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 morning head aches?
i have been waking up every morning with bad head aches. could this be a result of central ac and not having enough circulation in my room?...

 Worst pain you have ever felt?

 Neck pain, make it go away please?
I woke up and the right side of my neck hurts when; I tilt my head to the right or left, turn my head to the right or left and when I put my right arm above my head. The pain hurts enough I almost ...

 I got stung by something and I am in a lot of pain?
My cat came up behind my neck and put his paw on me, all of a sudden I felt this intensepain in my back shooting down my spine and when I went to touch my neck I felt that same pain in my hand. Now I ...

 Am i suffering heart problems?
Im 15, Every now again i get this pain in my left upper part of my body, The pain does not go into my neck or jaw. I went to the Doctors to get it checked and he said i was fine, But i keep getting ...

 Back Pain?!?
Ok so... my back is killing me in the middle towards the left. I have right shoulder problems and I am doing physical therapy for that but... i don't think it is related. My parents are out of ...

 I hurt my ankle a little what can I do to help the pain?

Additional Details
Thanks for the answers :D...

 I have pain in my back. Seems to be muscles are the reason. How can I lose the pain?
Im only in 7th grade.
Ive had it for 7 days now.
Started to have pain in soccer.
Please don't give me answers relating to doctors....

 Sharp pulling pains in my belly?
I'm not pregnant, and I've been having sharp pulling pains in my stomach. Sometimes I wake up with them, and sometimes when i move to quickly or get up to fast, i feel these horrible pains! ...

 does getting a tat hurt? like the needle?

 I wake up everyday with an headache can you tell me why and what can I do to stop the pain? ?

 Bad stomach ache and heartburn. What should I get?
I have a terrible stomach ache, and I don't know the cause.
I have had:
Breakfast: Cereal and good milk
Lunch: Pizza
Dinner: Leftover pizza w/ beer

 Should my head still be hurting? 10 points!?
Alright saturday I got pretty tipsy and ended up falling off my deck! lol Anyhow I fell straight on the back of my head. I don't remember the fall but my family said that when they got to me I ...

 need help!! need a pain reliever for my swollen tonsils!?
about a half a month ago i went to the emeregency because i had strep throat and the doctor prescribed me ibuprofen for pain reliever. along with another antibiotic. so i was relieved and the virus ...

 I have degemerative disc disease & take muscle relaxers and vicodine. what are my options?
I have no life & constant pain! Steroids are not an option
Additional Details
I could maybe make it to Stanford Hospital in California. Any doctors out there? I live in Santa Cruz, C...

 pircings that hurt you?
what would you say is the most pain fullest pircing ?
minee ewas maa toungee and monarole ....

 bad migraines?
headach migraines-home ...

 My chest hurts real bad from having a cold, how can I make it feel better?
I've had terrible sinus problems for the last week and my chest has been hurting real bad. I got medication for the sinus problem but nothing is making the chest pain go away, any suggestions? I ...

 My wife suffers chronic pain from lupus. Joint pain, headaches,muscle pain, bone pain, sharp back pain and is?
taking Demerol, lortab, trammadol for the pain; and is taking xanax for anxiety. She says the pain medication doesn't help. What would explain ...

 I think something is wrong with me, it hurts!?
In the last few months I noticed pain under my right hip bone. Some times it's a little bit above it. The pain is off and on, some days it hurts really bad and others, i can't feel it at ...

Does ear syringing hurt?
My ears are blocked with wax and my GP is refering me to get them syringed tomorrow.. if you have had it done or no anyone who has.. did it hurt? thanks

Doesn't hurt at all.

Mary H
Honestly, no, the nurse will put a small dish under your ear, a small syringe with water, no needle, the water is put into your ear, this dislodges the wax, and the relief is immense, you will be able to hear everything! Be happy x

James is right, it's really loud afterwards.

I had an ear syringed many years ago when I was about 10-12, didn't hurt (can't say it was a lot of fun, but it certainly wasn't painful) but I was amazed at how loud the world seemed after having it done.

no it didnt hurt just made me go really dizzy

It don't hurt but your ears feel dry and sore afterwards. lt's not a good idea to syringe the ears but the last resort is to do it if your ears are severely blocked.

I've done it to myself a few times. It doesn't hurt.

Mildly uncomfortable that's all, nothing to worry about I have to have mine done every 6 months or so. Everything sounds very LOUD afterwards though!

Scots Lass
It wasn't sore as such but loud and uncomfortable as you can feel some pressure and the water banging against your eardrum.

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