an infection it could get nasty, trust me I know!

Jennifer N
your right dont put anything in your ear. Peroxide can actually make it ALOT worse. And so can a HAIR DRYER! You do not want to over dry your ear cause that can cause alot more pain and actually can rupture your ear drum. If you are in pain take some Motrin anywhere from 400-800mg every 4-6 hours as needed and warm wet compresses help but use it sparingly. If the pain gets to be imbearable or pain breaks through your Motrin just go to the ER they will be able to help you alot faster it seems than your Doctor can.

a few drops of clove oil will do no harm your best bet is get to a chemists you need anti inflamatory tablets ibrufen is good

try calling NHS direct or better still going to your local doctors on call for out of hours services. if you cant try going to A&E dont leave it sounds like an infection that will require antibiotics and it will only get worse for the pain in the mean time you can take ibuprofen and paracetamol inbetween hope you feel better soon xxx

You could try phoning NHS direct for advise. But I think it is ridiculous that you have to wait almost a week for an appointment when they do have emergnecy appointments, though sometimes you have to kick up a fuss to be given one! What about seeing a nurse at your practice? Or maybe even ask for the Dr. to phone you so they can suggest what you can do?

Go to the A & E at your hospital

A very safe remedy and natural painkiller is to get a clean piece of cotton, not too small (you don't want it to get too deep into the ear). Take the cotton and heat a small amount of cooking oil (canola or vegetable) in a frying pan ( not too hot), dab the cotton in it and place it gently in your ear. You can take an over the counter pain reliever too. Lay down with the affected ear facing up. This will relieve the pain greatly.

x laydee qt x e4 x
when you have a bath do not let your ears go under the water and don't use no Cotton buds or any type of product that will enter your ear as this could damage your ear in case you do have any thing majorly wrong, get well soon.

Go to A&E and tell them you're in pain - they may give you strong painkillers-

Sounds strange, but works. put your blow dryer on low heat/speed and wave back and forth over your ear about 6 inches from it. it will help releive the pain. My daughter at 4 y/o had a serious ear infection and could not sleep one night. I did this for about a half hour or so and she actually fell asleep with the blowdryer going in her ear.

You can't go to an urgent care or extended care? They are often times open for walk in appointments if you need it.

here in Spain you go the pharmancy and go get a calming pill, its the same if you need a filling and you carn't get a visit right away, go ask!

Warm Olive oil is good for earache, but shouldn't you go to the nearest A&E in case you have a mastoid

tv installer
Aww jeez my sympathy, I've suffered a long time with that sort of stuff You want to take ibruprofen for the imfammation and paracetamol for for the pain I'm on 1000mg of paracetamol for back pain at the moment just to indicate whats safe to take I can also take 600mg thats 3 normal ibruprofen tabs you can take those at the same time. I'm sure if a doctor reads your question he/she can verify the amounts. Never take a laymans word on it!!!

Bossman â„¢
hot flannel and press it againts it have some painkillers too i hade a fungal infection in my ear and it was very very painful

Take a hot damp rag and lay on it and the heat from it will help break stuff lose to start at least help relieve the earache pain. You can also try to rotate Motrin with Tylenol along with the hot rag.

Ear aches can cause all sorts of problems. I'd go to a walk-in clinic today and have it checked. A week is a long time to wait.

warm olive oil (small ammount warmed and poured in the ear) and pain killers

get some hot olive oil and get a dropper that you get with some medicines and drop it into your ear. put cotton wool in your ear so it wont drop out again when your sleping. this is supposed to work. good luck

The reason you probably get earaches is because you were likely bottle fed when you were younger. Take some Olive Oil and add some garlic, and heat it up, and then take an eye/ear dropper and then drop it into the ear. Do drop it in if it is hot, just warm, and this will do it. You can also dip a Q-Tip into the oil and then twirl it around in your ear.

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