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I have a horrible headache, any suggestions?
I took some medicine already, its been about 40 minutes and there is no progress. what do i do when the headache wont go away with medicine. please help. it hurts worse when i get up and move around so i am sitting on my couch with my laptop. i feel like i wouldnt be able to fall asleep right now if i tried either. any help please
Additional Details
i just took 2 advils.

there are certain pressure points that can help to ease headache pain. try taking your fingers and pressing them to the areas on each side of your spine just below your skull and massage that area for a little bit. you can also try massaging the end digits of your fingers, or the meaty area between your thumb and pointer finger. there's a pressure point between your eyebrows, just press between them with your finger. if you happen to have any peppermint oil, use just a small amount on your temples. (but be careful, some oils can react badly with skin) and drink lots of water!

hope one of these helps!

eat an apple.
and go to sleep.

Maxine H
you did not say what kind of medicine that you took. Sometimes when a headache gets really bad you need to go to the emergency room. They can give you medication for it there.

It could be high blood pressure. But sometimes, you can just lay down with everything blacked out and just try to relax. If that doesn't work for you then please go the E.R.

Lay back with the back of your Next on an ice pack. Push your neck into the pack. Actually, you can use anything that is firm and it should help. Move your neck around. Rub the temples on each side of your head. Put your index finger beneath your eyebrows and bring them towards your nose. You should feel a sensitive spot.on each side of your face. Massage these areas. If you have someone around, have them massage your neck and shoulders.

Keep the lights low and sound low. If you have Excedrin Migraine, take it.

Ice helps to lessen inflammation.

You can also lie in a tub of cool water.

Hope you feel better soon.

if you had no response to OTC meds you might have a migrain so if you don't have an rx for it, stay in a dark room, avoid noises, cold or hot (depends on if you have a nausea - then cold) compress, try to get some rest and massage your neck area. good luck for futer get a prescription for sumatriptans from your md.

Drink lots of Water

what did you take? That could matter due to a possible drug interaction. Other than that...Could be high blood pressure which could lead to something more serious like a cerebral aneurysm. Allergies? Too many to name. If pain doesn't stop in a couple of hours..I would go to the ER.

Anna Audrey
OO poor u.. i know how u feel.
usually when i take pills and it doesn't work at al..
i WASH my hair upside down with cold water..like tap cold water.. and just keep ur head under the tap water and try to rub ur head gently..
it works for me but not all the time..
try it i hope it works for u..

just close your eyes and lie down on your bed, drink some water or some hot chocolate. if it still hurts a lot the next day, i suggest you see a doctor for some prescribed meds.

drink some water. headaches can be cause of dehydration

also lay down on ur bed with no lights on and close ur eyes and just relax. headaches can be cause by stress too so just relax and don't think about anything stressful.

and definetly don't stay on ur laptop

Just lay down, and put a blindfold thingy on your eyeses, and put a pillow over your head, limit exposure to loud noises, and TRY to sleep. Drink water! Feel better! :)

I usually get a migraine every 2 months, all that I can do at that time is take it easy, probably take my hair down if it's up, lay in bed, and slowly fall asleep, then in the morning I don't have a headache anymore. But the only downside about that is that when you do fall asleep, it is said that it's bad for you, meaning that your not feeling as well as you should, so take it easy for now okay.


u shuld try and get some sleep, i usually make a dark room and try not to move my head around on the pillow, jus try and relax and after a while u might fall asleep

What medicine did u take?....anything with asprin in it can make our heads hurt more if u have I.B profen...(can't spell it)..then that should help....i normaly take 3 instead of 2

SF Girl
I would call the Doc

Try worm wood. Worm wood is a great herbal medicine for headaches. I forgot how to prepare it, but you can search it.

Have some tea and watch some TV
Relax and get off the computer, because it'll make it worse
:) Get well soon (L)

Get away from the computer. I get headaches sometimes if I look at a computer screen for too long. Hope you feel better soon.

sounds like a migraine, get off the computer your straining your eyes, lay down put a cold cloth on your head, in four more hours take some Motrin, i get bad headaches this works for me. resting your eyes will help. hope u feel better soon.

disc chick 88
listen to some yoga like music and take long deep breaths and just focus on the music.

feel better!!

Go Run Cold Water On A
Little Towel.
And Put It On Your Forehead.
When It Gets Too Hot.
Shake It And It Will Get Cooler And Put It Back On.
Get Some Cold Water.
Get Under Some Blankets.
In Your Bed.
Watch Teve Until You Fall Asleep.
It'll Work.

put an icepack on the back of your neck. It will lower blood pressure in ur head. Just put the pack under a towel or it'll give u frostbite.

Play with yourself...itll move the blood away from your head...its true!!

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