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A Worshiper of JAH
Headaches from the heater, (dry heat) what causes this?
When I use a heater, (dry heat)
I have the most extreme headache!!!!
I wake-up sicker than a dog, with a hang-over.
I am in such extreme pain, it makes me throw-up.
Quite close to a migraine, only I can eat.
And go on the 'puter, briefly.
What causes this?
And how can I make the pain stop / go away?

My mom showed me something,
put a big ol' pot of water on to boil,
let that heat up the house (wet heat, she calls it)
this does not make me sick.
But, I can't go to sleep with a pot on the stove, boiling away.
I normally would not put the heater on.
But, the baby; I didn't want her getting sick,
from the change in weather.
(we live in S. Florida; and it is COLD now)
Additional Details
Coal Shed,
I know that.
(turn off the heater,
since it makes me sick)
Did you not see,
I said "because of the baby?"
Not, meant in a mean, sarcastic way.

Coal Shed
Just turn off your heater if it makes you sick!

And if it is cold, put on an extra blanket on your bed, and put teddy bear in the oven for 2 mins for extra comfort.

Gail B
Just don't use the hair dryer. Wash your hair in advance and let it air dry naturally. I would not want to suffer a migraine because of a hair dryer!

The air is too dry. My office air conditioner gives me a headache too because it is too dry. it effects my sinus. I got a humidifier and it immediately helped. Might want to think about it. if you have a baby you need the heat

My sister was having the same issue. Her doctor had her purchase a humidifier and gauge that measures the humidity in the room it has made ALL the difference she said. No more dried out sinuses, headaches, achy throat, coughing etc.

I'm going to be purchasing one myself. My kids have nose bleeds at times due to the dryness of the air. I hope you do fell better, I haven't had the severe headaches myself but other irritating symptoms.

Hi sis; I have found the best thing is a humidifier. this will keep moisture in the air and you do not have to worry about leaving a pot on the stove.You will feel more comfortable with a lower heat when the air is moist. Just like a humid day in the summer feels hotter.Be sure all filters,if any, are clean. Hope this helps.

Not enough moisture in the room.
I always leave the windows a tad bit open for a few hrs a day, even on the coldest winter days.
It helps to prevent headaches.

Jehovah's (servant) Girl!
If you just turned on your electric heat it could be allergies. They blow all the junk in. If it's fuel related heat, then the fumes could be making you sick. I don't know what else it could be. Sorry! :(


All I can suggest is to find another type of heater. Other than that, pray to Jehovah God that he will help you find a solution.


Don't put yourself too dry.
All you have to put hot water let it boil, just like what your mom said.

Noah's Ark
Bamboo, if you have a Forced Hot Air system that blows dry heat up through the vents in the floor or down thru the ceiling you need to add a humidifier to the system with it's own control mounted on the ductwork... Forced hot air is the driest heat there is to have even though it's the fastest.... I too used to get headaches from the dry heat .... Your mom is correct but you can't leave a pot of water on the stove all night, as you said that would be dangerous.. I remember my own grandmother leaving a pot of water on the radiators at night for the same reasons ... If you cannot get one buy a Humidifier at a store down there , that will help and it will be safer for you both... I'm a heating and A/C Tech by trade so this problem isn't new to me .... Hope you feel better .....

Meemaw's Pride & Joy
Go to wally-world and get a cool mist vaporizer or small humidifier for each bedroom. Try to keep your heat at 68 degrees. Keeping a house too warm takes too much humidity out of the air and can dry the sinuses among other things. I had alot of problems with headaches & nosebleeds before an ENT gave me these suggestions.
Hope this helps :)


Don't turn the heating off however go a notch or two down and place a damp towel over the radiator. Also tell whoever is last to take a bath at night to leave the water in. This will add to the moisture in the air so that the dry heat won't cause your symptoms.

In our house we have the opposite problem. We have damp, so need the heat on to dry out the walls and use a dehumidifier. You could use an air ioniser to neutralise the dry heat.

Hope this Helps.

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