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 I'm 16 and sometimes but not all the time i get this very sharp piercing pain in my chest.Why?
When it occurs it hurts more when i take deep breaths. But then after a few seconds it goes away and i'm fine....

 I have a sever headached on the front right side of my head.?
My eyes also itch a lot like I am sleepy. The headache started yesterday morning and I went to bed with the headache and now have woken up with the headache which is a little more intense. I can ...

Its been like this for 3 days and it gets worse as the days go by. I can barelyswallow, especially in the morning, and when i do, the drink doesnt even help. I've tried drops, lozenges, and ...

 I am 50 years old, last night my left arm was completely numb and this morning a have chest pain?
Last nigh about 2:00 am my left arm all the way to my fingers were completely numb, this morning I feel a mild thighness in my chest mix with a pleasurable pain, what can it be....

 Do you wake up with a song in your head/?
I almost always wake with a song already playing in my head. It's like there is a giant MP3 player set on shuffle in there. And it's never anything I have recently heard. It's ...

 when put food in my mouth I feel as if I have to spit it out! Is something wrong with me or am I just tense?

Additional Details
Btw I am not Anorexic or Bolemic!...

 Non-pharmaceutical method to lessen Tramadol (Ultram) withdrawal.?
My friend has been on Ultram 50mg every 3-4 hours for chronic back pain. His doctor has now cut off his supply cold-turkey. He is having terrible withdrawal symptoms; is there any way to decrease ...

 Lower back pain & sometimes abdominal pain at the right side below my rib.?
What is it?
I've been diagnosed with Gonorrhea before but sure it has been treated.
Does it have a chance of showing up again even it was treated by antibiotics?
Should i go ...

 Sometimes when I take a breath I feel pain in the left hand side of my chest what can this be?
I recently (1 month ago) went to a cardiologist to check out my heart and they told me everything was fine with my heart and I could go back to exercising. Also it hurts but not when I am doing ...

 What will my doctor do?
I got my first period when I was 13 and I am now 16. They were crazy irregular and I got them like every other month. My last period was in February the 4-11 2010. I haven't gotten one since. My ...

 my bones click and crunch?
i have a problem and its starting to worry me now, i don't really want to go to my doctor just yet my problem is that i get this real burning sensation just near my right shoulder in the soft ...

 stomach pains in middle of night?
can somebody help? i have been awake since 12:04 am with a really bad stomach ache and its now 4:10 am. it hurts so much that i cant even walk straight? i have took some tablets, used a hot water ...

 lower back pain, why ? 10 points.?
About a week ago I began to have lower back pain. When the pain first started it wasn't too bad, it only hurt when I tried to stand up or sit down. Now, a week later, my lower back hurts ...

 I accidently bit my Oxycontin will i get sick?
I have Colitis and take 15 mgs of Oxycontin twice a day, i took my pill and went to get a drink when i accidently bit down on it i tried to spit it out but only got about half out i am a little ...

 Headache help :/ please?
Okay Im a 13 year old girl I live in wales which is a relatively cold and cloudy country but recently the weather has changed as it's summer it's now sunny and fairly warm. So recently I...

 NO DOCTOR has been able to figure this out - can you? How do I stop this?
I've had this issue for 4 or 5 years. I've been to several different departments at the hospital, including neurology, sleep disorders, and rheumatology. I have asked many health ...

 head ache issue? please help?
every time i wake up i get headaches i don t know why? i have been getting head aches allot i was wondering can the pressure from the rain be the reason i keep getting headachs?...

 Is it bad if I occasionally hear these click noise or loud beeps in my head?And if so what does it mean?
Hears the deal, for like about a month or two, Ive been getting these sudden clicks or beeps that just click through my head.
I dont know how to describe it, but its just really loud the beeps, ...

 Weird Pain In My Left Side? Could It Be GallStones ?
I have a weird pain in my left side ,at the front. It randomly comes on , no more than 3 times a month & last for a few minutes or so. Also i sometimes get really hot sometimes ,And im not sure ...

 WHat could this pain be coming from?
As i was about to tie my hair up for the night the left side of my head hurts from just the slightest touch. I have had this happen before when I woke up and if i had wrapped my hair the night ...

Barry L
How to get rid of hand cramp/rsi?
My right hand and to a lesser degree my left hurts like hell(I think through typing)But even if I dont type for a week as soon as I start again it hurts like ****.
What helps?
and I anticipate the wanking jokes.

Try and stretch your fingers back, that's the only way to stretch your hand really.

I get cramps in my hands from working, i find this helps.

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