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 pain killers question?
My friend seems to think that pain killers, lets say powerful prescription ones, only work for things like "broken bones". She has boils that hurt when she moves in certain positions and I&#...

 how do i make a shot less painful?
Injection Ouch Please Help I Hate It so Much
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Im a 12 year old kid ok so dont laugh plz thanx :)...

 Whats wrong with my tongue?
I was rushing and i accidentally rinsed my mouth with rubbing alcohol( i know i should have checked the bottle) and now my tongue feels really weird. i think my taste buds are dulling. i could be ...

 How Many Miligrams Should a Teenager Take Of Hydrocodone?
My Daughter Has To Take Some Hydrocodone And I Dont Know How Much To Give Her.
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Just Tell Me How Much Jesus....

 Leg pain, is it serious?
I got this pain near the top of my leg. The best way I can describe it is the kind of pain that feels a little better after you stretch the muscles.It's on my right leg. I'm 18 and very ...

 Can a chiropractor actually kill someone when they adjust someone's neck? ?
true or false?...

 my throat has been burning for a few days. What should i do? It kills!?

 i heard my knee pop 2 times when i felled...what should i do?
what can i do for it? should go to the hospital? or wrap it up and keep walking on it?what should i do?...

 My husband has been taking 40,000 mg of Tylenol a day for pain. What can happen if he continues to do this?

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He said that he pulled a muscle around his ribs. He can barely move. I told him that it is WAY too much to take!!! He said that he is taking 40-50 500mg a day!!! He ...

 do i need to see a doctor(constipation?)?
i think i need to see a doctor but i dont know

i havent taken a crap in over 6 weeks and its really starting to hurt
i stuck my finger up there but i cant feel anything is this ...

 What is the best thing to do for pulled neck muscles? I am in soooo much pain.?

 What helps better hot washcloth on the sinuses or cold ice pack im in pain in my maxiallry sinus.?
I am told Hot will spread infection, Both seem to make me feel a little better when im in agony with it. Mine are so bad right now they put me on topamax and a decongestent and both are not working. W...

 How do i stop my braces from hurting?
I just gor brackets put on the teeth tht didnt have any n new wires n im on the cerge of crying!! I need help n i just put some oragel on my gums no help!! Plz!!...

 Should i see a doctor?
Everynight it seems now I am getting this throbbing feeling in my knees, mostly it happens when I lay down for the night or have been driving. It's soo annoying because it prevents me from ...

 My chest hurts for 3 days now everytime I inhale, which doctor should I see?
Its been 3 days now since this left chest pain started. Everytime I laugh, sneeze, yawn, burp or anything to do with inhaling its hurting so bad. Should I go to a heart doctor or lungs doctor?...

When i cough my shoulders have sharp pain what could be wrong!...

 how do i swallow a pill?
also did you ave to take some pill before you get braces to reduce saliva and etc...?...

 I have chronic pain of my joints Im on solpadol two four times day im finding they are not working now ?

 What does this mean?
I have been having really sharp pains in my lower tummy, its not cramps but its like 3 times worse. It only happens in the afternoon. and it nots like its something that I eat its been like this for ...

 ear peircing ow!?
i had three peircings in my ears abt 5 weeks ago now. i've had problems with them but it seems to have cleared up. i was just wondering how long it'll be until one of them stops hurting ...

Terra W
Does it hurt to get you tonsils taken out?
Okay I have tonsillitis and I am just curious does it hurt to get your tonsils taken out? I dont think I will ever have to but I just really want to know.

meep. o_o
lol, for the most part no.
i had mine out.
it's just like having a sore
throat after.
you eat ice cream, and cold stuff.(:

Yes. It's like losing your virginity for the first time... Very painful.


yes, unless they numb or sedate u

Well i was asleep when i got mine removed. After they did it...it was sore but never too bad. After it fully healed it was wonderful. I felt different. No worries.

When I had mine out, I was put under. When I woke up, it was like having a sore throat. Ice cream and popsicles helped a little. But you have to eat very soft foods (jello, soup) for a while until it heals. All in all, not worse than when I had strep throat.

I got my tonsils taken out like 13 years ago and it was awful. But that was when you had to stay over night. I think these days you are in and out in the same day so it might not be so bad.

Meye Teye
Well it has a lott to do with age. Most people get theirs taken out when they're children. Around 3-7. Kind of like chicken pox, the older you are, the worse it is.

I had mine taken out at 14. It was painful, but not unbearable. You will have a severe soar throat, but you will be given lots of medicine during your recovery. Just like any other surgery, recovery can be painful. I didn't experience any problems and I'm glad I had it done.

But my friend had hers removed at 18 and she said it was the worst experience of her life. She felt absolutely horrible, near death, and said it wasn't worth it. (She has never broken a bone or had surgery though so I'm not sure how much of her opinion on this can be taken out).

Overall, if you need to have your tonsils out, it's worth it usually. If you don't really need them out. Don't bother. The people that really need them out are people who are very prone to sore throats, strep throat, etc.

Good luck :].

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