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 Where is your vertebrae?

Chiropractor or physical therapy for lower back problems?
I have often reoccuring back pain and all the Dr. wants to do is give me muscle relaxers which don't do much at all.

There is a lot of overlap here, and it often depends on the type of chiropractor or physical therapist you see.

My preference is chiropractic as they can diagnose the problem and give recommendations for treatment, as well as alternatives. A physiotherapist, by license, is not able to "diagnose" the problem.

Both will help you, and it will be your choice. If you are able to do your own exercises at home. Then go see the chiropractor for treatment and ask for some recommendations for stretching and strengthening the area. If you need to be babysat in order for you to do the exercises, then see the physical therapist.

To determine the type of chiropractor you are seeing. Ask questions like do you xray every patient, do you treat only spinal complaints, do you use physical therapy modalities like ultrasound, TENS etc. That's a simple starting point.

dump the pill pusher, he's charging you big bucks to "treat" the syptoms, not the cause. You have to find someone who can diagnose the problem, and then treat it. many good chiropractors give exercises along with all the cracking and stuff they do. key word, find a good one not another quack.

Not sure of your age. Ice works wonders, but only deadens the pain and doesn't cure the ailment. Ask for a lower x-ray of the back and let a doctor examine the alignment of the vertebra's.
For stretching, lay on your stomach, and if possible, get someone to help, bend your knee and raise your leg towards your back. Alternate with both legs. If no one is available to help, simply lay on a high bed or couch, let your leg hang over the side and allow it to hang as far down as possible. Switch sides and do the other leg. Chiropractors can sometimes realign the spine without surgery. Good luck

Melissa Me
I went to a chiropractor and after about 6 months the pain eased so that I could move around a bit easier. After a year, I was rarely in pain, but I was also only going to him about once a week. I don't go to him at all anymore, but I would if the problem started again.

The other thing I did was replace my mattress with one with better padding and support.

P.S. I'm sure my fan club will be back to give me a negative rating. They can't stop obsessing over me!

start doing situps every other day and miracles will happen,
it works miracles for the back.
use ice bottle on back for extreme pain.
(fill an empty pepsi bottle with water and freeze)
put on back when hurtin 10-20- min pain is gone

Having had disc & bone growths pressing against the spine itself I would say see a orthopedist or neruo doc to find the exact cause of the "problems' .....that should be the first thing
Next, depending on the cause you could ask about PT to try rather than surgery to relieve the pain......tell the doctor prescribing you the muscle relaxants you want further evaluation for this to see a cause....not masking a problem

country girl 006
It sounds like you need to find a new doctor, possibly a neurologist. He will surely give you a diagnosis for your lower back pain, after running some tests. If he decides, in the meantime, to give you something for pain, he will, but it probably won't be muscle relaxers. It may be a painkiller - don't refuse it. You never know when the pain will get so bad that you wish you would have had something stronger in the first place. If physical therapy is needed, let him decide who to send you to and give the therapist the orders. He knows best. As for a chiropractor, I honestly do not like them. My sister swears by them and goes once a week. I also know many people who go to them and really like what they can do for them. I had a very, very bad experience with them and will never, ever go to one again! Again, I suggest you get to a neurologist. Your family doctor will probably have to give you a referral to one. Best of luck! I know how bad lower back pain can be. I have been going through treatment for over 20 months now, including major back surgery!

The chiro will do alignment and help with some heat and ultrasound, and go your merry way. The physical therapist will do the same..except for the alignment, heat,stim, ultrasound and the difference is that...they work with giving you some exercises to do either at their office or at home.
You dont say what type of problem is that you have, back pain, could be muscle spasm, trigger points, you might have a disc problem, nerve problems, but you dont indicate so its hard to say what you can do or not do.
But for the moment you can strengthen your back with stretches and exercises. You can try going to see a massage therapist, they work wonders, massage is not only to relax a person, they are trained to work muscles and decrease pain and increase range of motion. If you have a school nearby of massage try going to them, they are very inexpensive and they can help you.
Good luck and feel better ^i^♥♥♥

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