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 severe cramps in my lower abdomen mostly to the right what is it?
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 whats wrong with me?
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alot of times, when im lieing down or sat down and then stand up i get a huge pain in my head which is like a 10.sec hed ache. It will then go away and sometimes i feel dizzy instead of the pain. My ...

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Like I can't pull my neck backwards or to the left
This has been going on since early yesterday morning and it was much worse, I used a heating pad all yesterday afternoon and night and it ...

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There is no cut as far as i can ...

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 My back hurts like hell.... I tried almost everything but it's not working !!?
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 What helps with migraines?
My doctor gave me Treximet (it has Imotrix in it) and it made my jaw, throat and neck get really tight. And today I am sick to my stomach.

What do you take for migraines?
Or what ...

 My mom's having flatfoot prob. Feels burning sensation and numbness in the toes during night.Not a diabetic.
Has disturbed sleep in the nights. Uses an arched slipper at home too as recommended by an ortho. Help ...

 I'm having pains in my knees and ankles?
But the thing is im only 15. Since I play basketball i thought it was natural since they only hurt off season, but now they don't stop hurting. What should I do? I've already tried ...

 my throat hurts how do i make it better im a 15 year old girl?

Additional Details

 Soreness in my back. . .?
Lately i've been having intense pains/soreness in my back. I've been sleeping a lot, and that might be the cause. . .i'm not too sure.

But can someone please give me some ...

Did accidentally overdose??!! Feeling really sick from tylenol!?
Okay I had really bad cramps in school today. So a friend gave me 2 regular tylenol pills and i took them. Then two hours later my cramps were so bad that I took a different tylenol pill the 8 hour relief one with the pink top and white bottom. 5 hours later after school was over I went to Walmart and bought some Ibuprofen and took 2 pills.

My cramps were so bad I didn't even read the warnings. I always take ibuprofen for cramps but they started at school and I had nothing but tylenol from friends.

its 6 hours later and my stomach hurts, im really gassy and I have the feeling of wanting to throw up. should I be concerned please help.
Additional Details
Every time I take tylenol or nyquil i get a really icky feeling. I don't take it unless I have any other option.

I realized both of these painkiller have acetimetophen is it possible i am allergic to this??

call an advice nurse, or ask your mom

John C
the hours that you took it it should not have done anything you might be going threw your month cramp thing

The maximum reccommended dose of tylenol in a 24 hour period is around 4 grams or 4000mg so do the math and add up the total amount of acetaminophen you consumed.

The ibuprofen doesn't not have acetaminophen as an ingredient and there for will not add to the toxicity of it.

The nausea, stomach pain, etc are probably from your cramps (especially if they are period related cramps). If you had unexplained cramps with the nause and stomach pain then I would reccommend seeing your doctor because it could be something more serious like appendicitis.

Nothing Makes Sense
its not the pills unless you are 5 years old or allergic to the pills. drink water and do some stomach/hip stretches

Although not the smartest thing to do, a few extra Tylenol should not have you worried. The discomfort in your stomach should subside soon and you will be ok. No worries!!!

Stomach pains and being gassy can be confused with simple PMS cramps. The nausea is what worries me. I would not be worried about overdosing on Tylenol. I would be worried about appendicitis. I'm serious. I would tell your parent's what is going on.

Gas, stomach pains (that you confuse with PMS), nausea. I would tell my parents. Have you taken your temperature? Seriously, you would have to take so much more to overdose. A lot more. Best of luck to you.

Well that was stupid, get to a doctor ASAP.


If not, it's just a side effect from the tablets. You didn't overdose, it's just what happens to some people.

It happened to me too. I can only take the liquid kid type. You probably have a sensitive stomach. I felt like I was going to be sick all night once when I took one. It was horrible. I never actually got sick though, but I was concentrating really hard.

It's normal. It will go away in about 12-24 hours. If you get much MUCH worse, call 911 or get a ride to the emergency room to get checked out. Try not to stay home alone, or keep a phone near you. You may want to call a nurse hotline to comfirm you are ok. They should be able to tell you if the amount of meds you took was ok or not. Do not take any other medication at all! Tylanol can not be mixed with most medication.

But, if sure it will be ok. This is EXACTLY what happened to me. Don't take the pills again. They are too strong for your stomach. Take children's liquid Tylenol or Motrin. These are good for sensitive stomachs.

Now, just try to relax and drink water slowly. Don't eat or move around too much. That can put strain on your stomach. Try taking a nice warm bath. It should relax your body and get your digestive system to move the meds through faster.

Feel better soon!

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