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my 7 yr old daughter is having headaches alot more recently and they are in the frontal lobe so they are not migraines...nothing really seems to help and they are causing her to throw up....any body ...

 Am I the only one that goes up stairs on my tippy-toes?
i just noticed both me and my mom do it....

 HeLp Me NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Please?
My ears are in extreme constant pain. I have been to the doctor and tried antibiotics, Went to ther ENT and now have to go get tubes put into my ears. What can I do in the meantime to stop the ...

 Can gas cause chest pain?
I have been having constant chest pain sinc Friday. It feels like there is a fist pressing on my breast bone, makng it hard to get enough breath some times.

My grandmother and my bf say ...

 what is "hand foot and mouth"and what are the symtems?

 Intense stomach pain after a large meal! What could this be?
A few hours ago i went to an all you can eat resteraunt and i had 4 plates of food, and ever since then ive had intense pains in my abdomen, but not really in my stomach. the pain is in the lower ...

 The nurse gave me a weird pain killer. What do you think it was?
I had to go to the emergency room yesterday for severe pain in my upper abdominals and head. They did hooked me up to a IV and injected me with pain medication mixed with a nausea med I think. It was ...

 help with headache?
i have had a pretty bad headache for the last week it hasnt gone away.i think it might have soemhting to do with my cold because its like i have a lot of pressure in my head.i have heard that ...

 If hydrocodone always makes me throw up, does that mean I'm allergic?
Or do I just have a weak stomach?

I am going in for some minor surgery, and I want to tell them that it always makes me sick and I don't want a prescription for it.


 What causes Bunions?
You know those huge bumps beside your big toe, yeah, I don't want one. Could you help me? I just want to know what causes Bunions. Thanks!...

 Is is harful that I sit on a chair during the day?
my feet have varicose problem.I had pain when I have to stand
for long time.do you know a reliable special trade name for a pair of socks?...

 I need help to stop my cutting?????????
Ok so i have been cutting myself for over three years. IT all started my grandmother died.she had cancer and we were really close i miss her. I got really depressed so i started to cut myself to deal ...

 pain left hand side of belly?
have wind wich is all over lower part of ...

 causes of pain in both the calf areas?
hi,,can you find me the reasons for pain in both the calf areas,,,im not sure whether it is muscular or bony pain,,,waiting for a prompt reply,,sunil r v from mumbai,...

 What is the best topical solution for muscle pain?

 Does anyone else put a muscle cream like Rub A5 or icy hot to get the feeling of a spanking?
Ok well, i can't spank my self so i put a muscle cream on my bum to make it hurt. Does anyone else do this and is there a good cream to use?

oh ya and it is dangerous, can it actually ...

 Cramps so bad they cause vomiting?
I rarely ever get menstrual cramps, I've probably had them about three times in 6 years. Today I started getting really bad back cramps and stomach cramps and the pain was so intense that it ...

 What is the curse of a sharp pain in my lower back that goes away after about 10Min's as strangely as it came
I have this sharp, cramp like pain in both sides of my lower back. No one understands it, my GP has given me pain relief tabs but the pain is not on long enough to take the tabs.It started soon after ...

 nose piercing?
i just got my nose pierced tonight, and i have headache and my throat sort of hurts. and of course my nose hurts when i move it to a side...is this normal?...

 why am I getting leg/shin pain while jogging?
I've never gotten this before. This started happening 2 - 3 years ago. Even before, I didn't do a lot of heavy exercising. Then when I started working out, heavy lifting and running, I was ...

Does anyone know about the due dates for filling narcotic prescriptions?
I live in FL and I am leaving to go out of the country and my prescriptions are due to be filled in two days. Does anyone know if it can be filled early or if I will be able to bring the script with me?

Narcotic prescriptions cannot be filled sooner than 30 days regardless. Taking your prescription out of the country won't work either as the liscensing will be invalid.

I would call you DR He or She can help,,,I had the same problem once!

2 cents
Usually you can refill it 3 days early...warning...most folks that abuse prescribtions use the story tg on a that they are going on a trip...not saying that's you...just letting you know the most common reason for early refills.

Some pharmacies will fill them a couple days early.... it is up to the pharmacist themselves as it is their license on the line. If you do not have a habit of trying to fill them early then they should....it's only 2 days early no big deal.
Personally speaking... when I get my script every month it's a 30 day supply.... I call my Dr on day 26 for my refill and pick it up at the office on day 27...... 9 out of 10 times I can get htem filled on day 26 of a 30 day cycle.
My insurance on the other hand gives the ok to refill on day 24 the earliest and I've tried that before just to see and depending on who is working I've gotten them filled as early as day 24 of a 30 day cycle. Most times I usually wait though and get them filled on day 27 of a 30 day cycle......

I would recommend you call the pharmacy. They will be able to answer your question. You may have to call your doctor to get authorization. S/He can call in the prescription for you. I would not try to get the prescription filled out of the country. There are too many ways this could go WAY wrong.

Mandy VZ
It actually depends on your insurance. I go to pain management, and get my meds every 30 days. My insurance will allow me to fill thenm when they are 75% gone. My doc has, on occaision, written my new scrips on the 3rd week instead of the 4th and my insuance has covered them. As long as the phamacist is okay with it and your insurance will cover it, it's fine. Usually 2 days doesn't raise red flags, since the scrips are from the same doctor, especially if you always fill at the same pharmacy. Either way, you CANNOT fill narcotics scrips out of the country.

Call your pharmacy and explain the situation to them. They will tell you what to do from there. The state department says to always take prescriptions with you when you leave the country just in case you are questioned or need them. I didn't have any trouble with my meds when traveling, but better safe than sorry I guess.


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