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 I have random pain!!! HELP ME... IDK WTF IT IS!!!?
i have these pains on my chest ( im a guy) and there not like nipple or breast pains.. its like someone stabing me in the chest ,,, sometimes it on where my heart is, in that area, or sometimes on my ...

 i have serious back pain?
its my lower left side. it hurts whenever i move. if i move the wrong way it almost breaks me down into tears. my boyfriend massaged it for me but that didnt help. it doesnt hurt if you push one it. ...

 I'm having a weird sharp pain near my belly button on the right side, it happened the other day too.?

Additional Details
i didnt do any heavey lifting or exercise i didnt eat anythinggreasy i eat lots of salad for the most part i eat ...

 Why does my chest hurt whenever I eat or after I eat?
I have math right after lunch and my chest hurt i had a snack it hurt i had dinner it hurt now im having bread and it feels like someone is squishing it. I am gonna go to the doctor if it gets ...

 Is lower back pain impossible to cure?
I have developed terrible back pain. Everyday I go to bed, I have to apply pain relief gels, before I can sleep.
I have tried Yoga & stretching exercises. I don't think they are working. ...

 Im getting my ears pinned back?
how much will it hurt im 13.
How long will i b of school ?
how long will i be swollen for?...

 Nose pericing care and pain wise?
I want to get a nose percing when Im 14 but Im not sure the care and if its hard. Would it be hard to take care of, and does it hurt?...

 Are there any known health risks with weekly acts of sodomy?
Sometimes it hurts.
Additional Details
Also, I'm not on the receiving end of this, but if I ever consider that, I'll keep those tips in mind....

 Is It Normal For 12yrs To Have Migranes Mostly Everyday?
Well this person I know has really bad migranes and they are pretty young, in the past they had some kind of surgery on their brain when they were 6 months old; i don't know if this has to do ...

 I'm 16 and sometimes but not all the time i get this very sharp piercing pain in my chest.Why?
When it occurs it hurts more when i take deep breaths. But then after a few seconds it goes away and i'm fine....

 is this stupid?
ok...well i had chest pain real bad rite? so i went to the hospital to like see a doctor so he can give me medicine or something...so i stayed their waiting for 6 hrs.....and the doctor told us to ...

 what did you think when you first woke up?

 Worried about having a tooth pulled!!?
I am having a tooth pulled on Friday and I am a bit worried about it. I am not really worried about the procedure itself but the PAIN afterwards!

See... I am a chronic pain patient and ...

 What is a migraine and what does it do to your body?

 Give me a home remedy for head ache ?

 chiropractor a good idea?
I am concerned about the adjustments, I don't want anyone to "mess up" my back......

 is my arm broken???
i fell off he trampoline and my arm hit the metal really hard it hurts whenever i move my wrist it is swolllen really really badly it is all red and i can move my fingers a bit is it broken?!?!?!?!?!?...

 please help me out! (docs and ppl with experince please help!)?
3 months ago i was in my room and i left to my moms bedroom and laid on her bed..i was on my right side the i tured to my left side and this sensational pain struck me like a lighning on my left side ...

 foot pain..plz help!?
hi and thanks for taking the time to read my ?.
well for about 5 days my left foot has been hurting.like the sole and a bit infront of the sole.it hurts reallly bad like its terriably sore.i ...

 Carpel Tunnel Syndrom?
My dad's wrist has all of a sudden become very painful today and my mom and I are guessing it's tunnel syndrom. (because he types and uses his cell a lot) I need to know some ways to get ...

I fell & hurt my back..help?
I fell on my butt early last week on a tile floor. It didn't hurt until the next day. The top of my butt hurt when I walked, coughed, sneezed, laughed, sat down, & got up... yeahh it hurt a lot lol. Then after that stopped hurting as much I noticed my spine hurts really bad when I bend the wrong way, get up from sitting down for a while or just when I walk sometimes. I tried to pick up my friend one day & my back just started aching. Should I go to the doctor or will this heal on it's own? I'm 14 & female btw.

Try Streching or get some yoga videos

yeaa i should go see ur GP they will reccommend u something, my back went early last year it was just a back spasm but it sounds a little bit like wots happening to u...... u will no if u hav got a back spasm if it hurts at the same point each time u do something and its a sudden jolt of pain... it leaves u totally drained

lorel B.
Tell ur parents and have them take you to the doctor

On Point CHiq

Busy Lady 2010
Go to the doctor; it sounds like you may have a broken tail bone.

Tail bones can bruise pretty easily, but when you shock your vertebrae they can fall of alignment, its called sublexation. See a good chiropractor, they can tell you what is going on and give you an adjustment. A doctor will only write you a script and send you for x-rays, and possibly recommend surgery, you'll always have the pain and back surgery is very serious. Consult a chiropractor before a physician.

a chiropractor maybe use full, the chances of it healing 100% on it's own or a doctor being use full are slim to none.
http://hubpages.com/hub/Speed-healing-of-trauma-injuries-through-self-directed-regeneration this will allow you to identify the problem and fix it.

jesse k
You need to see a doctor asap you may have cracked or dislocated a disc orvertebraa. You can try putting ice and then heat over the area that hurts but you should really see a doctor.

You need to get to a doctor right away.

Two years ago, when I was in eighth grade, I fell in gym class. It didn't hurt at the time, but the next day my butt, back, and left leg hurt terribly whenever I sat down, bent over, twisted, and walked. My lower back ached and whenever I bent down to pick something up, a piercing pain shot down my left leg all the way to my toes. Sitting down and then getting back up also was extremely painful. I did not go to the doctor for three weeks. When I did go, the doctor told me that I had herniated my L5 disk in my back. It is extremely rare for teenage girls, but it happened to me. When someone herniates a disk, it means the small padding of cartlidge between the vertebraes slips out of place. In my case, it was the lowest one (L5), and the disk was pressing against the bundle of nerves at the base of my spine, causing the pain in my leg.

The doctors tried everything to avoid surgery. They tried steroid therapy, bedrest, physical therapy, and cortisone shots in my back to try to get the disk to go back where it was supposed to on its own. None of it worked, and I was out of school for a month and a half on bedrest. Four months after my injury, the doctors at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh performed a microdisectomy of my L5 disk. This means that they removed a small part of my disk that was pressing on the nerve bundle at the base of my spine. I am now missing about 1/3 of that disk. Within hours of the surgery I felt better, and after about 2 months of physical therapy and rest, I was back on my feet. I am back to playing basketball and taking gym class and being a fully active teenager.

I do not mean to scare you, but it is EXTREMELY important that you get to a doctor as soon as possible. A simple MRI test, which is somewhat like an X-Ray, can determine what happened to your back. Your symptoms sound identical to mine, and if it is indeed a herniated disk and is not taken care of it will get worse. I understand that this is rare in teenage girls, but usually with steriod & physical therapy the doctors can avoid surgery.

Best of luck! Keep me updated, if you would like. I know alot about this subject and would be happy to help.

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