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 curious question: what causes headaches?
Occasionally, i get really bad headaches...actually, last night i had one that WOKE ME UP at 2am....

what causes them??...

 pain in my vesicle?
i have a lot of pain in which i think is my vesicle
is it urgent for me to get treatment?
i've been having this pain since the afternoon which was about 7 hours ago.
Additional D...

 is there anything you can do for arthritis in your lower back?
after several months finally a chiropractor told me that i have arthritis in my lower back. right on the spine. is there anything you can do besides taking antiflammitory.. i have been taking ...

 i had an accident got 2 misplace disc an one protruding on my neck, I would like tp know that if I ran out?
of oxycotton can I can I take a Vicoden....I will nof be able to see the doctof till Monday when they will be given the 2 shots for pain. or if there something you can suggestt. This an excrutiating ...

 I've been sick with?
dhiarrea every morning for the past week and a half.
it happens once then my stomach just hurts s long time after
it's always in the morning that I wake up with the worst stomasch ache ...

 Reason for the sound in knee joints when you are in walking!?

 I hyperextended my elbow...how long should it hurt?

 durring coughing my right arm hurts, from my shoulder to my wrist?
when i first started to get a pain ,it was in my underarm,it felt like a cracked rib and later started to go down my arm,now it is from myshoulder to my wrist.A nurse practioner told me it was gall ...

 shoes rubbing sores on the back of my heels?
When I wear shoes with backs on them, like tennis shoes, I get red, sore spots on the back of my heels. Sometime I get blisters, too. I try not to wear shoes with backs at all, but sometime I have ...

 How can I stop cracking my nuckles?
It is sooo digusting to me. I used to not be able to but know I can't stop. Any suggestions on how to stop???
Additional Details
Also is it true that your knuckles grow when you ...

 need some advice please???
How do I work out a kink in my lower back?...

 Does fibromyalgia cause swelling all around your body?
And is your body suppose to feel sore, like if you had bruises all over. Thankyou for your answers. God ...

 Is there any relief for headaches that occur all day, every day?
I cannot afford to go to the doctor but I have headaches on the left side of my head all day, every day. I take different OTC pain relievers such as tylenol, ecedrin, ibuprofen, and asprin. I wake ...

 What could it mean that i have light chests pain and back pain could it be the beginnings of heart problems?
for the past couple of days i have been have like pulsating but light pain in my chest right under my breast but at the top of my stomach on the left side and in my back but in the same position and ...

 My lower back `Pops' after lifting a heavy tools. Then i feel pain when twisting my body?
I try to lift heavy things with one hand. i lower my body and i try it. and then my lower back sounded `pop'. after that incident i feel sharp when bending or twisting my body . What happened to ...

 V.A is taking too long to get me my pain meds?
I am a disabled Combat Veteran and I have been a pain patient for the past 4 years (I am also pending shoulder replacment surgery).recently I put in the paperwork for a refill on my medication like ...

 what should i do about my sciatica /leg nerve damage?
i have had sciatica for over a year. you wont believe how painful this is. one time i cryed in pain because of this. im completley disabled i cant work because i cant stand on my leg for more than 1 ...

 I get sharp pains inside my *ahem* on occasion ? why?
been to the doc, he say everything is hunky-dory . Not mensies cramps , and I havent been "active" in months . Why is my Hoo-Haw hurting?

stabbing type ...

 why am i always cold .it doesn't seem to matter how much heat or clothes i have on ,i never feel warm.?
if i was sitting around doing nothing there might be some excuse,but i am on the go from six in the morning until 8.30 inthe evening .i rarely sit down. does anyone else have this problem?...

 Pain In Anus,serious question.?
from past few days I am having acute pain in my annus,it only last for 1-3 seconds,but thats like hit by bullet,please tell what is happening and any cure to this.
Additional Details
I ...

Jessica H
Fused vertebrae?
I have seen a family doctor, a chiropractor, and now a othopedic surgeon for servere back pain. It started after I had my baby 5 months ago. I had a exteremly hard and long (38 hrs.) labor. Now I wake up in the middle of the night with so much back pain it brings me to tears. They all say that I have three vertebrae that are fused together from birth. The specialist is sending me to another doctor to get an epidural to help with the pain. It will not solve the problem but it is "supposed to" help relieve the pain. He also said he is not sure what the next step would be. Has anyone dealt with anything like this before...if so, what happened? Please help me!!

Yeah I've had 2 cervical fusion operations over the past 10 years.

They did help with me being able to walk better and my range or motion in my arms.

Unfortunately I still deal with pain as an everyday part of my life and I'm disabled.

Mine is not the typical outcome I don't think. I go to a pain management clinic and a lot of the people I see go through a time of pain but it does get better after awhile.
With mine the nerve damage was already done.

Here are a few links to websites I use often and I think you may enjoy.


If you have any other questions about how long it will take to recover or what to do to make the first few weeks after you operation better just e-mail me.

Best of luck

I never heard of the vertebra fusing during pregnancy? Or do you mean you were born with three vertebra fused together? You do not state which three vertebra are fused?

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