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 My left shoulder and lower left neck hurts?
Like I can't pull my neck backwards or to the left
This has been going on since early yesterday morning and it was much worse, I used a heating pad all yesterday afternoon and night and it ...

 both of my legs hurt. 10 points for best answer?
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 headache after sleeping, is it bad?
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 Can i get high from tramadol?
I know hydrocodone/acetaminaphin (lortab, vicodin) will get u really high beacuse it interacts with your opiod pain receptors the same way heroine and endorphins work, but since tramadol is not an ...

 Guitar, my finger hurts?
I have been playing guitar for over two years now, i have practiced a lot lately to get the stairway to heaven solo nailed and now my second finger really hurts
There is no cut as far as i can ...

 I threw up yellow & blood afterwards. help?
I dont know exacly what it means, but i've had sore throat for about 2-3 days now finally today it went away, but i kept on having a tummy ache, i couldnt sleep right and it got worse, then i ...

 My back hurts like hell.... I tried almost everything but it's not working !!?
I feel like im getting stabbed in the back/my body sliced into half. i have herniated disk on L4. couple of days ago it started to hurt again and then it got really worse when i had to drive 4 hours ...

 What helps with migraines?
My doctor gave me Treximet (it has Imotrix in it) and it made my jaw, throat and neck get really tight. And today I am sick to my stomach.

What do you take for migraines?
Or what ...

 My mom's having flatfoot prob. Feels burning sensation and numbness in the toes during night.Not a diabetic.
Has disturbed sleep in the nights. Uses an arched slipper at home too as recommended by an ortho. Help ...

 I'm having pains in my knees and ankles?
But the thing is im only 15. Since I play basketball i thought it was natural since they only hurt off season, but now they don't stop hurting. What should I do? I've already tried ...

 my throat hurts how do i make it better im a 15 year old girl?

Additional Details

 Soreness in my back. . .?
Lately i've been having intense pains/soreness in my back. I've been sleeping a lot, and that might be the cause. . .i'm not too sure.

But can someone please give me some ...

 when you got your tongue pierced what did you do to aleveate the pain while it was healing?

Additional Details
ice cream is helping i can't wait till i can change it and get this long one outta my ...

 HELP! how to soothe ingrown toenail...?
not for me... for my daddy =]
its realy hurting him any adwice you can give to help it stop urting til he gets it fixed?...

 What Is The Best Way To Treat Back Pain?

 whats a good heartburn relief? besides tums and milk. nothings working.?
i need a home remedy. something that actually ...

 Major Stomach problems?
Hey guys i need some help recently, I've been having really troubles with my stomach. Hopefully you guys can tell me what's wrong with me and give me a cure haha. But alright so, since ...

 Ear won't pop from airplane.?
I was flying home Friday. As soon as we started getting closer, I got the worst ear ache ever. It hurt so bad that I was hunched over in my seat holding my right ear. After we landed, The ear ache ...

 Does anyone know about the due dates for filling narcotic prescriptions?
I live in FL and I am leaving to go out of the country and my prescriptions are due to be filled in two days. Does anyone know if it can be filled early or if I will be able to bring the script with ...

 My son has aching teeth from Braces!!!?
Hi my son just gor braces and is constantly complaining about not being able to eat foods. Also he says that the braces are very sore on his teeth. Does anyone have any help for him and he is 12...

Does ultram cause liver damage?
I can't find any literature on it, the little I did find indicates that it is safer than tylenol? Can anyone elaborate?

After reading about it, I would really think Tylenol is a lot safer. They both are hard on the liver, but Ultram (Tramdol) has more side effects. I always ask the pharmacist; they know more than my doctor most of the time......
"Tramadol (e.g., Ultram): Nausea and vomiting are common side effects associated with the use of tramadol, along with dizziness, sedation, restlessness, diarrhea or constipation, dyspepsia, weakness, diaphoresis, seizures, and respiratory depression. It should be used cautiously in hepatic or renal impairment."

"Acetaminophen (Tylenol): Has few side effects and is probably the safest non-opioid for most people. Use with caution in people with underlying hepatic or renal disease; renal dysfunction may be associated with prolonged use."

The one thing about Ultram is that you do not have to take as much of it to get relief the way you would Tylenol. I have taken it off and on since 1997 because of chronic pain due to arthritis. I normally do not have to take more than 1 or 2 tablets on a day when the pain is at it`s worst. You cannot drink alcohol or have any type of liver or kidney disease if you take it.

Im not sure, but as far as i know, almost all medications have the potential to be hepatotoxic (or liver damaging) at a certain level. for tramadol, the only usual adverse reactions that I know of are vertigo, headache, nausea and vomiting, a low blood pressure and sweating.


if previousdamage

Prince Thom
Now, Ultram is one med that you should NEVER take with out eating. Food helps the meds work in your body. If you have liver damage or drink alcohol you should not take Untram or any pain meds.

if you have a bad liver, anything with acetaminophen is going to be bad for you.....ask your liver doctor before taking pain or other medications. be sure your doctor is aware of your concerns regarding your liver. medication and a bad liver do not mix.

I am a nurse in Family Practice but I also have a friend who had a shoulder injury and has been on Ultram long term. I have done quite a bit of research on this and yes, it can cause liver damage if use for an extended length of time. Ultram can actually become very addicting as well. Plus, if you drink alcohol, you may damage your liver even more. Although Tylenol is not addicting, if used long term or in large amounts, it can cause severe liver damage as well. The first question we ask patients with elevated liver functions is "how much Tylenol do you use and how much alcohol do you drink?" Short term use is fine but be careful!!

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