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 why do my knees hurt after walking/jogging?
I am relatively young and i just started walking/jogging a week ago because i wanted to lose some weight after putting on all this weight from medications. I started walking and then this week i ...

 My right eye feels kinda sore, and im getting headaches?
i knda feel asif something is inside my eye, but not sure....

 Can anyone recomend a perscription drug that helps migrains?
I have been gettin migrains every other week now. My Dr just perscribed lodine which I heard isnt very effective. The only thing that seems to help is vicodin, and of course NO Dr will perscribe that....

 Why can I not get any help from my doctors?
I was diagnosed with a hematoma on my uterus due to a c-section I had years ago. The hematoma is pressing on nerves and causing a ton of pain. I have done what the doctors have told me to do- take ...

 Help!! What can I do about swollen glands around my jaw? They are really sore!!! Ouch!!?
I just noticed this about 20 minutes ago, the bottom of my jaw is really sore, but on the same spot on different sides, as well next to my cheek bone. I dont understand!!!! It only just starting ...

 There has got to be someone else out there with Trigeminal Neuralgia?
or a small caliber handgun I can borrow?
Just teasing, of course, but if you have it, you will understand my dark humor.
Additional Details
I've been seeing a neurologist and ...

 Question plzzzzz answer?
Ok,Im a 13 year old boy and i have sharp pains through out my body and sometimes i feel dizzy. what can be wrong?

 how dangerous is herniated disc surgery?
what are the risks during and after. ...

 I had 2 shots in the same spot months ago, and have experienced numbness & slight pain since. Is this normal?
The shots were given to me over a weekend for pain due to a tooth infection. I went to the doctor to give me something to last me until Monday when I could get into see the dentist.

I ...

 My ear infection is KILLING ME!?
Last night I started to have horrible ear pain. I had antibiotics and antibiotic ear drops from a ear infection a few months ago. I called my friends dad who is my doctor to make sure its ok and he ...

 Cramps and muscle spasms?
I get them occasionally but last night my ankles were twisting all kinds of contortions and to day my fingers were bending in unnaturally positions, Not the regular charley horses. what am I lacking?<...

 hip pain! please help!?
I have had pain in my left hip joint for about a year in a half now. it's not sharp just like a bad constant pain that NEVER goes away. it hurts worse when i sleep and walk. on a scale of 1-10 8...

 Sore throat. Please help?!?
My throat is very sore right now and it really hurts to swallow. What can I do to get rid of it? It feels like someone just ripped it apart.

I don't really like tea (the caffeine ...

 How do I keep Fentanyl Patches to stick?
I have used alchol, cleaned area well and paper tape doesn't so on good it pulls the patch off also. anyone ...

 Hydrocodone for pain?
I take Hydrocodone 10/500 APAP for my nerve pain in left leg, I live in florida soooo anyway I gone to ER cause I ran out of em and I waited 14 hours and the doctor said he can't do anything so ...

 All the muscles in my husbands body locked up and he fell off the couch. Can anyone tell me what this might be?
He feels fine now, but the couldn't move at all. He didn't work out or anything either....

 Slight Pain In Groin Area?
I have a very small pain in the right side of my groin area. It only hurts when I do pushups, and the pain is very slight. I don't have a protruding bulge like a hernia or anything but this ...

 Anyone had a sinus infection like this? Surges of horrible pain.?
Started last week as a bad tooth pain on the bottom jaw. I had this particular tooth root canaled twice. I have problems sometimes with pain in that spot, but dentists have found nothing. So that ...

 How Long did you have to take Percocet or Vicodin, after Back surgery?
It's been 3 months for me...just wondering...also please, say what analgesic you were prescribed....

 was diagnosed for OCD, had arthroscopic surgery, 3 weeks now but still have pain and cant stand on the knee.?

How to ask my doctor to switch me to lortabs for back pain?
I've been having bad lower back pain for 3months now, Recently my doctor put me on 50mg tramadol which doesn't work at all and my question is how can i ask my doctor to switch me to lortabs without looking like a pill-head?

Lower Back Pain is a 'symptom' of something, so you need to find out the reason. It could be a muscle spasm, perhaps trapped nerve, or bulging disc. As for asking for a certain type of pain killer, I have never asked! I have been prescribed, based on a physical examination, x-rays and MRI results. I would never ask for any specific drug, as that is out of my field of expertise, I am just a Patient. However I would return and explain that X is not helping with the pain. I think if I was a Doc and a Patient came in with a named drug, I would automatically think 'Pill-Head'. Best of Luck

Here is what I do for my pain management program
Start a daily journal of your pain. Nothing fancy. I use a steno pad each month. Record:
When you hurt
Where you hurt
How badly you hurt on a scale of 1-10
and most important how the pain is effecting your life. What it is keeping you from doing that you normally would.

Take it to the doctor with you. It really is hard to communicate with your doctor in just the few minutes you have with them so this help both of you.
Here are a few links that I use to help with pain management

Thumbs up to the great answers above mine!!

Jeannie Q
Go back to him and tell him that the tramadol isn't working and if he can't rx the lortab for you then can he referr you to a pain management doctor to help you with this pain.because they will treat you like a person. sometimes regualr doctors are afraid to give pain a real look and treat it the way it should be. I have been in pain management for about 4 yrs now. I have had three back surgeries and I am a nurse practioner. So that is how you do it. A pain management dr will take the time to adress your pain. You may have to jump when they say and follow the rules but they will help you.

Just explain that the medication isn't controlling the pain. However, if you ask for a specific medication, you will seem to be drug seeking. Most physicians will give you an appropriate medication, if you explain the need.

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