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 I have a brain aneurysm. I have had a CT scan and the only thing recommended was a daily dose of aspirin.?
Aspirin helps but doesn't always stop the dizzyness and unstable feeling. I was told I can drink something (?) that will help thin my blood, but I do not remember what....

 Sometimes i feel a pain in my side.. but it goes away pretty quick.. does anyone know what it is? is it normal

 Sharp Stabbing Pain In My Right Temple?
About 8 hours ago i got this sudden sharp pain in my right temple and it felt like soneone had stabbed me in my head. Not 8 hours later the pain itself is dull but my head feels uncomfortable. Feel ...

 Help my head hurts! really bad?
my head feels like it is gonna spilt any second and im nausious like really bad and the lighting is hurting my eyes what is it please ...

 Has any one been diagnosed with facet joint pain and had a medial branch block? How long did the block last?

 lamictal and severe heartburn..?
i went to the ER last night due to extreme heartburn, ive had it a lot but last night was the worst ive ever had, i uped my dose of lamictal by 50mg, i was taking 100mg and their trying to get me up ...

 Doctor Complaints?
Is there a site that I can file a complaint on a doctor? I feel I've been mistreated by a "well-known surgeon" who canceled a post-op checkup after I had surgery, to say the least. ~ T...

 I'm getting my tonsils out, and turbinoplasty in my nose the same day, and I'm wondering what to expect.?
I'm 35 and have had tonsil problems for years. The turbinoplasty is supposed to help me be able to breathe through my nose better. My doctor tells me it will probably be the worst surgery I'...

 ok this is the second time i have asked this.help..my arm is killing me?
ok im fourteen i play baseball and evey time throw a ball my arm start to hurt excessivley,but when i stop thowing i have shot of pain shooting up my arm....please how do i stop i cant have surgrey ...

 Stuck in the Right Side of my Neck?
Hi! Would like to ask what is this I feel sometimes that there is something stuck on the right side of my neck.. A lump feeling that stuck in my nerves and will last for 3 seconds or 5....

 Whole body always hurts.?
I hate waking up in the morning because my whole entire body hurts, from my head to my toes. My muscles ache and I just feel very sick. I have anxiety really bad, my mom says I am stressing my self ...

 what are the commen causes of back pain and how do you deal with it?

 Right lower abdominal/pelvic pain...What could it be?
I've had right lower abdominal/pelvic pain for over 3 weeks now. I've already had my appendix taken out, so I know it's not that and the doctor thinks that it is a UTI. I've ...

 Severe Chronic Migraines... Advice?
I've had this same migraine for months now and it doesn't go away. The pain level fluctuates in severity, but it is still constant in the fact that I always have a migraine. I was trying to ...

 Lightheaded/dizzyness sometimes resulting in passing out always a warm pulsing pain in back of head afterwards
I seem to be getting this problem more regularly, basically when I yawn or stand up after laying down for a while I get dizzy/lightheaded and the room will start spinning and sometimes everything ...

 i need appendix advice.?
lately i have had severe stomach pains. i asked my mom and she said it could be a problem with my appendix. i showed her where the pain was and it was exactly where they were. i get this pain all day ...

 Acid-reflux...when I try to eat anything it hurts so bad going down my throat!?
Help! I have acid reflux really bad and I can't seem to eat anything this morning. Every bite of food I swallow hurts me so bad! I am taking Prilosec OTC (first day of taking it) and other ...

 What's a good massager for back pain?
I've been having a lot of pain lately in my lower left back, extending down into the buttocks. It's probably an old injury, but I'm looking to possibly buy a massager. But will it ...

 Muscle pain, please help. Doctors, help?
One morning I woke up and I was lying in bed. All of a sudden the muscles in my right calf tightened and it hurt. My parents told me that it was only a muscle cramp. But it is still hurting the next ...

 Abdominal Pain every time he eats?
My husband has severe abdomial pain on the lower right side everytime he eats. It doesn't matter what he eats. He is always in pain the pain gets so bad at times that he can't do anything ...

How long should the pain last from a charlie horse?
I'm pregnant and got my first charlie horse the other night. I've been drinking plenty of water, taking my vitamins daily and put pressure on my calf the second it started. It's been two days and I still can't walk properly on my leg, it kills!

Miss J if ya nasty
i had them but they were quick it depends on each person ask the dr and stretch it out as much as you can do it

It will hurt for a few days. Think of it as a pulled muscle....which hurts for a day or two.
Many pregnant women wake up to painful leg cramps in the middle of the night. Some experts think cramps are caused by the weight increase brought on by pregnancy, while others believe they are due to an excess of phosphorus or a shortage of calcium or potassium. Here are some tips to help you avoid them altogether.

Things You’ll Need:
Foods Containing Calcium
Leafy Green Vegetables

Step1Stretch your legs a few times a day, especially before bedtime.

Step2Rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes to increase circulation.

Step3Resist pointing your toes as you crawl into bed.

Step4Avoid crossing your legs or standing for long periods of time.

Step5Eat potassium-rich foods such as bananas.

Step6Eat calcium-rich foods such as dairy products, fish with bones (salmon or sardines), green leafy vegetables, almonds and tofu.

Step7Reduce your intake of phosphorus-rich foods such as soft drinks, processed meats and snack foods.

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