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for maybe a year now everytime i lay below normal level i get dizzy .heres a example. when i lay off the side of my bed i get real dizzy.and just a hour ago ive been really sick ear ache cold sore ...

 What causes cramp and how can I prevent it?
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Im a 15 year old girl, for the last 6 hours , i keep getting shooting pains in like my chest and it kinda feels like the pains are going from my chest to my left breast. The pains come and go every ...

 please help?
This is quite a gross question but i have huge spot on my neck and i am in sooo much pain ive tried everything hot baths,creams its giving me pain down my right arm and my whole neck is stiff does ...

 ive taken 11 panadols , still have a headache HELP!?
ok , so i went body boarding today at around ,, 4:00pm , and i went under and my head smacked on the sand. and iva had a headache since , ive taken 11 panadols since its happened and i still have the ...

 OUCH!!! i really feel like i need to crack it but it wont! What should I do?
Ok, so today I played a soccer game and during the soccer game a really big girl stepped on my toe. A few seconds later I had to kick the ball with my toe. Now it hurts REALLY bad. I feel like I need ...

 How can I alleviate the pain of a "crink" in the neck?
I woke up this morning with a pain in my neck (haha literally) and now when I turn my neck in a certain direction it especially hurts. Are there any ways to get rid of this pain? Thanks!...

 should i tell my recuiter i have hemorrhoids or should i not say anything?
im joining the military but i have hemorrhoids and didnt tell my recuiter but i take my phyical this week ..what should i do , just tell my recuiter? and will i need a medical form for having them? <...

 Hurt fooot :(?
What are some excercises you can do when you have a hurt ankle ?

Some of my ideas are : weights, and stretches that don't involve feet ...

 Is there any way to prevent small pupils while on painkillers?
I take percocet for back pain, but I hate having small pupils that make me look like I'm a strung out junkie! Is there any way to prevent this?...

 my 9 year old sister has....?
chest pain and stomach pain what could it be? shes only 9 is it serious you think?...

 sharp chest pain?
I have been having a sharp pain in my chest. It started yesterday about 6:30 and I woke up this morning and it still hurts. It is in my left brest. It fills like there is something poking my lung ...

I am suppose to write a crucial exam thats going to set platform for higher studies. but i am suffering from headache in the rear part of my head.. tested by the doctors and proved positive for long ...

 do pulled teeth along with braces hurt?
I have to get braces in a few days and i want to know if it hurts along with getting 4 teeth pulled will it hurt

please comment....

 Is mortrin the same as IB Profin?
My husband just had PRK surgery on his eyes, and he is in a pretty good ammount of pain. I called the doctor and his nurse said to use a half a tablet of Vicodin and 800 MG of Motrin. After I hung ...

 Head-ache? What could I do?
Yesterday, I had a softball game and when one of the players threw to me, it was too high, and I jumped to knock it down. The ball ended up hitting my forehead, and it has been VERY sore all day. W...

 what time do u normally wake up?

 They say bananas help with heartburn. Why is it when I eat a plain ole banana I get heartburn?
I have read many articles lately on the benefits of bananas. One is they are heartburn relievers. Problem is for me, when I eat one I am doubled over in pain with heartburn....

 Suffer with either or both Headaches / Migraines ?
1) Do you have Chronic Headaches _ Migraines ?
2) If so - has a Doctor diagnosed why you have them?
3) Been cured or gotten help with controlling them from happening so frequently ?

♥.pumps needs a miracle.♥
Chest Pain ... Dull Ache in middle of chest??
From this afternoon I have been suffering with a dull ache in the middle of my chest. Near the breast bone!

The ache is really uncomfortable... but not painful!

Ive just been on the self help guide on the NHS Direct webiste which said to ring 999. But I wouldnt say it was an emergency because its not painful but Im worrying now.

Ive never had any pain like this before... Im a 20 year old female!
Additional Details
i can feel the ache in the middle of my back aswell...

i had this pain before i eat anything... and i have no idea if its heartburn - Ive never had it before!

How many days has it been going on for? If it's less than 3 days or so it may yet go away. But if it's more than three days...


this website has a lot of info. they recommend going immediately to a doctor though.

"Stable" angina occurs repetitively and predictably while exercising and goes away with rest. "Unstable" angina results in unusual and unpredictable pain not relieved totally by rest, or pain that actually occurs at rest.
i don't know there are a lot of explanations on that site. Hope you are feeling better shortly and it is not dangerous.

I get chest pain in the middle of my chest randomly. It could be heart burn. I get heart burn pepcid. And I take one and in like 10 mins it's gone. Maybe try that. If not I hope you find your answer.

Five Fabulous Females
The first time I had a serious heartburn attack I thought for sure I was having a heart attack!! No joke. It felt like someone was squishing my breast bones together into the center of my chest. It was just behind where my chest cavity comes together in the center. It was an actual pain I can't really describe it, because it wasn't like a burning feeling, just a serious ache. Try taking some pepcid or like 4 rolaids. Best of luck to you.

j, times ticking away!!cmon #3!
anxiety due to 2ww. baby dustx

Mrs T - Ellie&#39;s mummy!
That sounds like indigestion, take some Tums, it should go away pretty soon after that :)

do you mean a bit like heartburn / indigestion? When you say it came on in the afternoon, do you mean straight after a heavy lunch that you ate too quickly?
try taking some antacid and see how you feel.

Hey hon!

I get a chest pain which is really sharp and sudden but is down to a oesophagel spasm (Not how its spelt!) but mine is down to anxiety. Get it either when stressing (Usually well afterwards) or when wound up about something - Like roller coasters that I love but wind myself up sooooooooo much!

I got given some tablets i take when i get it that settle it down. I went to the docs tho as was told to ring 999 on nhs direct! The doc said its common people would think they are having a heart attack its that sudden but mine wears off soon enough!

I can feel it in my back when its severe.

I would see docs as they may be able to prescibe you something to take that eases it like I did. They did offer things like beta blockers and Antidepressants!!??! But went for anti spasm tablets as they had less side effeects.

Good luck and I hope you are ok xxx

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