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 What is this ongoing pain in my ankle?
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 How much do IV's hurt?
compared to shots, or a bee sting, and any other comparable thing

i'm having a major surgery tomorrow and am a little freaked about this

please help and dont try to make ...

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 Headaches and back pain that won't go away? My doctor is lost!?
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 Pain/bruise on finger when writing.?
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 What's wrong with my ear?
it feels like something is pouding in my ear. usually when i wake up it's gone, but in the afternoon it starts pounding again, and sometimes it bleeds. did i damage my eardrum or something?

 HELP i think my lil brother broke his leg?
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 I am a learner driver and whenever i have to end up doing alot of manouvres (having to keep the clutch down)..?
... my left leg starts to ache, making it difficult for me. If i also drive for like 90 mins, my back statrs to ache a little too. Is it normal, or is it just me. And can i do anything about it?...

 severe pain in the right side?
i have severe pain in my right side and my stomach hurts, i threw up not too long ago and some of it was black, and i keep having to make trips to the bathroom because of diarrhea. my back also hurts ...

 What is this pain? I posted yesterday 2 but would like more answers!?
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 Weird pains in my stomach?
I'm 17, i've been on beta blockers for nearly two weeks now, to slow my heart rate down from having panic attacks.

But along with taking these i'm getting some nasty side ...

 Why does my ear hurt?
You know that pain that wakes a person up when you sleep on your ear wrong and it hurts like crazy? It’s that kind of pain. The whole outside of my ear. Make it stop.
Additional Details...

 Why can't I get strong pain meds without seeing a doctor?
I get kidney stones regularly and I know the drill, just drink lots of water and take strong pain meds. Only Oxycodeine, Demeral or morphene work. But I need to get a prescription to get those. I ...

Doctor said I would be red-flagged for pain meds?
I have aton of physical problems, and I recentaly went to see my OBGYN about my endometriosis and found that I may have cervical cancer.

Now she gave me Tylenol #3 for the pain about 3 weeks ago and she gave me 60 of them. I called her up about 4 days later saying I could not take them because the amount of Tylenol in them was too much for my stomach and was making me naucious. I had to take 3 at a time to help manage the pain. I also tried to give the left over which was about 50 to the doc and pharmacy but they wouldn't take them!!!

So she writes me a script for 60 Percocet, and my max daily is 10, but I only took between 2-4 a day, depending on the pain.

After 2 1/2 weeks I called again to see if I could get my antibiotics refilled and I went in to get the scripts and she included one for Tylenol #3 again!!! I did not ask for pain mends, but she insist I take the script, so I do and then she tells me .............

If I get any more this month I will be red-flagged!!!
FOR TYLENOL #3's!!!!!!!
She said I either had to stop taking them or go see pain management!!!

Now what I got was 120 Tylenol #3 pills and 60 Percocet's.

This is not my regular doctor!!! I do not like this lady!!!

But is all this true? And for Tylenol 3's???
Additional Details
Its not that I WANT to see her, I called to talk to my reg doc and she called me saying I couldnt speak to my reg doc.

I never took Tylenol #3 befor, I only took Percocet and Hydrocodone 5mg and 10mg.

The mom
Yes, you can be flagged for potential pain medication abuse. However, you do not have to have a prescription filled- just so you know. The doctor would have to write separate prescriptions for Tylenol 3 and whatever antibiotic you needed, and you can always simply pick up one and leave the other in the office. Had I been in your shoes, I would have torn up the one for the Tylenol 3, in the office and in front of a witness- and left the paper on the reception desk. That's what you can do in the future as well. Chances are that it wasn't the Tylenol upsetting your stomach, but the codeine it contained. That often can upset a stomach, and does often. The pharmacy cannot take back medications once they are dispensed, unfortunately. It's against the law, and protects you from getting medications that have been tampered with, or which have been laying around in somebody's bathroom for months and are no longer any good. I think you need to swap to a different doctor, who at least will listen to what you request and read your record before doing something like this. And in the future, don't let a doctor ever bully you. The MD stands for medical doctor, not minor deity- despite what some of them may think. You do not have to accept a prescription for a drug you do not want, ever. You also don't have to fill it either. If it ever happens again, hand it back and refuse to take it. That's your right as a patient. Nobody can force you to accept pain medications, or any other drug you don't want. For now, I think you need a new doctor.

Is she a new doctor? Some new doctors are scared to give out any narcotics because of all that is going on. I think its bull what she did to you. After all, you were only calling in for antibiotics and she wrote a script for #3's and u didn't ask for them personally. It sounds like she is paranoid, and I would definitely go to another doctor, some one who is there to help you for what your needs are. Be careful which doc. u see though, just for your sake. I deal with pain management now, cuz of my back problems and sometimes its not so bad, they can help you the right way.

This doctor sounds like a power hungry BEOTCH. See someone else.

if you don't like her, why do you see her ??? yes you can be red flagged...tylenol 3's have codeine a 'narcotic'..if you know tylenol makes you sick, why didn't you tell her in the first place...it's YOUR duty to see that you're treated right, not some nit wit Dr.

I am not sure. But if the tylenol was making your tummy upset and she wrote you another prescription then you shouldn't have filled it. I think you should see a different doc. Apart from the pain meds, try to find someone who will help you fix your problem and not cover it up w/ meds. Good luck

♥ Animal Luvr ♥
Well first of all, I'm sorry to hear that you were given this diagnosis. Hopefully it was caught fairly early. Anyways, from working in a doc office, I can tell you that Tylenol 3's have never drawn attention in the office I worked in. When people begin asking for Vicodin and other narcotic type pain meds we would run a special report on that person which would tell us where and when the last perscription was filled. The problem patients were those who went to 10 dif docs in a day and got a bunch of vicodin. Tylenol 3s are not a red flag drug. Percocet is, not Tylenol. Seeing as how you have a serious condition, I would definitely recommend finding a doctor you really do like to help you for the future.

don't get anymore,and sell them! to high school students! you will make profit. But i suggest you go to another doctor this lady sounds like a phucktard, and doctor that is TRYING to give you addictive pain killers is not one you should have.

Please see a new doctor.

These specialist and all MDs are so scared to write any pain medications. I can never figure out why they prescribe Tylenol 3 as most people have too much problems with these, then to give them to you again DAH! Just see how long you can make it on these pills for the mounth then insist she does not prescribe any thing but percocet. Maily I say this as you do not want to be red flagged then you will get zilch for pain meds as they willl have you pegged as a prescrption junky.So watch your Ps' and Qs' so you can recieve regular meds when you need them. You may want to try your regular MD as they have your diognoses too. Good luck and God Bless

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