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 neck and shoulder pains, especially in the mornings?
I get them about 5 times a week either after i wake up or late in the afternoon. Sometimes they are OK, other times they are very painful. They occur in my lower neck and shoulder. i have tried ...

 Very weird symptom of a migraine?
I've been experiencing this since I was in grade 4, and now I'm a high school senior. Every time I will have a migraine, there is a "symptom." The symptom is that, my vision will ...

 Chiropractor or physical therapy for lower back problems?
I have often reoccuring back pain and all the Dr. wants to do is give me muscle relaxers which don't do much at all....

 Serious Q. ACL surgery???
I had surgery on my ACL last wednesday, the 15th. My doctor didn't stick around to talk to me after, and I only talked to his little side kick the next day, and he didn't seem to know what ...

 Is it possible to overdose from taking too much hydrocodone a.k.a. Loratab 10's
I recently read an article that accidental overdoses from mixing perscription drugs seem to be rising over the last 10yrs. For example with the recent death of Heath Ledger, the actor from the D...

 My doctor just diagnosed me with TMJ disorder and presrcibed physical therapy...?
The therapist can't see me for a month, anyone have any tips on how to alleviate some of the pain in the meantime (aside from medication, I'm already doing that) ?...

 im scared to have surgery what do i do?

 Pain in my left arm?
For alot of months now i have been getting a sharp pain from the bottom of neck to the tip of my middle left finger? does anyone know what it is?
Additional Details
Forgot to put im 19 ...

 Is There a Cure For Back Pain?

 I have a horrible burning sensation of the esphagus, what can I do to fix the pain?

 how often do you get sick?
also what do you usually eat and what do you do for activity?
Additional Details
Oops - I meant do for activity on a daily basis when you are not sick... :P...

 do i need a doctors referral.?
do i need a doctors refferal to go see a neurolosist....

 Disk Replacement VS Spinal Fusion VS Steroid Injections?
What's the good and bad points about back surgery?
I'm considering 3 alternatives. 1. Steroid injections for as long as they'll work 2. Spinal Fusion 3. Disk replacement


 I'm in my 60's, exhausted all the time. Legs and arms ache. Can't sleep at night, can't stay awake in the day.
I have horrible dreams. What is wrong with me?...

 lortab, can u get a high?
ok my boyfriend took a lortab for his knee and he is acting really wierd, is this supossed to happen? like he is awake but he just like out of it. could he be high....

 if you take more than 10 pain relievers could you die?
if you take more than 10 pain relievers could you die?...

 is it normal to get a headache atleast 5 times a week?
ive been getting headaches/migranes for the past two years and in august i noticed that ive been getting headaches in the same area on my head and ive been getting a sharp headache there ever since ...

 Severe chest pains, what do I do?
I'm 16 and have been addicted to Red Bull for about a year and a half now. I usually drink anywhere from 2-4 a day and for about 6 months now have been experiencing extreme chest pain. Feels ...

 My father's appendix bursted. Please Help?
It is now almost 1.5 months that this happened. He is in ICU till now and has undergone 3 operations. We changed the doctor in India and the last doctor said its a mistake of previous doctor. He is ...

 plzzz somebody help!!!?
help plz im siting here and i just stuck my finger up my nose and cant get it out im going crazy one hand writing i keep pulling its stuck on the bone helppp!!!!...

Could you tell me what type of pills I have?
I have very tiny white pills. On one side it is engraved "377". There is nothing on the other side. It is sort of rectangular but it's rounded. I am hoping that these are pain pills because I have a really bad toothache. The label has been rubbed off.
Additional Details
Okay, the question is:What type of pills do I have? Very simple. If you do not know then move one. I am not taking "other people's pills". The pills belong to me. I don't know what type of pills they are because the label got wet and rubbed off. I have several different types of pills for different issues. The issue that I am concerned with is pain. These pills are not expired. I just got them this year. So thanks for the concern but all I want to know is what type of pills I have. Okay?

You could look at a PDR?


hydrocodone probably 3.5 or 350mgs

377 is the number of pills you must take to stop a toothache.

You should not take other peoples pills, who knows what it
could be , be safe, throw them away....take Tylenol and call
the dentist...

GO LOOK IT UP IN THE PILL BOOK OR ASK THE PHARMACY GUY. i think it maybe tramodol that is a pain pill

oh gosh, don't take it! try tylenol first, or ibuprofen..

go here first and do a little detective work, okay? or take it to your pharmacist and ask

the second link is advice for pain relief. hope this helps....also try an icepack on your jaw, and don't eat hot, ice cold, spicy or chewy foods. milkshakes are good....

You shouldn't take them, even if they are pain pills, expiration dates do exist, and if you don't have a label, then toss them.

Mandy VZ
Everything I'm seeing suggests that you have generic Ultram 50 mgs. I can't find a picture, but if they're oblong and white with that imprint, they are Tramadol, which is a painkiller, but not a very strong one.

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