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Lacey P
First Time Going to a Pain Management Doctor?
I have been referred to a pain management doctor. I am 20 years old. I have had a chronic ulcer on my lower leg since September of 2007. The wound varies. Sometimes it will get bigger and sometimes it will get a tad smaller but not by much. I have been taking Norco 10/325 since the beginning and now I take 2 every 4 hours. This amount still doesn't work very well, it just barely takes the edge off. Now I am going to a pain management doctor. What will happen there? What will he give me for my CONTINUOUS pain? The pain is always there and always the same. It is about a 6 out of 10 on the pain scale.

It really depends on the Pain clinic or doctor. I go to the Center for Pain and Palliative Mediicne and they are very good there. I see my pain specialist who is a Anesthesiologist and there is a great nurse practitioner who has pain as well.

They will likely request, want and hopefully have your medical history and especialy history of pain and issue causing pain. They will likely give yuou a lot of paperwork to do about how your pain affects your functiioning.. social, emotional, psychological, physical....

If you have a diary where you discuss your pain or keep uypw ith your levels, it can help to bring it.. they may or may bot be interested in that.

They will likely evaluate you and figure out what will work best to help your pain issues. This can be accomplished through multiple modalities, not just medication alone. The goal is making the pain tollerable but not necessarily making it go away.. that's not likely to happen.

I do personally wonder why you have such a bad ulceration an if you have gone to some specialized wound care clinic or have tried Hyperbaric oxygenation chamber treatment done to treat complex ulcerations?

Anyays, I know that sometimes hydrotherapies can and are used, physiotherapies for the purpose of massage and pain treating modaltiies. Also medicatons, injections and such.

For me, I have had PT, different spinal injections in particular, trigger point injections, OT, massage, psychotherapies, annd meds. I take long acting morphine sulphate but I have also had pain for many many years since I was a little girl. It got wosse when I was in my teens and mine comes from Juvenile rheumatoid arth, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, myofascial pain and other crap. Anyways, I also take some antidepressants. Cymbalta and NEurontin for the nerve pain... robaxin for mucle spasms but only as needed. It was a long time before I was tried on long acting pain meds due to all sorts of reasons.. many of them real.. many stupid but know that there are many other meds. Norco is medium but there migt be many other meds to try. I was on that long ago and far away and it was also used as ONLY a break through med for me as well with the morphine just so you know it's not all that potent. They will likely have a number of things for yout o try and work with. I also learned alot of psychotheraputic methods for helping to manaage pain such s ACT- acceptance and committment therapy for people with chronic pain, mindfulnes and relaxation techniques to help me with sleep, handling stress and stuff.

Anyways, good fortune and hope they help you out.

My pain went from 8/10 to 4-/10 most days ... I'm much more functional even thoughz I still need a wheelchair most times and my walker. I'm 31 now but hve had chronic pain since i was in my single digits.

Good fortune

First I believe you need to go to a wound Center to have that leg ulcer cleaned and healed. Then you may not need a Narcotic such as Norco which is a combination of Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen. Are you a diabetic? If so that's what is causing the ulcer. If you don't know, first be tested for such. Ulcers can also develop having to much acid in the blood stream from to much soda's, also too much chocolate, because of diabetic or borderline diabetic. Is the ulcer what they call an open wound? If it is, definitely go to a wound center first. My wife had some open wounds and the wound center cleared them up right away. There are special medicines, (Lubricants) for open wounds. I also tried some plain old Phillips Milk Of Magnesia on her wounds, which dries and helps heal if you want to try something at home. Or I wound cover them with Vaseline and put on a large band-aid to keep it covered which also helped. The pain center will no doubt increase your pain medication and maybe change it to an extended release type which is taken every 12 hours. The only thing they deal with is pain and they manage the narcotics for you and have you come back every so often to see how you are doing with the pain, and you can only miss one or two of the appointments or they will cut your pain medicine off. Most MD's don't write prescriptions for Narcotics, the Pain Centers do. The ulcer may be deep enough that it is touching the bone or a nerve which causes you the pain. Try the Wound Center first, but only if it is an open wound. You may have to see a Dermatologist to clear the ulcer. Wound Centers only work on open wounds, or at least in our area it's that way. (W.Va). I have never heard of an ulcer causing so much pain unless like I said, it is touching a nerve or bone. Wishing you the very best young lady and good luck on finding the cause and getting it healed without narcotics. My wife goes to the Pain Center for Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, among other pain causing conditions. None ulcers.

Be very careful of how much you take, this is a addictive drug and don't take more then what the doctor knows about.
It sounds like your not addressing the issue, the ulcer. There shouldn't be that much pain if it's being treated, you'd better ask the doctor what's going on before you loose your leg, it can happen. Stopping the pain isn't helping the ulcer.

Redfeather-Shawnee Shaman
*You are very young to have such things happening so early in life. I am a pain patient in a pain clinic due to Fibromyalgia. With you I would see a surgeon or wound care and have the ulcer removed. Remove and the pain should go away. I would be wondering if I were you on how it came to have the ulcer in the first place so you can prevent a recurrence of one.

The pain clinic will help you get the pain under control or at least down to a manageable level but they will do nothing for the ulcer. Get rod pf the ulcer, get rid of the pain. Good Luck.

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